8 Best Portable Bathtub for Adults & Couples (Reviews & Guide)


Moved into a new apartment where the bathroom doesn’t have a bathtub? Or you have a small bathroom where you cannot fit a regular size bathtub? If you fall in any of these categories, then you must check out portable bathtub for adults. A portable bathtub is a small, foldable bathtub that can be placed in any place you want. There are numerous portable folding bathtubs for adults available, and out of so many, we have listed 8 fantastic units that will surely satisfy your requirements.

portable bathtub for adults

Our list of best portable bathtubs for adults includes some of the industry’s best units. They all are reviewed with the same level of decency in each category. We hope that our portable bathtub for adults reviews helps you find the right one for you. 

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8 Best Portable Bathtub for Adults & Couples

Apart from the review of each of the portable tub, we have also summarized the perks and the cons of all the units. So let us not waste our time and move further with our list of the 8 best portable bathtubs for adults as well as couples.

Novinex – Plastic Folding Bath Tub for Adults

Owning a bathtub is not just about having a few hundred bucks in your pocket. You need a spacious bathroom to keep a bathtub. If you are struggling to get a bathtub in your small bathroom, then don’t worry. Novinex has a solution for you. Their collapsible bathtub with a diameter and height of 29.5 inches is a perfect fit for any bathroom.

You can enjoy a bath, spa, or ice bath in it anytime you want. Due to its small size, you can keep it in any corner of your house. You can perform a relaxing session on your balcony with some warm water in it. It is also an excellent choice for bathing your toddler.

You can tag it along on a trip for the perfect baths in your favorite destinations. Made with environmental & eco-friendly PVC material is a recyclable product that has no harm to the environment. When folded, it has dimensions of 24x5x4 inches, so you can easily carry it around.

Novinex portable bathtub


  •         Easy to assemble & easy to store.
  •         Deep enough for both toddlers and adults.
  •         It can be quickly drained with a detachable tap, which takes a maximum a minute to drain.
  •         Long-lasting.
  •         Cost-effective.


  •         No warranty.
  •         No room for stretching legs.

Sibosen Portable & Foldable Bathtub for Adults

With a water capacity of 25 gallons, this portable bathtub for adults is ready to sink your whole body. Not having a bathtub in your bathroom is not an issue anymore. You can get this portable bathtub and keep it anywhere you want for a fantastic bathing session. It has an inner length of 47.5 inches to stretch your legs inside easily.

Sibosen provides an electric air pump with the bathtub to inflate it in a few minutes. It means your bathtub gets ready in a few minutes for a relaxing bath session. With 17.7 inches of width, it gives you enough space to stretch your arms.

Fitted with an ergonomic armrest, backrest, and headrest for you to lean back and enjoy an amazing bath. It has also been given a cup holder where you can put a wine glass or your cellphone. Without a doubt, this one is the best portable bathtub for adults.

features of Sibosen Portable bathtub


  •         Made with premium non-toxic PVC material.
  •         Provided with an air pump.
  •         Inflates in 2-3 minutes with the help of 3 air holes.
  •         Comes with dual drain pipes for fast drainage of water.
  •         Lifetime warranty.
  •         Zipper for maintaining the temperature.



  •         Low-quality air pump.

KELIXU – Best Portable Bathtub for Shower Stall

Ever heard of the best travel companion? This portable foldable bathtub for adults can be your best traveling companion. Many people desire to take along their own bathtub while traveling. The quest for such people ends here. This easy to assemble bathtub is an excellent option for both indoor and outdoor use.

With a height and diameter of 27.6 inches, it can easily sink your whole body in it. There is no hassle of inflating this one. Unfold it, attach a support frame, and it’s bath ready. A drain valve attached at the side bottom helps it drain in few seconds. There is no need to run for a public bath, you have your foldable bathtub.

