• Know about the main theme and opening map of the FAU-G game
  • The FAU-G game is being produced by the Indian company nCORE Games.

Shortly after PUBG Mobile was banned in India, the Indian game Fearless and United Guards (FAU-G) was announced. It turned out to be a surprise for many.

The developers of FAU-G are Bangalore’s company nCORE Games and after their announcement, everyone is waiting for it in India. In between, it was said that the game will be launched in the month of November.


Well, they could not live up to the date they announced but nCORE Games started pre-registration of FAU-G on 30 November.

-FAU-G will showcase real-life struggles and experiences of soldiers

Mobile gamers know that FAU-G is actually the war-best game. However, not all wars will be fake as most games are fake. Actually, this game will be based on the real struggles of soldiers risking their lives for the safety and caution of the country.

nCORE Games Now get ready to bring this great game for the fans as everyone wants to experience the work of Indian soldiers. Its first map will be based on the hilly areas of North India.

The players will be part of a contingent of FAU-G commandos where they will take care of the people close to the border with security, along with facing the enemies they have to defeat and sacrifice themselves to defend the country. Surely this game will awaken the feeling of patriotism in the hearts of people.