Hero Forge Review | Worth the Hype?


It has become very obvious that someone who is willing to design a miniature will go for Hero Forge. Well, in that case, an unbiased Hero Forge review is a perfect hit to help people understand the unbiased side of Hero Forge.

Hero Forge Review

None of us can neglect the fact that there is something special with Hero Forge that has led it to become a company worth millions. This review makes sure that it covers all the aspects which ultimately help Hero Forge to maintain its position in the market. Besides the perks, we will be discussing the cons of it too.

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Hero Forge Review | Worth the Hype?

Apparently, Hero Forge has gained massive popularity over the last couple of years because of its features and services. Based in California, USA, Hero Forge is an online platform that gives you the privilege to design, create and order miniature figurines according to your wish using all the different features available on their website.  Let us have a more comprehensive & precise look.

The Interface 

This is undoubtedly one of the best features provided by Hero Forge.  Several companies out there in the market have a robust infrastructure and great features but still suffer failure. This is due to the interface provided by them on their websites, which is quite difficult to understand by some new users.

hero forge interface

The interface provided by Hero Forge is way too user-friendly than other websites found in the market. This is the reason why Hero Forge enjoys more customers than all its competitors. So if you are also the one who has just entered the world of designing 3D-creatures, you can choose Hero Forge so that you can learn efficiently.

The Material Used by Hero Forge

Since it is known to all that Hero Forge is one of the best in its field. One of the reasons why this is true is the wide range of material’s variety. Let us know about various types of materials provided by  Hero Forge-


Acrylic plastic coated with gray primer is used in the basic plastic-type. These miniatures are light and rigid but do not have the sharp detailings as other types. These plastic miniatures can have tiny rough patches, nubs, or dots where support sprues have been cut and several thin layer lines. This ultimately can result in some inconsistencies in the overall finish.

Premium Plastic 

Premium This is the highest quality of plastic provided by Hero Forge. This has a bit of glossy black color. If someone is expecting consistency from the miniature,  Premium Plastic is the best choice to go for. This type of plastic is considered the best for painting and to use as a tabletop. The problem of improper finish remains the same in this case too. 

Color Plastic

Inject 3D printing technology is used for creating these colored plastics. The plastic is slightly flexible still, it should be handled carefully. In this type of plastic, fine details like eyes or nails may not be clear sometimes.

Color Plastic is considered ideal for those users who look for a fully colored miniature but don’t want to pick up the paint brush at all. Some layer lines can be easily seen on the surface of the creature. The color plastic is comparatively less durable than other plastics. 

Painted Plastic

The painted plastic miniatures by Hero Forge are printed in high definition, and the details are almost similar to that of the premium plastic. These types of miniatures are considered the best for those who admire a full-colored, hand-painted miniature without using a paintbrush at all. The material is considered best for high-quality display pieces. But there are some factors to be kept in mind like the shade of the color may differ from the one you designed on your screen. 

Also, some of the fine details like eyes, nails, or teeth may also not be as same as you saw digitally. These hand-painted plastic miniatures may have small rough spots, nubs, or scoring where the support sprues have been removed and some faint layer lines. This may result in some inconsistency in the final print. 


These bronze type miniatures are not actually bronze in color. Instead, you will discover that these are rich gold in color. This type of material makes the toys relatively heavier than all other types. They have a super-smooth texture, and the surface carries a lot of sparkle due to the hand polishing process. You can experience the finest details in the bronze type miniatures. Undoubtedly, this material is the most suitable for those who have been looking for a miniature with the maximum level of allegiance. The lost wax method is used to design these types of models. 


Besides these types of materials, Hero Forge also provides you with a lot of different options in the ‘Show More’ options. You can choose different types of materials according to your demands.


You are aware of what type of materials are used by Hero Forge. But this is very obvious that before printing these miniatures, you must design them. So how can Hero Forge be helpful for you when it comes to designing. The best part about its design is that Hero Forge can be quite easy to use. Even a novice can explore the designing section in Hero Forge. You can save your work for later too. 

The number of options provided for designing your character is much more than any other company in this field. From the sharpness of the sword to the gleam in the character’s eyes, you can literally cover all the minutest details of your character. Be it the color of clothes or types of shoes; Hero Forge will always have a lot to offer you.

But the best part of designing, which enables Hero Forge to Stand apart from the crowd, is its Customization. You have all your freedom to create your own type of details of the characters. Whatever you have in your mind, just bring it on and enjoy the character you always dreamt of. 

Virtual VS Reality

You pour your heart out while designing and creating the animated character on the screen. The process demands your time, creativity, knowledge, and of course, your dedication. In the end, all you expect is the 3D miniature of your character that looks exactly the same as on-screen. So how much does Hero Forge stand up to your expectations? 

Are the miniatures exactly the same? Well almost! Hero Forge tries its best to bring out the maximum into reality. But sometimes, the color or some fine details may vary from the animation.


Well, as mentioned above, in the section of Materials, the durability of various minis depends on the material they are made up of. Taking the premium plastic as an ideal one would take enough years to get bored, but the minis won’t break. The only thing you need to take care of is that it must be used as a fragile toy and not as a frequent one. 

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So a Hero Forge miniature will charge you according to the material you go for and whether you want a virtual or real version. Talking about the charges for various types of materials, you can refer to the following points. 


$19.99 for the plastic materials. With this, there is an additional charge of $20, depending on the size of the miniature you order. 

Premium Plastic

$29.99 for the premium plastic toys. Added is the potential additional $30 charge depending on the size you choose.

Color Plastic

 $44.99 for the color plastic miniatures. There is a potential additional $55 fee depending on the size you go for.


$99.99 for the bronze materials. Plus, a potential additional $120 fee depending on the size of the character you want.

You may find that the prices of these miniatures by Hero Forge to be slightly higher than all the other companies in the market. But the fact that Hero Forge’s models are the best value for money.


This is going to be so hard for you to keep calm and have patience as soon as you order your miniature from Hero Forge. So now comes the role of ‘shipping’. Let us begin with the charges that the shipping of Hero Forge demands. The estimated value of shipping charges can be said to be $4 to $6.

They have various criteria of shipping, too, that can either increase or decrease the shipping charges. Now the question arrives: how much time your order will take before reaching your place. So you can expect your miniatures to arrive at your place within two to three weeks. Yes, it is indeed a bit more time than expected. But we hope that you find it worth waiting.

FAQs | Hero Forge Review

Is Hero Forge good?

Hero Forge offers excellent features to create comical characters. It also provides great features for customization.

What scale is Hero Forge?

The miniatures designed by Hero Forge are quite ideal for almost all types of tabletops. The scale of these miniatures is 30 mm.

How much does a Hero Forge model cost?

The price table of these miniatures by Hero Forge varies from material to material. For reference, you can consider that the price may vary from $14 to $100.

What size are D&D miniatures?

D&D miniatures lie on a scale between 25mm to 28 mm.

Does Hero Forge paint?

Hero Forge has a team of professional hand painters that includes your custom mini too.

Closure | Hero Forge Review

Our Hero Forge review tries not to focus on any particular aspect. Instead, it makes sure that you can go through all the points of view so that you become sure that Hero Forge is suitable for you or not. 

In a nutshell, the ultimate question that arrives in the minds of those who have been looking for a perfect Hero Forge review is, “Is Hero Forge worth?” Well, it will not be incorrect to say that Hero Forge is the best choice for those who have been looking for a website that gives you the best feature and are ready to spend on this.