Are Inflatable Paint Booths Legal? Read Before You Buy!


With every field experiencing advancements, the paint job is taking a twist in its own way. Inflatable Paint Booths are the new way to paint. Bringing forth modern ideas in the most innovative ways. Spray painting has grown to new heights in recent times and takes most of the industry’s space. This encourages the development of new techniques to make spray painting effective and efficient.  

Are Inflatable Paint Booths Legal

Be it a beginner or a professional; an inflatable paint booth is what anyone would like to go for. There are multiple options to opt from as per your needs, yet it can be challenging. It would be best if you considered a lot of factors since it’s a significant investment. This piece discusses all the essential aspects of paint booths, including the FAQ- Are Inflatable Paint Booths Legal?

Are Inflatable Paint Booths Legal?

Inflatable Paint Booths are the new way for spray painting enthusiasts. An inflatable spray booth with extraction is a foldable paint booth. This mobile booth has air blowers using which it gets inflated. The different sizes of the booth need varied powered blowers. It is easy to carry. People widely used inflatable paint booths to be safe around hazardous chemicals. Whenever you want to paint, you unfold it, attach, inflate, and use it. The small size allows you to carry it anywhere. Blowers are essential for it to inflate and for ventilation inside the booth.

Buying an Inflatable spray booth is a one-time investment and, therefore, requires you to have a better sense of your needs. One should consider aspects like material, size, brand before making a choice. A wide range is available to choose from, different sizes to different materials with numerous functions, etc.

The Legality Issue

Are Inflatable Paint Booths Legal? This is one question that is being asked a lot these days after NFPA showed concern about these mobile paint booths. As to answer this question, Inflatable Paint Booths are entirely legal. 

There are several safety codes given by the National Fire Protection Association under section NFPA 33 to regulate the designing of spray booths. These guidelines pertain to spray booth design and installation. Violation of any code can bring on lawsuits.

Key Chapters

The significant chapters from the section are mentioned below:

Chapter 5: Guideline regarding construction and design of Spray Areas, Spray Booths, and Rooms.

  • Walls, doors, ceilings that intersect a spray area should be of noncombustible materials.
  • The interior surface should be smooth.
  • Separation from other operations by a minimum distance of 915mm.
  • Requirements of Conveyor openings and booths using nitrocellulose.
  • General filter requirements.

Chapter 6: Sources of Ignition, electrical, etc. It lists the requirement for electrical wiring.

  • Open flames or spark-producing equipment should not be in a spray area or surrounding classified as Division 2, Zone 2, or Zone 22.
  • The zoning system is described, and restrictions on the class location are given.
  • The in-Depth description of electrical area classification.
  • Guidelines for luminaries within the spray booth.

inflatable paint booth

Chapter 7: Ventilation

  • The concentration of vapors in the exhaust airstream should not be exceeding 25percent of the lower explosive limit.
  • Recirculation filters to be used to remove particulates from the recirculated air. 

Chapter 8: Handling, Distribution of flammable and combustible liquids and storage

  • The mixing room should meet the construction requirement of section 5.
  • The area of the mixing room should not be exceeding 14m. ETC.

Chapter 13: Use of Spray Rooms and Spray Booths for drying at Elevated Temperatures

  • Requirements of flash off area.
  • Recommendations for spray booths and rooms used for drying at upraised temperatures.

Chapter 15: Powder Coating

  • General safety and protection requirements are discussed.
  • Need for portable fire extinguishers.
  • Recommendations for ventilation, dust collection, and explosion protection. Also on Emergency shutdown, ventilation systems, and automatic sprinkler systems.

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Cessation: Are Inflatable Paint Booths Legal?

Today, we defined various aspects and the answer to an intrigued question- Are Inflatable Paint Booths Legal? Inflatable paint booths are entirely legal, and all the significant chapters are mentioned above, the details of which can be researched for better understanding.

If you have any query then drop them all in the comment section and we’ll respond to them soon.