It is made with three-layer fabric for the longest service life. A high-density flocking cloth on the outside, thickened cotton layer in the middle, and waterproof layer inside. This makes it one of the strongest and longest-running portable bathtub for adults. It has enough space for a mother and a toddler to bathe together.

Portable Bathtub for Shower Stall


  •         Incredible thermal insulation.
  •         Made with three-layer fabric.
  •         Do not need to be inflated.
  •         Quick water drainage with side bottom valve.
  •         Lightweight.
  •         Compatible for an ice bath.


  •         Poles tend to break easily.

Homefilos – Large Plastic Bathtub for Adults (Especially for Couples)

One drawback of portable bathtubs, which is usually seen is small leg space, but not anymore. Homefilos brings a large portable bathtub with a diameter of 35 inches and a height of 22 inches. Such a huge bathtub gives you enough space for your legs to spread out comfortably. With this much space, it can also be used as a portable bathtub for couples.

You and your partner can enjoy a cozy and steam bath session in this large portable bathtub. Drainage on both center and side of the bathtub gives flexibility in draining the water out. Once it is inflated, it stands firm on the ground. With its firm hold on the ground, anyone can enter it without the fear of tripping.

A complimentary storage bag is also provided with the package. So when you are not using it, you can store it in the bag to avoid damage. Coming with the confidence of 6 months warranty, Homefilos large portable bathtub is an amazing deal. You can lend this bathtub to anyone you want because it comes with free 5 bathtub liners.

Large Plastic Bathtub for Adults


  •         Comes in 2 different sizes
  •         With a recommended user height of 6’2 feet.
  •         Large but lightweight.
  •         Complimentary storage bag and 5 bathtub liners.
  •         With 5 feet of hose length.


  •         Often start leaking from the draining area.

WBHome – Inflatable Tub for Adults

A portable bathtub surely satisfies your bath needs, but most of them are not really comfortable enough. They are usually smaller in size due to portability. Where you cannot be satisfied with unstretched legs and rested back. WBHome inflatable bathtub is designed to keep this thing in mind.

It is a 68-inch long bathtub for a grown man of any size to have a comfortable bath. The addition of a sponge cushion and curved backrest will give one of the best bathing experiences. Given a built-in cup holder will give you leverage to have a long soaking session with your favorite beverage. If you want a specific cold or warm bath, there’s an option for that too.

The upper cover with a zipper will help you maintain the temperature of the water. It is easily inflated and deflated in a minute with the help of the electric air pump. Are you wondering that due to its size, it might be difficult for you to drain it? It’s not the case at all, provided 47-inch pipe makes the draining the most convenient part of it.

WBHome Portable Bathtub


  •         Made with 0.4mm premium quality Vinyl material.
  •         Highly durable.
  •         Easy to fold & easy to store.
  •         Inflates and deflates in a minute with the electric air pump.


  •         The air pump is not provided, needs to be bought separately.
  •         Drainage often starts leaking.

MURO – Best Foldable Bathtub for Adults

Wishing for long and wide folding bathtubs for adults? It is time for you to stop your quest. MURO brings you a portable bathtub that has a diameter and height of 27.6 inches. A fast and easy to set up freestanding foldable unisex bathtub provides enough space for sitting.

The 3 layer insulation of this bathtub maintains the temperature for the longest. Works best as an ice bathtub, Jacuzzi, or soaking tub. After a bath, drainage is being made easy with a 1-meter long hose for drainage. This amazing portable bathtub comes with 6 supporting rods to make it stable and long-running.

It doesn’t end here, a bonus seating cushion is added for you to sit comfortably in it. Suitable for both indoor and outdoor use and warm or cold baths. Its durability is its USP. Enjoy a great soaking session with your favorite book or drink for as long as you want.

Even if you somehow manage to damage it, 4 sealing patches come with a package to fix it. You also don’t need to worry about inflating it because it comes with an air pump.

