Liveleak Alternatives | 11 Working Sites Like LiveLeak


Are you searching for a better Liveleak alternative? Since the site got banned after operating for 15 years, people are looking for potential Liveleak alternatives.

liveleak alternatives

We all have different fantasies and hidden desires. Humans have certain sides to them that are frowned upon by society. These people have to suppress these sides and desires to fit in. Just like people visit p*rnographic sites to quench their thirst for obscene sexual desires, people with violent tendencies use to visit websites like Liveleak, where violent and horrifying content is published.

Liveleak was one of its kind in the start. The site was filled with gruesome visuals of killings, violence, and pornographic scenes. Liveleak is not your daily video streaming site; it’s not for the faint-hearted. People have been visiting Liveleak to watch all kinds of videos. From ISIS executions to suicide videos, this site had it all, and it expected a sick audience who were into such stuff. The site is banned worldwide, but the demand for that content remains. 

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Liveleak Alternatives: Guide + List Of Working Sites

Liveleak was launched in 2006; the site was a hub for gruesome and disgustingly graphic videos. Censorship was an alien concept on this site. All the videos were raw footage uploaded by different users across the globe. 

The site even had ISIS execution videos, yes, those execution videos in which they capture a journalist or diplomat and kill them in front of the camera. People were able to consume such type of content, thanks to Liveleaks. 

But much to the founder’s surprise, the site’s popularity ensured the end of it. After discovering the site and social media, people grew intolerant, and the cancel culture did the rest. The last nail in the coffin was the press release of Hayden Hewitt. It was vague but enough to convey the message. 

Legal Liveleak Alternatives

Since its ban, people have been looking for Liveleak alternatives. The site was one of its kind, and it’s tough for a website like that to survive today. Don’t worry if you are amongst the group of people into such content; then, we have compiled some great Liveleak alternatives for you. 

11 Sites Like Liveleak to Try in 2021

The demand for gruesome violent videos is surprisingly significant, given their graphic nature. Since the niche is so big, more than just one app/Site provides such content. 

There are plenty of sites with such content, but they lack the look and feel of Liveleak. But when have we ever let our audience down? We are no one to judge and are here to assist our audience in any way possible. We have compiled some of the best Liveleak alternatives for you that have the content you are looking for and have a look and feel of Liveleak. 

Stay tuned and make sure you check out each site to find out which suits you the best. 

Metacafe| Best LiveLeak Alternative

Metacafe is a video-sharing app just like Liveleak. This site is filled with videos and graphic content. The interface is not like Liveleak. This is not for you with a fundamental look and feel if you were looking for a similar user interface like Liveleak. 

You can get videos from news outlets like CNN, Fox, and sports channels like ESPN. With occasional features of some graphic content, this might be a good Liveleak alternative for you if you are not that fixated on the user interface. 

Metacafe liveleak alternative

You won’t find as much graphic content as Liveleak; for obvious reasons, some slip now and then through the system. The site is free from censorship so that you can enjoy raw footage of incidents.

Xfinity Video | Legal Liveleak Alternative

This is probably the best Liveleak alternative with a much better user interface. Xfinity has grown in popularity since the ban on Liveleak. 

With an unending supply of content and no censorship, Xfinity will keep you entertained. You can stream videos from CNN, Fox, and other news outlets. You can also stream sports videos from ESPN and other similar channels. The videos are neatly categorized to find whatever you are looking for easily. 

Xfinity Liveleak Alternatives

Leaked Reality

Leaked reality is another excellent Liveleak alternative. The homepage has a look and feels like youtube. This is an excellent alternative for you if you are into graphic content. With categories such as Cops, Robbery, Crime, and much more, this site can help you scratch that itch of unfulfilled desires. 

Leaked Reality | Liveleak Alternative

With a neat categorization and its filter feature finding the content of your liking becomes even more accessible. 

Daily Mail Online

Another great alternative to Liveleak is Daily Mail Online. The user interface is fundamental and lacks the look and feel of Liveleak. However, the site is stacked with videos of all genres. 

Once you click on videos, you get access to all kinds of videos, from News, Sports to viral graphic content. It is not the best alternative to Liveleak but undoubtedly worth a try. 

Ebaum’s World 

This is an excellent Liveleak alternative if you are into humorous content. Ebaum’s world features funny videos from across the globe. 

And yes, if you are looking for graphic content filled with violence, visit the video section, and you will be greeted with videos of your liking. 


Veoh is another excellent alternative for Liveleak. Its video section contains videos from all genres, from news to sports to comedy; you can get whatever you want to kill your boredom. 

The site does not contain as much graphic content as you might like, but you can always get lucky in the recent section. 

AOL Videos 

AOL is not like Liveleak, as it does not have as much graphic content. It’s just a video streaming site, much like youtube. AOL caters to all kinds of users with a collection of original content. The user interface is very simplistic and classy. 

AOL Liveleak Alternatives

AOL has a plethora of entertaining content, and you will always have something to watch, making it a fantastic Liveleak alternative.


If you were looking for Liveleak alternatives, you must have heard of SnapTube. SnapTube is one of the best video streaming and downloading apps. You can download all the videos available here; trust us; this site has an unending content stream. SnapTube is not as graphic as some people might like, but this is an excellent alternative to Liveleak.



If you enjoyed Liveleak, you would love CrazyShit, and yes, the name does justice to the kind of content this site has. Like Liveleak, this site also leans more towards posting adult and graphic content. 


You will get all kinds of graphic and gruesome content. CrazyShit’s user interfaces and look and feel are the only things different. 


Another great alternative to Liveleak is DailyMotion. Although this site doesn’t have the former glory it used to have but still a great competitor to Liveleak.


With high-quality videos and pictures, this site is a perfect stop to kill some time and catch up with your favorite shows. 


Just like always, we have saved the best for last. MyVidster is the perfect Liveleak alternative with similar content and a simple user interface; you can’t go wrong with this one. 

MyVidster Liveleak Alternatives

You can follow different users to check out the videos they upload and get a constant stream of content of your liking. This site has all the videos you might find on Liveleak. 

MyVidster is a great competitor to Liveleak; since Liveleak isn’t around anymore, MyVidster can grow and attain its well-deserved glory. 

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Closure | Sites Like Liveleak

Liveleak was a site that uploaded gruesome videos and gained much clout while doing that. Most people on the internet found the site disgusting and offensive, but they were never Liveleak’s target audience. 

Liveleak enjoyed the clout following and somehow stayed under the radar of cancel culture for an extended period, 15 years to be precise. However, it all came crashing once the internet started boycotting it, forcing them to close shop. 

Even though the site is not around anymore, the following and the need for the content are still there. Don’t worry; we have searched for and compiled some great Liveleak alternatives for you. If you feel we missed any popular site, please write to us about it. I hope this article catered to your needs.