After much waiting and speculation about when the presentation of the skin from TheGrefg in Fortnite today we have finally been able to know the exact date and time of its presentation.

One of the most favorite soap operas on the internet

And the most anticipated moment of the Hispanic video game community comes to an end next January 11, 2021. streamer Spanish will unveil the appearance of its new skin in the Epic Games video game

now finally finished Epic Games announced

The delay of the launch of the skin by TheGrefg in Fortnite. At first, the appearance of the Spanish creator was going to arrive before the end.

TheGrefg will thus be added to the list of famous internet personalities with their own skin custom in-game from Epic Games.

A skin which is added to the Idols series of Fortnite who opened the famous streamer Ninja at the beginning of last year and that features creators like Loserfruit and Lachan.