MURO Portable Bathtub


  •         Long outlet hose for drainage.
  •         3-layer insulation.
  •         Comes with a seat cushion.
  •         Complimentary 4 sealing patches.


  •         Trouble inflating seat cushion.

UNIKON Portable Foldable Bathtub for both Kids & Adults

You want a portable bathtub for yourself but don’t want the hassle of pumping air in it? UNIKON has exactly what you need. This plastic folding bath tub for adults is easy to install and will occupy a small space. The diameter of 27.6in and height of 25.6in gives you excess space for a satisfying bath. It is also an ideal choice for an ice bathtub, soaking tub, and outdoor tub. 6mm thick thermal foam helps in holding the temperature of water for about an hour long.

The water’s highest suggested temperature can be 45 degrees Celsius, warm enough for a hot bath. It is also suggested that water should not exceed 60 degrees Celsius, which might damage the tub. It is pretty easy to deflate as well, so you don’t have to deal with the mess after a comfortable bath. Its deflated is size really small that it can fit in any corner of your house. It won’t cover much of your space when you are not using it.

UNIKON Portable Bathtub


  •         Easy to assemble and dissemble both.
  •         The thick thermal foam holds temperature for about an hour.
  •         Long and wide enough for any adult male or female.
  •         Can take up to 45 degree Celsius of hot water.


  •         Usually not steady enough. 

 HIWENA – Best Inflatable Portable Bathtub

Want a portable bathtub but not been able to find one with sufficient leg space? HIWENA presents you with a 60-inch long bathtub with a 34-inch width. Each member of your family, from kids to elders, can enjoy their baths in this one. With adequate space to stretch your legs and spread your arms out, it’s an incredible bathing session assured.

It’s not just wide and long but also deep, around 27 inches to sink your whole body in. Which makes it an astounding choice as a portable soaking tub for adults. Made with 30% thicker PVC compared to other brands gives it adequate durability and long life. Dual drain plugs the drainage easy and quick.

The package comes along with a repair patch, in case you end up damaging it anyhow. Are you exhausted all day and need a warm bath to comfort yourself? You can enjoy that too in this plastic folding bath tub for adults. With the recommended temperature of 42 degrees Celsius, it’s capable of giving you an extraordinary warm bath.

You also don’t need to worry about how to will you install it. The user guide is provided with the bathtub to guide you on each step.

Dimension of HIWENA


  •         Made with 30% thicker PVC.
  •         Dual drainage plugs.
  •         Comes with a comfortable backrest & headrest.
  •         Internal length of 43 inches for spreading legs comfortably.


  •         The air pump needs to be bought separately.
  •         Cannot hold temperature.
  •         Shrinks with time.

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Buying Guide | Portable Bathtubs for Adults

It is suggested that whenever you are buying something, it is better to be well informed about that. It’s better to be wise first than to be disappointed later. That is why our buyer’s guide is here to help you. Something like a collapsible bathtub needs to fulfilling, as it is something that helps you to get clean.

So you should be asking yourself what makes a portable bathtub for adults great. If you don’t have an answer for that, then there’s no worry, this is why we are here for you. There are certain elements you should know to get your hands on a comfortable portable bathtub.

portable bathtub for adults


If you are avoiding the dimensions of a portable bathtub, then you are making a big mistake. After all, it’s all a game of dimensions only. The height and diameter/length of a folding bathtub define how a great bath it can offer you. If you cannot sink-in your body in a bathtub properly, what’s the point of having a bathtub?

Bathtubs are for a comfortable and relaxing bathing session. If you cannot comfortably stretch your legs inside a bathtub, do you really think it will be of any help? So always lookout for the one with good height and good diameter/length.

A long and broad bathtub will only be able to give you a satisfactory bathing experience. This is the reason why you should always take the dimensions of a portable bathtub under consideration.


