The Equatorial-American driver Juan Manuel Correa will return to competition this year, in Formula 3, after recovering from the very serious accident he suffered on August 31, 2019 within the ninth round of the Formula 2 World Championship at the Spa-Francorchamps circuit, within the one that gave up the ghost the French pilot Anthoine Hubert. I am very happy to be back after everything I even have been through. i’m very grateful to ART Grand Prix , it means tons to me that you simply believe me and in my return. Formula 3 may be a year of transition, my dream remains to urge to Formula 1 and this is often the primary tread on my lap, “he explained during a statement collected by ‘’.

Correa, 21, and therefore the grandson of former Ecuadorian President Rodrigo Borja, underwent several operations for fractures in both legs and a minor spinal injury, and has had to measure with a leg brace for quite a year within his long rehabilitation process.
16 months then dramatic day in Spa, he announces his return. “I still have tons to try to to i have never driven a car for a year and a half and that i have an enormous learning curve before me. I’m entering this season with an open mind. I won’t push myself, I’ll do my best; I’ll do what love which is already a victory, “he stressed.Thus, he will take hold of 1 of the cars of the French ART Grand Prix team. “Juan Manuel is an example of courage and tenacity and ART Grand Prix is proud to offer him the chance to return back. he’s very strong mentally, he continues to fight to be as fit as possible and he’s hungry. His talent is immense,” said the team manager, Sebastien Philippe.

Correa, with a double podium in Formula 2, was involved on Saturday 31 August 2019 during a dramatic accident during the primary of the races held at the Spa-Francorchamps circuit within the ninth round of the Formula 2 championship.
The incident happened at the Raidillon curve, when the Frenchman Anthoine Hubert’s car, after avoiding a collision together with his compatriot Giuliano Alesi, went against the protections and on returning to the track was hit by the Quito’s car; the race was immediately suspended. Hours later, the FIA confirmed the fatal outcome of the 22-year-old Hubert and 2018 GP3 Series champion. Alesi suffered no sequelae, while Correa underwent an extended process of operations and rehabilitation.