10 Roll20 Alternatives that You Can’t Resist in 2021


With experience, Roll20 started getting stolid, and it developed the vacancy for more. People like me, the champions of D&D, went crazed because we stand no amateurs. Assume it or not, but Roll20 Alternatives have been on the top of my hunt list. Plus, as it depicts, now we have an assemblage of additional comparable tabletop services. It performs it quite indifferent if you are already on any so, about to be mentioned Roll20 alternative. However, to list a few handpicked Roll 20 alternatives 2020, here we have sorted out the best for you. 

Roll20 Alternatives

These dungeons and dragons aren’t limited to just roll20. Hence our article isn’t too. Here you will discover a few of the most notable RPG tabletop games, not any rare but which offer much more than mere recreation. For inciting out on this Roll20 alternatives topic, we would like to share that you will get to understand platforms such as Astral Tabletop, D&D Beyond, Rolisteam with an inclusive list offering ten Roll20 alternatives. So, muster along.

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Roll20 Alternatives | 10 Games Similar to Roll20 

Additionally understood as the “Online Virtual Table Top,” Roll20 is a fabulous website that empowers you to execute table-top games in an online arena, delivering you a perfect new experience. This website began in 2012 after a triumphant Kickstarter campaign. Created by Riley Dutton, Richard Zayas, and Nolan T. Jones, the roll20 website sharpens on giving the most immeasurable viable adventure of participating in table-top games, on-screen users. It consists of an assortment of tools that intensify the gaming experience.

Are Roll20 Alternatives Free?

As it happens, some services offer you their advantages only when you a handsome sum as a subscription fee. But as it turns out, most of the Roll20 alternatives mentioned here are open source software that requires no sum as a compulsory. You can simply just be around, make an account, invite, and play. However, certain options might ask you for a little contribution, which is optional. There are a few extra components apart from the play in some cases, and those might require to be purchased through. But that would be nothing that affects your fundamental game strategy.

Nevertheless, if you are looking for alternatives for Roll20, we are presenting a complete list of websites and apps that you can play on alternatively. Find what you have been missing out of Roll20. 

Are You A Beginner To RPG or Strategy Games?

One of the most common and expected tasks for D&D players is building a new character. Although it can seem manageable, it seldom becomes difficult to build the exact kind anyone might truly desire due to having an insufficient understanding of precepts. One explication is to practice a pre-made frame from Starter Set. Nonetheless, here are a few tips for you to start with.

  • Determine the competition. I have observed a fraction of my compatriots’ play solo crusades with the specific purpose of discovering how to play the game. The D&D games playtest, new campaigns, hence are good patterns. Usually, they will strike through it once (using either a single avatar or multiple) and take it as a prospect to acquire the essentials of the game while ensuring the sketched rules.
  • You can evermore perform test builds. Something I appreciate individually is to test how well a build runs in warfare. You can do such by easily performing gameplay by yourself. Look how it performs in real-life circumstances.
  • The bonus is that there is nobody to vote or determine which gateway to accept or which path to go. It’s perpetually pleasant to have 100% autonomy to arrange what you want with your build(s).
  • Watch for pre-built crusades. This gives for the most agreeable fantasy-related experience as clearly any story you come up by is slightly despoiled considering you discern it from the start of it.

List Of 10 Best Roll20 Alternatives

Astral Tabletop 

Astral Tabletop is an outstanding prospect to consider as a Roll20 alternative. It has, hands down, the most propitious user interface you can discern in a pragmatic tabletop gaming platform. You can treat games as a host and participate in open games as well. You can also communicate with your compatriots and allies using the Live Video feature.

best roll20 alternatives

Astral Tabletop also has some paid features which unlock when you spend a certain amount. Astral Tabletop has some excellent map management tools. The most useful visual stuff. Astral Tabletop runs only on Windows and Mac browsers. Besides, The audio enhancement is also pretty cool.

D&D Beyond(Most Popular Roll20 Alternative)

D&D is personally my favorite online virtual tabletop after Roll20. It was launched on 15 August 2017. Established by Adam Bradford, Fandom inc., a for-profit organization, currently owns it.

d&d beyond

It is the official game companion for Dungeons and Dragons fifth edition, but it suits best for any Dungeons and Dragons game. It holds exclusive rulebooks, other related books, and other digital tools. Also, it is free of cost to use this website. 

Map Tool

Map Tool is an excellent alternative to Roll 20. It is a Java application, which means it is compatible with any device that can run java. You can create maps, import maps, import custom tokens, and health and save campaigns. It is a programmable virtual tabletop. It requires Java 6+ to run on your device. You can play with players from all over the world, chat, and voice chat with them as this software supports multi-user interaction. 

You can make strategic maps and also import maps and save money by not investing in physical maps. Overall, it is wise to go for Map Tool if you are looking for an alternative for Roll 20. 

