The Cycle: Frontier is a new game FPS game on the market, although the early access to the game has been around since 2019 for Windows users. Initially scheduled to release in early 2020, the launch was pushed back due to the COVID pandemic. The game was officially released on June 8th, 2022.

The Cycle: Frontier is an FPS survival game set in an abandoned world of Fortuna III. The players have a home base at Prospect Station, where they buy, sell, and trade their loot from the abandoned planet.

What makes this game truly unique is that the players are not only fighting other players in the game. They also have to survive the brutal environment of Fortuna III and various AI-powered creatures inhabiting it. Sure, you can take advantage of the many Cycle Frontier Cheats that are already available, but without understanding the basic principles of the game, you would not achieve much.

The Cycle: Frontier gameplay

The game’s objective is pretty simple, you and other players are based on the Prospect Station, and your aim is to raid the planet for its resources. In doing so, you would face other players who would try to take you out and loot your resources, as well as the native creatures of the planet who do not like your intrusion. The planet’s climate is not really player-friendly as well, with Cycle Storms being quite common.

So, you can understand by now that pinning The Cycle: Frontier to only one genre is quite difficult. It has elements from survival games, battle royale games, open-world games, and even raiding games. The developers have marked this game down as a PvEvP quest shooter game (Player v Environment v Player), and we are bound to agree with them. You can explore a new world and have many adventures along the way.

Environment and Plot

Yes, it is an FPS game where you are bound to compete against your fellow players, but that does mean there is no room for collaboration. And collaboration with other gamers is something you have to do from time to time if you want to claim as many resources as possible without suffering the wrath of the planet,

The hostile environment of Fortuna III can leave one truly scratching their head. There are many different types of creatures that you would come up against during your gameplay. There are howlers that can take you out in a second and Skulkers and Spitters that would make your life a living hell. Taking them out in some circumstances can be more challenging that battling your fellow players at times.

Now, we have to talk about the fellow players with whom you can choose to partner up or not. Treachery in this game is expected at every turn. If you are playing with folks, you do not know or trust, expect to be backstabbed during your return to the evacuation spot. Going solo or collaborating with them can be a tough decision, game-deciding even.

The Cycle storms, as mentioned earlier, are pretty common on Fortuna III. It is a planet-level metamorphosis, a radioactive storm that does not bring good news to the players. According to the lore, it is these types of storms that are responsible for ending the civilization. So, it is well-advised that players get out of there when they see a Cycle Storm coming near their location.

More detailed info about Fortuna III

Fortuna III is a beautiful planet, with dangers lurking at every corner. Now, you would want to stay at a location and gaze at the scenery; it is pretty tempting, we understand, but this is something you should not do as you never know when enemy creatures are circling you up.

The two playable regions on the planet are Bright Sands and the Crescent Falls – both challenging with amazing sceneries.

Bright Sands has a central station that you can take advantage of, surrounded by cliffs, forest, and swamp areas. There are many different structures at this location where one can find resources and complete their quests.

Crescent Falls has a bigger gaming area with a monolithic ancient ring structure. There are trees, farmland even a desert on the map.

This game is available to download at Steam and Epic Stores, so make your purchase today!