Owning an iPhone is considered a symbol of wealth and luxury; Apple’s iPhones are popular and most commonly used cellphones all around the world, delivering the best performance, battery life, and excellent camera qualities. iPhone feels very familiar to all its users, with no security risks. It has a long-term value, with better resale value than any other device. Many people are using iPhone for its thrilling features and functionalities. Apple has an innovative design and advanced technology and is highly stylized, making it worth the price. iPhone users have complained about technical issues despite all the great features. The most-reported problem is The Boot Loop stuck.

The boot loop issue on iPhone is common in almost all iPhone models. iPhone users enjoy its speed, but the problem begins when your phone starts lagging and restarting.

What Does it Mean to be Stuck in an iPhone Boot Loop?

When your iPhone constantly reboots, you are stuck in a boot loop. This happens primarily due to some underlying software issues or when significant errors pop up in your phone, or it might be related to a hardware problem. But most of the time, the boot loop could result from a software problem; when you switch on your iPhone, the Apple logo flashes on the screen for a few seconds and disappears quickly, and your device starts to work again. However, if it repeats again and again and is stuck in a restart, you are in a boot loop status. Your iPhone will continuously restart and can not be stabilized.

What Causes the iPhone Boot Loop?

There are a bunch of reasons for the iPhone boot loop; encountering a boot loop on your smartphone can ruin your day; it mostly happens after updating iOS.

Boot loop stuck can be caused by several reasons that include:

  • A loose battery connection can also cause a boot loop
  • Corrupt App files
  • Viruses or affected by malware attacks
  • Unstable internet connections where update gets stuck in between
  • Faulty install or iOS updates,
  • Unsuccessful or flawed jailbreak, the device is much more vulnerable when jailbroken.
  • Misbehaving apps
  • After iCloud bypass iPhone gets locked and gives the black screen issue

How Can You Fix This?

After knowing precisely the root cause, you need to find a solution and fix the problem. You can fix iPhone stuck in boot loop.

Some ways to fix the boot loop are to restore back to factory settings, which results in loss of all the data, using recovery mode in iTunes, pressing volume buttons together, removing the sim card and re-inserting it, updating your software and many others, but these methods are not guaranteed.

The most widely used system-repair software is Dr.Fone, which quickly fixes the Boot Loop without data loss. It does not require technical skills, user friendly, and everyone can handle it; it fully recovers your phone and turns it back to normal.

Dr.Fone – System Repair Software

Dr.Fone is a professional iOS repairing software compatible with all the versions of iOS that help with iOS system recovery. It runs efficiently on iOS devices. It is reliable software with advanced technology, guarantees no data loss, and provides solutions to almost all your problems.

Dr.Fone is available in Desktop App for Windows and Mac both.

It does not only help in resolving the boot loop stuck but enables to fix iPhone white screen of death, black screen, and frozen. It has been widely used for other events like easily recovering deleted messages, photos, contacts, etc. It supports the recovery of WhatsApp messages deleted by senders.

The procedure is simplified and easy for users.

What you need to do is, download Dr.Fone – System Repair (iOS) on your PC (Windows or Mac). Dr.Fone provides two modes that are optional.

Standard and Advanced mode

Standard mode fixes the issue without the data loss, and advance mode fixes the issue but erases all the data on the device. The advanced mode should be used only when the standard mode could not resolve the issue; mainly, it is used for the more complex and severe problems which end up resulting in the loss of all the data.

Let’s get started:

  • Launch the software
  • Go to the system recovery feature.
  • Connect your iOS device to your PC
  • And select the standard mode from the given options to keep your data secured.
  • After connecting your iPhone to a PC, it will detect and recognize your device automatically in case it fails to recognize it. Just hold the power and home button together for some time, then only release the power button. Your device will go into the Device Firmware Update mode and be recognized by the PC; now, release the home button too.
  • A new window will appear on your PC screen, select the correct iOS versions, download the required firmware, and click the start button.
  • The application will download the relevant firmware after the download has been completed; click on the Fix Now button.
  • The application will now start to fix your iPhone system problem.
  • Make sure your device is always connected to the system during this process, and you need a stable internet connection.
  • After completing the process, your iPhone will reboot into a normal mode.
  • You can now disconnect your device. If the issue persists, click on the try again button and repeat the procedure.
  • You can try with the advanced mode this time because the issue could be severe.

The Bottom Line

Dr.Fone is a complete phone data recovery solution that allows previewing and restoring any item from the backup to iOS or Android devices. Recover the contacts, messages, and photos. It fixes many common issues, works for all models of iPad, iPhone, and iPod touch, and iOS 15 is also supported. This software comes complete with many features designed to keep your data secured and fix your problems with a range of different conditions all at once.

Dr. Fone ensures the world’s No.1 System Repair app with speed and highest success rate, latest technologies, secure data transfer, and the fastest recovery within a few steps, Saving you from any data loss.