If your portable bathtub is not able to insulate, then is it really a bathtub? People mostly use bathtubs either for an ice bath or a warm bath. So a portable folding bath tub for adults needs to be able to maintain the temperature. Most of the portable bathtubs have the feature of holding on to a single temperature of the water.

Some hold it for quite long, and some hold it for a short period of time. Their capability to maintain a particular temperature differs with each product. The bottom line is that for a portable bathtub, it is necessary to maintain water temperature. So everyone should always look out for this feature in a portable bathtub before buying it.

It is always better to invest in something multifunctional than something good for a single work. When there are options available of bathtubs with insulation power, then you should definitely take the one with benefits.

Durabilitygirl and baby in bathtub

Wondering why durability is mentioned here? We know that it’s very obvious that everyone understands the importance of durability. Now you might be thinking, then why is this even mentioned here? The durability of a portable bathtub can turn out to be a tricky thing. Normally, portable bathtubs are made of fragile components to which are likely to have less durability. Often made with PVC material, portable bathtubs are a concern of or not being durable enough.

For such scenarios, it is always suggested to prefer one with thickened PVC or made with multi-layer PVC. To figure the durability of a particular bathtub, you might want to dig a bit deeper. Every company will claim about their product’s durability, but you need to find that by yourself.

 You should prefer to read the product description of what material it has been made. What are its different components, and how they all have held together? Also, try comparing the materials used with other products. This little research will help you understand how long it will stay with you.


You also need to look out for a perfect price for a portable bathtub for adults. You have to watch yourself from spending a lot of money on this piece of product. Portable bathtubs were made for handy use and cost-effective purposes. So you mustn’t end up wasting a lot of money buying a fancy portable bathtub.

Foldable Bathtub for Adults

Don’t just decide on the first thing you see, take your time, and scroll down to a number of options. Once you get to know several products, you will realize how much the average price of portable bathtubs is. It is suggested that you decide your budget first before going on to shop for it.

All the above-given information is essential for you to find a worthy portable bathtub.

FAQs| Portable Bathtubs for Adults

What Is the Average Size of a Portable Bathtub for Adults & Couples?

The size of a portable bathtub for adults can vary from 25 inches to 60 inches. It highly depends on the design and the model of the product. Circular portable bathtubs are usually smaller in size, and rectangular ones are bigger.

portable bathtub for couples

How Are Portable Bathtubs for Adults Used?

The use and functioning of the foldable bathtubs are pretty convenient. Most of them are inflatable and need to be inflated before filling water in them. Once you inflate it with the air pump, then you are supposed to fill water in it. Now your portable bathtub is ready to use. You can use them as a soaking tub, ice bathtub, and for many other purposes.

Are Foldable Bathtub for Adults Cheaper in the Price?

Being small in size and usually made out of PVC material, portable bathtubs are relatively cost-effective. The primary purpose behind building a collapsible bathtub was to get people the pleasure bathtub at lower prices. People who cannot afford a regular size real bathtub opt for portable bathtubs for themselves.

Where Should I Place My Portable Bathtub?

Portable bathtubs can be placed anywhere you want. One can easily put them in any outdoor location or indoor like their bathroom. The portable bathtubs were created only to be carried and used for a bath at any place. Many people use the portable bathtub for shower stall as well.

collapsible bathtub

Closure | Portable Bathtub for Adults & Couples

Portable bathtubs for adults are not less than a small blessing on mankind. While traveling or camping, getting a clean and comfortable bath has always been difficult. But with portable bathtubs, it’s easily achievable. These bathtubs can be carried out anywhere you are going due to their small size.

They can be stored in the smallest of spaces. The above given 8 best portable bathtubs for adults reviews and our buyer’s guide is for you. With its help, you will surely be able to find the right portable bathtub for yourself.

Above mentioned list has a variety of portable tubs to choose from. They all are from different price ranges and sizes. They have been selected for our list due to some of their unique features. So whatever you are looking for in a portable bathtub, you are likely to find it on our list.