Why Does Hulu Have Ads Even Though I Pay? (ANSWERED)


We have paid in full, and still, there are ads. Are you among the majority which is considered about ads in their ‘no-ads’ package? Before answering this question – why does Hulu have ads even though I pay? You need to make up your mind that these are not going to getaway. However, along with the reasons, the good news is that there are one, two, and more things that we will tell you to get above the ads.

Moreover, to answer the question- why does Hulu have ads, and not Netflix? The answer turns out to be that Hulu is a lot more than a video-on-demand service like Amazon Prime or Netflix. To compare it, you have to know that this is an organization and others are production companies with their banners. Hulu portrays various production companies, including HBO, ABC, FOX, CBS, and a lot more, along with originals and Live TV.

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Why Does Hulu Have Ads Even Though I Pay?

Hulu is a big marketplace for adverts to gather an audience for their product or services. Typically, Hulu is connected to one in two homes in America. Ith such a vast scale business, even though after the subscription of their toughest Priceline, users still get to see ads. 

To keep it running, Hulu does not offer you a limited library, but it also presents a bundle of excluded shows to its users. On-demand videos and originals are ads-free, and this stays a promise from Hulu. But only if you are on their ‘Hulu No Ads’ or ‘Hulu No Ads + Live TV.’ However, again as the term ‘Live TV’ comes into the picture, it becomes evident that Hulu has no control over the broadcasters and satellites. So, learn more on how you can avoid these ads to an even extended limit. 

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What Are Excluded Shows In Hulu? 

To learn in-depth, you can proceed to this link from Hulu, which precisely explains the matter. Nonetheless, in simple terms, when a service is working, it is bound to act within a domain to stay popular and clean. These involve censorship, proprietary rights, and licenses in general. Such one thing is streaming rights. Now, to come up with a system that involves a little bypass from these routes.

Hulu adopts a criterion that displays short ads at the start and end of some select shows, which are Greys’ Anatomy and Marvel’s Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. for now. However, if you desire to watch a mere program outside of the library of Hulu, there will be miniature ad breaks in between because when you pay, you are only paying for the service and its library. Everything else will make sense if you start considering these shows as a bonus. 

How To Skip Commercials On Hulu? Hulu Enhanced DVR

Since this service is an internet-based optimization platform, it has some features that people with a cord can never imagine. The benefits of cord-cutting involve DVR recordings. To understand this, as a basic package, Hulu offers its users to record 50 hours of HD quality programs on their cloud DVR, under subscription. However, if this isn’t enough, you can always jump to HULU’s Enhanced DVR system. 

With Enhanced DVR, HULU creates an eventful opportunity of recording 200 hours of High Definition content online, which can be accessed anytime. The best part is that even Live TV can be recorded to be viewed later. 

If you are still thinking, how will DVR help me avoid ads? The answer is simple. It allows you to skip through everything on it because all of the content is copied. So, the moment the ad starts, know that you have control of the remote. 


We hope you have got your answer to why does Hulu has ads even though I pay. Moreover, now you also must be kno0wing why does Hulu have ads and not Netflix. Besides, we have also made sure to let our readers know what to do to skip the annoying commercials. In the comment box below, let us know if you plan to remove these ads or continue the way it is on HULU. Also, do not hesitate to ask us any queries, if any, in the comment box below.