How to Hack Wifi Password on Android? (Non-Rooted + Rooted Methods)


How awesome would it be to be able to hack all those WiFi networks encompassing your place and get free internet for added streaming and downloading without any worries of internet bills? Well, we have got you covered. In this Hacking Password for Android article, we will explain “How to Hack Wifi Password on Android?”

How to Hack Wifi Password on Android_

There is a bundle of strategies that one may thread towards the focus, but these articles are meant to guide you to the safest and sure-shot ways, exclusively.

Some people are okay with rooting their phones, but some, on the opposite hold, do not prefer to root their phones. This guide will be all about how to hack wifi passwords using both rooted and non-rooted phones. But, of course, it would be easier to hack wifi passwords using a rooted device. Without wasting any more time, let us muster along.

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How to Hack Wifi Password on Android? (Rooted)

You can easily hack wifi passwords with an android device with just a few apps, just follow us through this full guide and enjoy your free internet.

It is easier to hack wifi passwords of those networks protected by a WPS ( WiFi Protected Setup ) pin. Here is a list of some apps you can use to easily hack WiFi passwords with a rooted device. You will also be able to learn how to hack wifi password without an app. Follow along. 

WPS WPA Tester Premium (Best Method to Hack Wifi Password On Android)

  The first app we are suggesting for hacking WiFi password is “WPS WPA Tester Premium.” This is a popular app as it does what it says. Moreover, it is easy to download and install this app as it is available in the google play store for minimal money. This app requires root access or permissions. Let’s see how to use this app and hack nearby WiFi networks.

  • First of all, download and install WPA WPA Tester Premium on your rooted android phone ( root required ).
  • After the app Installs, launch the application and then click on agree ( basic terms and conditions ).

Best Method to Hack Wifi Password On Android

  • After that, it will ask for root permissions. Grant all the root permissions.
  • Now, click on the refresh button present on the top of the screen.
  • After refreshing, you will see the list of all the wifi networks present in the range. 
  • Note that some wifi networks appear in green color, some with red and others with white colors. The colors represent the vulnerability level of the wifi network. Networks with white color have no security, while green color refers to the networks which are easy to hack and networks bearing red color are hard to hack. 

  • Now, click on a wifi network with green color and select Connect Automatic Pin and wait for some time. 
  • A new screen will appear with the password of the targeted WiFi network.

Yes, that’s all you have to do for hacking a wifi password if you have a rooted device. 

As you proceed along, you will also be able to learn how to hack wifi password on android without root.

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This is an OK app for WiFi hacking purposes, and it works well for both root and non-root devices. Please note that if you are using a device with Android 5.0 or lower versions, then the device’s rooting is a must for this app to work properly on your device. 


The steps for hacking into a nearby WiFi are similar to those with the above app. Just find a vulnerable WiFi network and let this app do the rest. It is effortless to download and install the app as available on the Google Play Store. Before you proceed, one more thing to note is that this app works with only the secure networks, perhaps by WPS security. 


WPS Connect is another app that works only with rooted android devices. This app is straightforward to use, but it can also hack only into those WiFi networks secured by WPS security. You can easily install this app from the google play store and start using it right away. To use this app, you must be using a device with android 4.1.2 or higher. Using this app, you can also check the vulnerability level of your own WiFi network. 

wps connect to hack wifi with android

Follow these steps to hack WiFi passwords using this app. 

  • Download and install the “WPS Connect” app from the google play store.
  • Look for nearby wifi networks by clicking on the refresh button present on the homepage of the app.
  • Find a network with WPS security and click on it.

Then, you will be looking at some pins in a pop-up window. Simply select one pin and then click on “try pin.” Now, the app will try to hack into that wifi using that pin. 

  • Keep trying with the suggested pins until you come across the right pin. 
  • The right pin will be on the screen as soon as the app hacks into that WiFi.

Apart from using these apps, you can consider one other method for hacking wifi password on android. Let’s move ahead and check out this method.

How to Hack Wifi Password On Android Without Root? (Non-Rooted)

This goes in an easy way, but you might want to use your computer system for the same. Here is a really unpopular method known as Android Debugging. In a way, simultaneously one might get to learn how to hack wifi password on windows or PC as such

How to Hack Wifi Password On Android Without Root?

The method is really useful when it comes to by-pass your office or relative’s router. Now, let us see what has to be done, methodically. Muster along.

  • You have to get the developer access on your android. But do not worry, because it is a job that can be done in seconds.
  • To get the developer access, click on a few times upon the build number in your phone’s settings.
  • On 5-7 taps, a message will appear saying- ‘you are now a developer’.

  • Now go to the android developer settings and enable USB debugging options.
  • Once this is done, it requires you to install ADB driver. You may use the link provided in this line to download the same. Note that the link is for windows only.
  • Open the ADB driver app via the top shortcut.
  • Simply connect your device to the system using a USB cable.
  • Test the ADB connection.
  • Click on Allow, when it asks for access to your android device.

We know that these steps are a little many in number but it gets your work done, and so to proceed open the command prompt in your windows system.

