Golf Championship
Golf Championship

First time in history since World War II Australian Open will not be held because of the COVID pandemic.

Golf Championship 2020- Australia Open Postponed Due to the Terror of Coronavirus Pandemic


  1. Golf Championship postponed due to COVID-19.
  2. Simon said all the events that were postponed will be held in early 2021.
  3. 2020, the first year since World War II where Australia Open will not hold.
Golf Championship 2020
Golf Championship 2020

Golf Championship 2020:

This year Golf Championship was postponed because of this coronavirus shutdown but some officials said the event will be held in early 2021.

Kingston Health Golf Club was 105th edition in the history of the championship, the fifth oldest profession in the world – golf tournament can be held in November.

Simon Brookhouse comments on the event:

Australian Golf manager Simon Brookhouse said the events that were postponed due to coronavirus pandemic will be organized in the early period January to March of 2021 when the situation will be much better than now.

US Masters, that is scheduled for April originally will now be played on November 12.

Due to COVID-19, there are so many precautions and measures that need to be taken care of since there are so many travel restrictions to conduct a world-class field for the Golf Championship in Melbourne.

Australian Players on COVID pandemic:

Leading figures of Golf might not visit Brookhouse in this condition, nobody wants to take a risk to participate in any tournament. If any of them visit outside of Australia, then they need to go under quarantine for 10-15 days and take care of all the measures regarding coronavirus.

It can also impact the Australian players that are stuck overseas for months and not be able to come back to a respected country.

It is a very challenging period for the world as it is a global pandemic which is affecting globally, no events related to the sport were organized in this period, everything just got postponed.

Australian Authorities about the Events:

Australia is one of the countries that are badly affected by the wave of virus therefore in March the officials sealed the borders to avoid international travel although some exception was made for professional athletes who were OK with days of quarantine.

Although most of the countries are now controlled Australia is still struggling to control the virus. Thereby all the events that were going to be held in Australia have been either canceled or postponed to early 2021.

Last year’s Australian Open which held in Sydney at the time of bushfire smokes all over Australia, in this event Matt Jones has won the tournament.

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