Block Hulu Ads | How to Skip Ads on Hulu? (For Android, iPhone & All OS)


One of my deepest yearning last years was to Block Hulu Ads anyhow. Hulu provides some of the most excellent facilities, like one being access to new-shows earlier than any other service, including Netflix. However, the ads keep appearing in the basic package, which adds to the frustration.

block hulu ads | how to skip ads on hulu

Hulu offers a plan to provide an ad-free watching experience, but the budget reaches beyond the purse of a man working on minimum-wage, such as me. Take no worry, because finally, a guide to block Hulu Ads is here. Covering all the devices and all the workarounds, presenting our readers, a guide to Block Hulu Ads.

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Block Hulu Ads | How to Skip Ads on Hulu?

Hulu is a prevalent American subscription Video-on-demand, online-streaming service. Owned by Walt Disney direct-to-customer and International. Hulu presents its users an opportunity to connect their devices to a premium quality watching experience. Hulu stays on the top choice among the users because it brings in many newly released shows and episodes to the user’s devices much before any other services do.

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The ads are so prevalent in Hulu Television-on-demand just because Hulu retains about thirty to fifty percent of the revenue via ads that the shows distribute. So unless one pays for a subscription pack that says ad-free, you have to suffer through these ads. Since this, being the mainstream source of income for the Hulu service.

block ads on hulu

Devices Supporting Hulu

To generalize, any of the device models that suffices any of the given criteria can support Hulu:

  • Android Phones and Tablets.
  • Select models of Android TV, LG TV, Samsung TV can run Hulu.
  • iPhone, iPad, and Apple TV of 4th generation or above support Hulu.
  • Chromecast, Echo Show, Fire Tablets, TV,  and Fire Stick.
  • Nintendo Switch, Roku, Roku Switch, Xbox 360, and Xbox One.
  • PS3, PS4, Xfinity Devices, and VIZIO Smartcast TV.
  • Mac and PC browsers/apps also are capable of running Hulu.

How to Skip Ads on Hulu?

One of my favorite dialogues from the show ‘Lucifer’ is when Chloe tells Trixie, her daughter- “If you go looking for loopholes, you’ll always find them.” 

how to skip ads on hulu

So, without wasting any more time, let us get started into knowing what are some of the sure-shot ways to get around Hulu ads!

How to Block Ads on Hulu?

A quick disclaimer, Ads on Hulu cannot be permanently and effectively just blocked away completely. After performing these tricks and workarounds, our readers would be able to eliminate most of the ads, and definitely the misleading ones, including popups. For the good of the user and the service, too, we must always perform things that are legal and safe for everyone. So, with goodwill to enhance the watching experience. Let us get started:

Using Ad-block to Skip Ads on PC

To come across an add, of four minutes long, while watching an emotional love story ruins the whole experience if you do not have a premium plan.  Besides, if you are on an action scene, ads kill the excitement of the kicks and the punches, and you cannot even skip them. We have just the right ad-blockers in line, to save our readers from the torment. Read below:


Visit this link to add an Adblock extension to block or skip Hulu Ads. This works on the Chrome Browser. 

uBlock plus Adblocker 

You must use this if you are ready to not experiment with any other ad-blockers, this link will take you right to uBlock.


Install the app from this link, and then open the application. Tap on the blacklist, click on goodbye ads. This will block Hulu ads, well at least most of them. Blokada is available for both Android and IOS.

Web Filtering

On your router control management, there is an option of the web-filtering under Access control or Parental Control. To do this, please follow the steps:

  • Connect with your wi-fi.
  • Open browser, preferably Chrome or Firefox, and then type- ‘’ or whatever your default IP address is and press Enter.
  • Now you have to search for the option called Web-Filter; it may vary depending on your router.
  • In the blocklist/web-filtering, you have to add- ‘’ domain.
  • Click on Apply.
  • Please restart your system to get this into effect.

Now, with this domain blocked, which was bringing in ads to your screen, you may be able to watch Hulu without much ads interruption.

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Bypassing Hulu Ads on Android 

Personalized ads are so annoying. Because even after we have made a purchase or our deal with the related ad has come to an end, the ads will still keep coming on repeat. Moreover, this is mostly the case with Android. So, to curate the watching experience in your Android device, we have two ways- one for the rooted devices and the other for non-rooted ones.