Fantasy Grounds

SmiteWorks USA developed it. It comes with 64-bit support for better graphics and better quality. No port forwarding is required to invite and play with your friends anymore as this app comes with a network lobby, which makes it easier to join and host games. It is also available on Steam. Fantasy Grounds is an exceptional choice for an alternative like Roll20.

fantasy ground - alternatives to roll20

One other feature that makes this app popular is the “dynamic 3D dice rolling” one. It makes the gaming experience more enjoyable. It is interesting to create things in this app as it comes with enhanced drawing and animated image effects. Fantasy Grounds was also developed, especially for D$D games. Track your in-game progress through character sheets. 


The next place is bagged by this app named “Rolisteam.” In this app, you can also share maps and images while interacting or chatting with other players. This feature makes this app very convenient to use. You can again chill while playing tabletop games as this app comes with an inbuilt music player.


This app has a fantastic user interface and is easy to use. Multi-room server support is the most remarkable feature of this app. It has many more cool features that make it a good option like shared notes, PDF viewer and sharing, bookmark, NPC maker panel. 


Another entry in “Roll20 alternatives” is the “EpicTable” app. This app has many unique tools to offer, and all the tools are effectively utilized through this software. 


You can also share files via EpicTable by merely dragging them to the app. This feature makes the interaction with fellow players even more convenient as you can share custom maps or rulebooks inside the app only.  It is effortless to join or host games when using EpicTable. It generates an invite code for every room created, and the code is shareable. Share the code via email, messenger, or any app that you use. 

You can also add third-party plugins in this app and play most of the RPG games without facing any difficulty, and you can also play customized games by yourself.

Beyond Tabletop 

Beyond Tabletop are another virtual tabletop and a good Roll 20 alternative. It is a web-based service that is made for RPG and D&D players. A battle map and character sheets are the two new products you will find on this web application. They are designed for pathfinder and Dungeons and Dragons fifth edition. 

You can easily manage multiple sheets with this website. Characters can be shared, edited, and deleted easily using this web-based service. Beyond Tabletop is free to use and can be run on almost every device compatible with any browser. 


Dundjinni is a full-featured fantasy map creation program that comes in the form of a free app. With Dundjinni, you can insert walls, images, particular texts, objects, and much more and improve your RPG playing experience. It is available for both Mac and Windows. 


It is straightforward to use this app, and Dundijinni has a self-explanatory user interface. Give your role-playing games a perfect look using amazing graphics, texts, images, and objects using Dundijinni and enhance your tabletop gaming experience.   

GM Forge 

GM Forge is a unique recompense but satisfying one, a virtual tabletop with competitive peculiarities, composing a vigorous affordable roll20 alternative. If you buy a copy of GM Forge, your companions can join you through their network browser, and that too without having to purchase a copy. It has all the competing specialties in all the other virtual tabletops, besides a few additional impressive ideas built with the average GM in mind.

GM Forge

The innovative GM Forge is basically a sandbox for GMs, having six sample systems with an amazing self-regulation order for central play, with the benefit of downloading supplementary user-created content and mods through the steam workshop well.

The software comes out with ambitious highlights such as Dynamic Lighting, Combat Tracker, Custom Compendiums  Voice/Video chat, Custom Character Sheets, and dice. Besides the Music, Youtube video integration and a  Full System Builder, etc. It additionally permits you to combine your design avatars with your fellows to come up with something unique.

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D20 Pro 

Last but not least, D20 Pro is one of the best Roll20 alternatives and does offer compelling lighting with a shared kindling model. A shared lighting model intends to implement an adventure comparable to the one at a real physical table. All perception/optics referring to the mob are deemed public by default and can be observed by any associated player. Controlling response to components revealed in this way is part of the role-playing experience, preferably better than an exacting limitation inflicted by the software.

D20 Pro attempts to offer several options for the ‘fog of war’ (FOW), including the baseline “interactive” FOW and a flip-style FOW. Moreover, the passive vs. interactive is a per fog of war province choice conceding for GMs to mix FOW vogues to conceive thoroughly lit quarters or open-air areas that can be unveiled in their completeness.

D20PRO also allows the mode- ‘Easy Fog of War.’ While adopting this Easy FOW system, the complete map is treated with 1 grid unit rectangles of binding. The GM can solely drag select to withhold or reveal that grid block-based FOW components contributing speedy access to apply fog of war over a map. 

Closure | Roll20 Alternatives

These dungeons and dragons are so addictive, and well, here’s another reason, it’s known as Roll. However, such alternatives might not give you that original feel but once you know the feeling and get past through a few board stages, there is no going back. I believe the Roll20 Alternatives list shared in this blogpost satisfied your requirement.

Also, do comment in the comment section below about some of the tricks. You can also feature and invite new members to your clans. Happy Rolling.