The League of Legends European Championship Summer 2022 is one of the biggest tournaments on the LoL schedule. This year the event features 10 teams who are competing for a juicy $200,000 prize pool.

The event kicked off on June 17 and will finally finish on September 1. We are currently coming towards the end of the group stages, but there is still lots of round-robin action left as teams attempt to qualify for the playoffs. Let’s break down the Head to to stream and bet on all LEC Summer 2022.

1. MAD Lions

MAD Lions have established themselves as the number 1 team in the LEC Summer 2022. After 13 games, they hold the number 1 seed and are two games clear of their nearest rival, Rogue. There are 5 group stage games left but so far Mad Lions are strong favorites to attain the number 1 seed and establish a clear path to the grand final.

Despite achieving 10 wins, the strong Spanish team has lost 3 games. They lost against Excel in an upset. However, the Spanish team was able to get revenge in their next meeting. Then they lost to Rogue and also dropped a match against Misfits. So they are far from invincible.

MAD Lions will take on Rogue in their next match. If they can avenge their previous loss in a dominant fashion, then it is time to bet at because we don’t see any other team beating them!

2. Rogue

Rogue is a major professional esports team based in Berlin, Germany. The team is currently second in the LEC Summer 2022 standings with an 8-5 record. The German team has been a bit all over the place this tournament and has struggled to put multiple strong performances together in a row.

Despite Rogue’s lack of consistency they did manage to beat tournament leaders, MAD Lions. They are taking the Spanish team on again on the 5th of August. If they can score another win, they will come within one game of the MAD Lions and have a great shot at making a deep playoff run.

We don’t recommend making a bet on Rogue to win just yet. Wait to see how they perform against Mad Lions, and then make your decision. If they win comfortably, then they are the in-form team and are a safe bet.

3. Team Vitality

Team Vitality is tied with Rogue with a healthy 8-5 record. They are only two games behind MAD Lions and will be looking to play well over the last 5 games to leapfrog Rogue and MAD Lions and secure the top seed.

Team Vitality is in a very strong position to raise the group stage rankings because 3 of their last 5 matches are against the bottom 3 teams. They will play Team BDS, who have only won 1 out of 13 games, and Astralis and SK Gaming, who both have losing records.

Team Vitality’s final group match will be against Rogue, which could decide the number 1 or 2 ranking spot. We recommend tuning into this match and then betting big on Team Vitality if they are able to win in a dominant fashion and achieve the number 1 or 2 seed.

4. Excel Esports

Excel Esports have an outside chance of winning the LEC Summer 2022. There is quite a big drop-off from the top 3 teams to the rest of the field. Despite the gap, Excel did manage to win a match against MAD Lions, unfortunately, they couldn’t win the rematch.

Excel Esports currently has a 7-6 record and will need to continue to play well if they want to earn a spot in the playoffs. We expect them to qualify for the playoffs but to be eliminated in the early rounds. If you want to chase an underdog, then the odds may make it worth betting on Excel Esports, but this is far from a safe wager!

5. Misfits Gaming

Misfits Gaming also has an outside shot of winning the tournament, and just like Excel Esports has a 7-6 record. They are only slightly above 0.500 and will have to battle to avoid missing out on the playoffs, especially with Fnatic right on their tails.

Misfits Gaming is a very talented team capable of winning big matches. They had impressive wins over MAD Lions, Rogue, and Fnatic. However, they have struggled with consistency at the LEC Summer 2022, losing to Astralis. If they can get hot over their last 5 matches, they can peak just in time for the playoffs.

While the chances of Misfits Gaming beating MAD Lions and Rogue in the playoffs is small, nobody got rich wagering on favorites. Take some risk and back Misfits Gaming to go all the way!

Wrapping Up

We are getting close to the playoffs in the LEC Summer 2022! We are currently in the group stage and have enjoyed watching Europe’s best League of Legends teams compete. Currently, the two strongest teams are MAD Lions and Rogue, with Team Vitality not far behind.

There are 5 group stage matches left, and then the top 6 teams will progress to the playoffs, where they will compete for an $80,000 first place prize. We recommend watching MAD Lions’ next match against Rogue and then betting on the winner to take home the LEC Summer 2022!