Grand Prix F1
Grand Prix F1

Sao Paulo Mayor Bruno Covas said that city officials “respect” their decision of cancelling Brazilian Grand Prix, other than that there is nothing to fear in his city, situation out there is controlled.

Grand Prix F1 -Sao Paulo Mayor Burst Out on F1 Cancellation

Grand Prix F1
Grand Prix F1

How the Coronavirus Hit Sports World?

Coronavirus pandemic has hit the sports world drastically, calendar for each sport are of no use this year as everything has been cancelled due to COVID. Players wanted to fight for their crowns and trophies, but nothing can be done in this scenario.

Yesterday on a news conference Sao Paulo’s mayor said that Grand Prix can be organized in safe conditions despite cancelling it.

The event could have been held with limited spectators and organizing team instead of just letting it go. Brazil is not so safe as compare to other cities, therefore all the races have been cancelled.

Calendar for F1 Race!!

F1 have already announced that races that are going to be held in Brazil, US, Canada and Mexico will cancel due to this COVID pandemic. Not only F1 it has been the worst year for the sporting world as no events could have taken place.

Sao Paulo Mayor Bruno Covas was unhappy but also respects the decision as to its more of safety for everyone and there is no celebration of winning without fans who cheer up for players but instead of all this, there is nothing to be afraid of in the city.

The Government on Grand Prix Races!

The authorities of health and government of the state have confirmed on the restriction of an event being held, events can be organized related to sports but without the fans and with proper safety and maintaining social distancing throughout.

A prediction has been made from the authorities that the situation in year-end could be more in control from now, at that time Grand Prix F1 race can be organized in European countries.

First time in the history of Grand Prix since 1973, Brazil has been left out of Formula One calendar.

Formula One New Schedule for 2020:

F1 authorities have added three races on their calendar which will be held in Portugal, Germany and Italy at the year-end.

Events that have been conducted so far have been behind the closed doors with no fans.

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