  • Type ‘adb services‘ and press Enter. Now if it is working properly, you will see the name 0f your device in the line below of the command.
  • To find the wifi password, it requires you to give access to the wpa_supplicant file via- ‘adb pull/data/misc/wifi/wpa_supplicant.conf c:/wpa_supplicant.conf.’

  • This command will in turn copy all the wifi passwords in the drive C of your system memory.
  • All you have to do now is to open the text editor like notepad to view all the passwords. Bingo.


Here is one another handy and reliable app you can use for WiFi hacking purposes named Bcmon. You can hack WPS and WPA enabled WiFi networks using this app.


The only condition with this app is that your android device must support Broadcom bcm4329/bcm4330 chipsets. Just pass this checkpoint, and you are all set to hack WiFi networks easily. Given below is a full guide on how to hack WiFi networks in your android device easily using the Bcmon app.

Guide on how to use the Bcmon app:

  • Download Bcmon and one more app named Reaver on your device.
  • Install the Bcmon app.
  • After installing the app, a list of tools will be displayed that are to be downloaded. Download all the required tools.
  • Click on the “Enable Monitor Mode”


  • Now, install Reaver.
  • Tick mark the “Check Advanced Settings.” 

adjust settings

  • Now, scan for WPS enabled WiFi network present nearby. 
  • Now, just select the desired network and then click on the “Start Attack” button. 
  • After this, the process will take some time. The time taken depends on your device, and after the process is completed, the password will be displayed on your screen. 

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ES File Explorer

Now, if you have the password saved on your device but you don’t know the password, it is possible to recover or get the password using the ES File Explorer app given that your android device is rooted. Read the steps given below to know-how –

  • Download and install the ES File Explorer app on your android device from the google play store.
  • Grant the required permissions and get the app running.
  • Now, locate the “root explorer” option in the tools panel and select it.

es file explorer

  • Now, find the root folder among all the folders and select it. Inside that folder, go to “data.”
  • Find “misc” and click on it.

  • Inside the misc folder, locate and select the “WiFi” folder.
  • After that, open a file named “wpa_supplicant.conf.” 
  • Once you get inside this file, find the terms “SSID” and “PSK” in the text. The SSI is the WiFi network’s name, and PSK is the required password.

Apart from using these apps, you can consider one other method for hacking wifi password on android. Let’s move ahead and check out this method.

The WiFi Share Method

If you have a phone with a custom OS, this method could prove beneficial for you. The name might sound a little exaggerated, but this method lets you share WiFi passwords between two android devices.

This method does not even require root access or permissions and is completely free too. The only condition is that one of your devices must be connected to the targeted WiFi network and then, the other one will get connected to the same WiFi network without even knowing the password. Just follow us through this guide and enjoy it. 

Step 1 –  Go to your phone’s settings and then to the WiFi section present there.

Step 2 –  Make sure your phone is connected to the required WiFi network.

Step 3 –  After your device is connected to the WiFi network, you will see an option to share the WiFi password

Step 4 –  Click on the same option, and after that, a QR Code will be generated. 


Step 5 –  Make sure you have an appropriate app to scan the QR code readily available on the other device. 

Step 6 –  Scan the QR code from the other device, and then the password will be visible on your device.

Step 7 –  Now, simply enter the password on your secondary device, and your device will be connected to that WiFi network.   

Is It Actually Possible To Hack WiFi Networks?

Indeed. It is possible for us to hack into a wi-fi network securely. This article is all about the methods and ways by which one may access a certain WPA/WPS secured network. However, does not guarantee or promotes any kind of information transfer. By following the discussed steps for various apps/methods, you may have a great amount of data channeled towards your own android. 

Is It Legal To Hack WiFi Network?

For a few nations and states, even the smallest breach is criminal in nature. But if you are sure to just use the data out of free wifi portals, ahead of their limit, wouldn’t involve any offense as such. These methods can be used to bypass a tough methodology or complicated passwords easily. Still, be sure to use it wisely and in limit so that you can keep enjoying the benefits over a period of time. 

Is WiFi Hacking via the Android App Secure?

Yes, it is secure as long as you are connected to a WPA or WPS security model. These security levels add a layer of privacy to the data that oscillates between the server router and the connected device. The data is encrypted in a format so that the data hackers and cybercriminals cannot easily access your data.

What Are The Types Of WiFi Networks That I Can Hack?

There are three types of WiFis, and they are hacked with different methods.

  • WEP. (This is the least difficult to hack, you just have to sniff the network packets for a few hours, and then you can get the password.)
  • WPA2 This becomes a little difficult.
  • WPS is the most secure of all but can be hacked into substantially.

But worry not, because all of the work is mostly done by the app itself, leaving minimal manipulation from your side. Those times have passed when you have to sit hours on Kali Linux to make hacking happen.

Closure | How to Hack Wifi Password on Android?

We hope that through this article, the internet now would not be a problem. Binge-watch all that you can and download all that you may via this guide on “How to Hack Wifi Password on Android?”

Through these uncomplicated and one hundred percent effective methodologies, you go steady with the immense data, at no expense associated as such. Just in case these treads could get any easier, alternatively, then do not skip to connect to us via the comment section below.