For Non-rooted Devices

Use the Brave browser for non-rooted devices. This browser has an excellent in-built ad-block facility. It is impressive to look at how compact and multi-functional things are getting nowadays. Brave-browser can easily be downloaded and installed on any of your devices. Moreover, it has outstanding recognition of popup links, which helps it to block ads and popups right away.

For Rooted Devices

Some system permissions have to be allowed to make the Adway app work on your device, which can only happen when your device is rooted. You can easily use the Adway app on your rooted device. If you want to know more about rooting your android device, visit here.

Block Hulu Ads on iPhone (Jailbreak Tweak)

Well, first of all, Jailbreaking your iPhone brings incredible adventures, but it voids the warranty of your phone. So, this workaround is only for those who already have a jailbreak on their device. Well, to start with:

HuuWhat is Huu?

Huu is a free jailbreak tweak. It enhances the Hulu app. Two things can be performed via this app, one is to disable jailbreak detection, and the other is to scrub through advertisements whenever they come during a video or show.

For the ones with a jailbroken device, install the Huu app from BigBoss repo. Once you have installed it, Go to your iPhone or iPad setting and then click on Huu. Find the toggle in Huu to enable the ‘No Jailbreak Check’ option.

Another option is to scrub through ads while watching a show, which will help to scrub away the advertisements, if not block them altogether.

How to Skip Ads on Hulu?

Blocking ads is one right way to enhance your online experience, whether it is random surfing or watching a favorite program. Besides, there is this option to skip the ads. Which works just as efficiently and saves a lot of time, simultaneously. To know more about how to skip lengthy ads, please keep reading further.

Open Hulu Video on Two Tabs

One of the easiest ways to skip ads while watching is to perform this, 

  • Open Hulu in any browser.
  • Select any program/episode to watch.
  • Open a second tab in the browser, and open the same program/episode.
  • Mute the volume in the second tab and fast forward the program, just before the first commercial ad.
  • Again go to the first tab, and start watching the program.
  • When the first commercial appears in the first tab, go to the second tab.
  • Unmute the volume and continue watching the program there.
  • In this way, one can easily skip watching the ads by fooling the server.
  • You have to repeat doing this trick between two instances, and you can watch the full program without any ad time.
  • This trick never fails to work since it is unimpeachable.

If doing this is too much work, then Hulu has offered ad-free plans. Nothing works better than money does, in the end.

Reload Hulu Program Page

Now, if you do not wish to do much of the side work. You can smoothly perform this trick, which is to reload the Hulu program page, whenever an ad comes. If you haven’t noticed, Hulu shows two ads, when it loads, or the first time whenever you start your watching session. A two-second introduction ad and a short commercial of 30 seconds duration.

Lengthy advertisements amid a program run for about three to four minutes, completely disturbing the watching experience. Next, since the service earns primarily by the ads revenue which the shows present, it would not be kind to stop that. So, for this, you must sacrifice a little to watch a 32 seconds ad series in place of 4 minutes. Sounds good? It should because this goes un-guilty, as no one gets harmed financially.

Using Enounce MySpeed to Fast Forward Hulu Ads

This simple and easy trick will allow you to speed up the ad playback. Using Enounce MySpeed software, you can fast forward the ad playback very efficiently.  An ad of about 4 minutes will run for just one minute with this software. To use this, just install the software and use it for seven days, after which the free trial period ends. Do not worry, just uninstall the software and reinstall it again, or you can purchase the paid version of this software too. 

Note: Since all of these above-discussed workarounds are fully functional and safe, but these are not permanent. I refrain from using the word- temporary because these are not temporary- as long as any machine-code is developed to learn to detect these tweaks.

The only permanent way to avoid getting ads is to upgrade to a premium plan, which shows zero ads on the select majority of the content.

Closure | Block Hulu Ads

How was your experience reading this guide to block Hulu ads? I hope that all your queries are satisfied as we have comprehensively about blocking Hulu ads on Android as well as other operating systems.

If you have any other tweak or tip that helped you skip ads on Hulu then share it in the comment section and help our readers. Let us know if you have any doubts regarding the subject and we’ll respond to it shortly!