Roblox Error Code 267 [FIX] 9 Easy Methods of 2020


Roblox is always counted as one of the best games created by David Baszucki and is always trending among myriads of users. Roblox is being played by more than 56 Million players now, which is ahead of even Minecraft. Millions of people are addicted to it, and they love spending hours playing Roblox. The only thing which they hate the most is when they encounter an error while playing or starting the game and especially “Roblox Error Code 267”.

Roblox Error Code 267


I have been playing Roblox since 2009, and recently when I opened Roblox, I was barred from entering due to Roblox Error Code 267. I kept on rerunning the game until it finally allowed me to operate Roblox, but after a few days, that error popped out again. It became more frequent, and I was annoyed and looked out for a permanent solution and was delighted to know that it was straightforward. I have shared below the different methods which I came across to overcome the Roblox Error Code 267.

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Roblox Error Code 267 [FIX]

I used to get frustrated every time this message emerged on my screen “Disconnected: You were kicked from this game. Events stopped (Roblox Error Code 267). After a bit of research, I found that this error occurs when the gamer is using any article that involves command from the main admin.


This error occurs because of the defense mechanism in Roblox preventing any hijacking into the game; hence it kicks out suspicious users. NO!! I am not saying that you are involved in some kind of hacking of the game. Sometimes because of the usage of an unstable network or using suspicious or vague browsers, the game defense mechanism kicks you out. Because the game may not recognize the browser, or the unstable connection might sound suspicious to the game.

Methods to Overcome Roblox Error Code 267

I have stated below 9 methods to overcome Roblox Error Code 267 in a chronological sequence from the easiest one to long ones.

Use a Supported Browser

open with chrome

Sometimes Roblox is not found by your browser because your browser might be outdated, or it might be some vague browser. It only results in Roblox Error Code 267, hence I will recommend you to use Google Chrome while operating Roblox. Still, if it doesn’t work, kindly make sure that you have updated your google chrome.

Allow Roblox to Launch

Most frequently, you are being kicked out of the game due to the Roblox Error Code 267 because your internet browser might not permit it to run on your device. You can simply overcome this issue by opening your browser’s security setting and allowing Roblox to run on your browser.

Use Stable Internet Connection

Most of the time, you are being kicked out of the game because you do not have a stable wireless connection. Roblox server unable to detect the internet connection kicks you out of the game with Roblox Error Code 267 summoning on your screen.

You can try a wired connection to make sure whether the internet connection is the root cause. If your game is running fine after that, then you might have to deduce a way to stabilize your network connection. But if the error code still prevails, then you might go for the given methods.

Reconstitute the Internet Browsers Settings

Sometime your internet browser settings might have been altered, which curtails you from entering Roblox because of Roblox Error Code 267. You can overcome this problem by reconstituting your network settings simply by opening your browser and doing the following steps.

Direct your mouse cursor towards the gear icon, click it and open internet options, then navigate towards the advanced options and open it. Once you get in there, you have two options either to reset your network connection settings, or you might change that manually depending on your comfort.

Disable Advertisements Blockers

Your game might be blocked from loading because of the ad blockers. You can simply disable them to run the game smoothly on your browser. You might go for google chrome extensions to kick out advertisements as it does not curtails you to launch the game.

Open the Required Ports

Most of the time, Roblox Error Code 267 pops out because the necessary firewalls ports are not opened without which the game can’t operate. To open the firewalls ports, you need to open the router’s page setting and follow the steps stated below. 

Enter your username followed by the password, navigate towards the port forwarding section, and open your preferred ports. Then a bar will emerge where you have to give your computer’s IP address after it’s done saving your settings. 

After following the given procedure reopen the game, it will start working again. If not, then go for the steps given below to solve Roblox Error Code 267.

Reinstall RobloxREINSTALL

Even after ample attempts, the above methods are not working for you, and you might go for this step for Roblox Error Code 267. You may uninstall the game and then reinstall it so that it may come in the latest or default settings. 

If you are not comfortable with Roblox, you may also clear the data of the game then run it again.

Update Your Windows

Until you have not updated the windows of your personal computer to its latest version, you can not expect Roblox to work smoothly or even launch. Follow the given steps to update your windows.

Open Windows Update by clicking the Start button in the lower-left corner. Type update, in the search box, followed by the list of results, click either Check for updates or Windows Update. Click the Check for updates button and then wait while Windows looks for the latest updates for your computer. Hence, please make sure that your windows are updated as this is the most common problem of new gamers.

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Approach the Help Center

If all the above steps do not work, I will recommend you go for this step to overcome the error code 267. It is one of the longest but the most effective methods for the error. You may click on this link and go to the Roblox help center page and briefly describe all your problems regarding the game.

In a little span of time, the game center will reach you and will surely take some necessary steps to fix your issue. It might be an update or some manual solution.



What Is the Purpose of Roblox Error Code 267?

Error code 267 is there to prevent the game and the gamers from the hackers it simply kicks out the users who are suspected to do something suspicious. It is evident that not all the players who are kicked out are doing something suspicious but the defense mechanism gives no scope for alterations.

How to Fix the Roblox Error Code 267?

There are myriads of methods to fix the error code 267 which are stated above I will recommend you to give priority to the former ones then gradually go down. This is because the previous ones are easier and most common.

What Is Period for the Roblox Error Code 267 Ban to Be Removed?

Usually, when you get banned from one game due to error code 267, you will get back the access to the game after four weeks.

Will Reinstalling My Game Fixes the Error Code 267?

I will say yes, but I have seen some gamers who have reported that even after doing so, they were not able to fix the error. If the same scenario occurs to you, I will recommend you to for the other methods stated above you will surely be delighted with results. 

In Which Browser Will the Error Not Occur?

There are now several browsers in which Roblox runs smoothly. Roblox can be launched from Internet Explorer, Firefox, Safari, Chrome, and Opera on both Personal Computers and Macintosh. 

I will not recommend any other browsers except these as you might get kicked out of the game. 

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Though the “Roblox Error Code 267” might sound annoying to us, this error or any other kind of similar errors are formulated to deliver us the best experience. Hence, we should patiently look for various ways to fix such errors. We have tried my best to give all the possible solutions available to fix this issue. 

I believe all these methods helped you. If you have any other methods or suggestions to bring more ease to this Roblox error then comment below. I hope that all your queries are resolved and you do not face such errors in the future.