Hero Forge VS Eldritch Foundry | Who to Choose? (Unbiased)


One of the most teasing questions in the world of animation designing is “which one is better, Hero Forge vs Eldritch Foundry?” 

The quality of work both Hero Forge & Eldritch Foundry offers is something that makes it hard for the users to choose one. But the moment you take a deeper dive into the sea of specifications, you realize which one is suitable for you eventually. Let us have a closer look and compare the two for some real differences & similarities.


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Hero Forge

There are a number of websites on the internet that allow you to create miniature and work on it accordingly, but the experience that you take away from Hero Forge is probably unbeatable. This platform is a hub of all the top quality features through which you can bring out your imagination on the screen. Hero Forge also has some additional features you have never thought of and will add as a cherry on the cake for your 3D character. Another part that proves its worth is that the company keeps updating itself according to its customer’s requirements. 

Eldritch Foundry

There isn’t any doubt that there are several websites that allow you to create the 3D character you want, but Customization is something for what Eldritch Foundry is known for. With its help, you can ultimately give the best final touch to the 3D animation. But this does not mean that all the other factors or features can be ignored. There are various pre-set designs for different parts of any animated body. Be it hair, clothes, weapons, or shoes, you will have something for everything. 

Hero Forge VS Eldritch Foundry

An accurate comparison will not prefer a particular company from Hero Forge vs. Eldritch Foundry, as both of these are better in other ways. But it is all about pointing out some differences, as there are several factors through which both of these companies can be differentiated. These differences can ultimately help you out in choosing the most suitable website for you. Let us go on a ride to explore some of these factors.

Shape and Size

Talking about Hero Forge, the miniatures created by it are pretty round and large. They have a funky look, which gradually gives these characters a cartoony look. But everyone does not like such looks in their miniatures, some desire for the characters which carry a bit of a realistic look. In this case, you can go with Eldritch foundry. The characters created from this website have more defining details and are thinner than those of Hero Forge. 

Material Used

In the case of Hero Forge, two options will be given to you, moderate plastic and premium plastic. What are these premium and average plastics? When you use average plastic, you observe that your miniature is not eye-catching and appealing, though it does not look awful either. But the moment you opt the premium plastic, you will notice the difference. The elegance of your miniature will be increased with the gleam and quality of plastic.

Talking about the material used in Eldritch Foundry, they use mostly wax in their 3D miniatures. The wax leads to the formation of the best quality pieces with the cleanest and perfect finish. 

Due to the plastic used in Hero Forge, some nubs are left behind which can sometimes deteriorate the character’s looks, but in Eldritch Foundry, you need not worry about such issues, as the wax will make sure that there is no nub left behind.


Now comes the main factor that can give you a clear perception of Hero Forge Vs Eldritch Foundry. Beginning with Hero forge, the prices vary according to the material you want to go with. The raw format is acrylic nylon, and much of the data will cost $14.99. Premium plastic is also available, with estimates increasing to $29.99, steel to $34.99, and bronze to $99.99.

In the case of Eldritch Foundry, it helps players to design their custom mini with their powerful character creation interface and download your 3D printable files for just USD 3.99. 

Now you clearly know the difference between both companies, which will assist you in selecting one of these companies according to your convenience. 

FAQs | Hero Forge VS Eldritch Foundry

Are There Any Sites to Make Miniatures?

There are a number of sites where you can design your own 3D animated characters and miniatures.

Which One Is Better- Hero Forge VS Eldritch Foundry?

Both of these websites are great in their own ways. Saying one is better than the other can not be justified because “One man’s meat can be another man’s poison.”

Is Hero Forge Costlier than Eldritch Foundry?

Yes, due to the ‘brand’ factor, it makes Hero Forge costlier than Eldritch Foundry. But this does not mean that the Eldritch Foundry is not worth trying.

Closure | Hero Forge Vs Eldritch Foundry

In a nutshell, this can be said that if you are some who would like to see a cartoony look in your miniatures, you are someone who is looking for Hero Forge. But if you want to observe a realistic look in your characters, you can definitely go for Eldritch Foundry. You can also keep the budget in your mind while choosing any one of these companies for creating your miniature.