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Can one leave their kid alone in a different city? No, right? So, how can one abandon them in a whole lot of malicious ‘online-world’? Objectively, Android Spy app remote Installation is a total relax when you want your kids to grow and learn the exposure safely. Besides, without just blindly letting them fall whenever and wherever they slip into. 

Android Spy App Remote Installation

There are so many things to worry about- calls, websites, texts, videos, and even finance. Children are prone to fall quickly for adult, sensitive, dark, and criminal content. The list will go on. Your kids are easy prey for online predators. Who knows who reaches them with what intention. The idea of your kid being bullied by a stranger online is frightening enough, alone.

We are presenting an Android Spy remote Installation Report on the Legit and Legal (under parental control) list of spyware apps with a guide on how to install them. Please look out for the answers that arise on your mind regarding the subject in sections below. 

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Android Spy App Remote Installation: Is This Possible?

Yes, it is possible. You can easily install an android spy app remotely on a device. But, technically, you have to interact physically with the phone, at least for a minute. Everything else would be remotely done, excluding this minimal interaction. 

It would be magic, rather an Extra-terrestrial technology if anything this effective can happen totally in the air, honestly. There are some restrictions, and legal procedures to be followed while developing any technology. Keeping in mind the maximum advantage out of minimum damage. Doesn’t it scare you if installing such spyware entirely remotely was possible? Wouldn’t it make you an easy target for fraud or whatnot?

Spy App Remote Installation | Is Legal? 

Yes, it is legal if used under parental controls or employee monitoring or any other valid purposes. Respect the rights of privacy even if you are married to a person you want to spy on. Beware, the state/federal laws might get you into jail if you use spying to check on your boyfriend, or on a cheating husband to uncover his salty mistress. The same goes for men who creep around their lady’s whereabouts and friend circle.

We are not here to promote unhealthy practices in a relationship. Not at all. With trust and faith, one can win over any spyware technology, always.  

Justified use, like, to track your partner’s location, or your kid’s browsing history, gives you an upper hand with your responsibility of caring. With android spying, not only bad things should be associated, there is no rule against being more responsible and attentive towards the safety and wellbeing of the minors.

Check out with the laws of your state, to be more sure about spying. Some states allow it while some do not. You can visit this website to learn more.

Best Android Spy Apps Of 2020 

Without much ado, let us start with some of the best spy apps available in the market for your use.



This application helps you out in tracking each little activity of your kid. It includes a video and audio surveillance feature that uses the microphone and the camera of the other device to show and make you aware of the kid’s surroundings. Plus, each text that is being sent or received, either on WhatsApp, Messenger, Viber, Skype, etc. can be looked at. The incoming and outgoing calls can both easily be listened to. Moreover, you can know about the downloaded files and media on the phone of your beloved. Along with the information on what websites they visit.


Spyera is not available for a free trial, so you could not test its usability before purchasing it. 



This is a perfect solution for parental control as well as Employee Monitoring. An extraordinary thing about this app is that it stores all the keystrokes pressed by the smartphone user. An online dashboard allows you to keep a record of which app is being used for what time and for how long.

Similar to other spy apps, Flexispy also lets you overhear the conversations and look at messages, either sent or received. Moreover, with the real-time monitoring feature, you can peep into what is happening at the place where the spied phone is.


Prohibitive pricing and one can’t even test the app free.

Mobile Tracker Free

Mobile Tracker -- SPY APP


If you are looking for a free app to track and keep a record of everything going on the other side, there is no better option than this app. It allows you to overhear the calls and overlook the text messages, either sent or received. Besides, you can also look at what photos and videos are stored on the smartphone. This app would also allow you to block the websites or apps you don’t wish your children to visit. It is rather good as it offers all the features that are provided by all the other spy apps available online.


The setup and installation procedure is very complicated.


Spyic: Android Spy App Remote Installation


This app must be chosen if you want to stay reliable on the camouflage capability. Since this app is undetectable, your kid would never come to know, whatever he tries, that his phone is being monitored. Moreover, it does not require a rooted phone, and it is also effortless to install.

Spyic provides you access to monitor calls, messages, media, websites, social media apps, and location as well. It can be removed from the device instantly with just one click, giving it an advantage over other apps. It offers you to keep track of two devices at a time from your online account, which is a pretty unique feature.


Language support is minimal. Plus, it cannot record and present live-monitoring.

XNSpy (Recommended)



This is the best spy app available if you need the remote installation to be perfectly smooth. 

The app works on both IOS and Android, but the app becomes more functional if the device is rooted or jailbroken, as the case may be. Furthermore, It is on the user to decide to use it usually or at full capability. Also, to know more about the app and its pricing, you should visit this link.  Also, there is a feature to set alerts to notify you when the smartphone user visits and leaves a certain perimeter.


No free trial 

Why Completely Remote Installation is Impossible?

As aforementioned, complete installation without even touching the target device is not possible so far. Any website or software claiming to install the Android Spy App Remotely via BlueTooth, SMS, or Email is an absolute scam. Let us tell you why this is not possible and why any site claiming this is a scam. 

Android Spy App Remote Installation:

It is not possible due to two factors:

  1. Privacy Regulations of the User: If the user is not underage, they have their right to do as they wish without being looked upon. Besides, if it goes out of hands, it would bring such applications to an end. It is entirely illegal to hinder any other person’s privacy without their permission or knowledge. Moreover, this is punishable in most parts of the world.
  2. Device Permissions and Safety: For any program to run on a device, it requires the administrator’s permissions, which usually is possible when one knows the passcode or PIN to breakthrough. Since allowing these permissions to any app is not possible to happen automatically. Otherwise, what is the benefit of such safety if it can be breached so softly.

How to Remotely Install Android Spy App?

You can easily install an Android Spy App Remotely. All that it needs is to bring the URL to the target device and install the app. All the other processes will happen automatically or on a cloud server, including rooting or jailbreaking, if required and allowed.

How to Remotely Install Android Spy App?

These mentioned steps are general steps for installing any android spy app remotely.

  •  Purchase the app/software by registering yourself.
  •  An email with the download URL will come at the registered mail account.
  •  Please use the received link for downloading and installing the app on the target device.
  •  After installation, you can delete the app file so that it cannot be detected.
  • Next, leave the target phone and put the credentials in your online spy manager account.
  • Now, you can efficiently perform spying with your account on any device, please use it for good reasons. 

Do not forget, “with great power comes great responsibilities.” – spiderman

What is the Best Android Spy App? 

XNSpy and KidsGuard Pro are the best. Thus, perfect applications for such purposes.

Moreover, you can visit the links to know the prices and installation guides via these links 1 and 2.

What if the Internet Connection of the Target Device Ceases?

The location can still be tracked, and since there is no limit to the uploading data, as soon as the data reconnects, everything will be back to normal.

Refund Policy

Some apps like XNSpy offers 10 days money-back guarantee if you are not happy with the service.

Closure | Android Spy App Remote Installation

With technology at par, things like spying are easy and possible. Now, Android Spy app remote Installation gives you enormous control over others who you care the most about. Furthermore, taking care of minors and respecting the privacy of your loved ones are both equally important.

So, use this wisely and let us know if you have any doubts. Use the comment section below to help or share your experience with others.