11 Inflatable Paint Booth for Perfect Paint Jobs (Review & Guide)


Who doesn’t like doing a paint job in an Inflatable Paint Booth? Modern paint jobs are witnessing new innovations every other day. Spray painting has grown to occupy the most space in the industry. Due to this, there are new innovations to make spray painting efficient and effective. The addition of an inflatable paint booth is not new to us as has been used in spray painting by mostly everyone. From beginners to professionals, everyone likes to do spray painting inside an inflatable paint booth.

Inflatable Paint Booth

Deciding the perfect inflatable paint booth for yourself becomes a big deal sometimes. As there are so many options available, it is quite easy for anyone to get confused. Aspects like affordability, quality standards, and brand value should be considered before buying one for yourself. One with the excellent brand value might have low-quality standards, and both might be out of budget. What to do in such a scenario? Go through the 11 listed inflatable paint booths, and you will surely get the perfect one for yourself.

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11 Inflatable Paint Booth for Perfect Paint Jobs (Review & Guide)

Sewinfla – Best Inflatable Paint Booth

The standard size of Sewinfla inflatable paint booth is 11 Ft high, 15 Ft long & 28 Ft long. There are many smaller and bigger sizes of the same product are also available. Along with the booth, you get 2 blowers of 950 watts for inflating it. Made with iron-grey Oxford cloth brand material, which makes it resistant to dirt in a better manner. Each air column has a belt loop placed at its bottom for additional padding for further dirt resistance.

In emergency cases, this upgraded booth is more convenient and safer for people inside.  Sometimes when blowers lose power and the booth starts collapsing. In such scenarios exiting the booth for a person inside through the main door can be time-taking. There are high chances that people can get stuck inside the collapsed booth. In such emergency cases, you can exit the booth through an additional emergency exit window.

The computerized cutting of the booth makes its shape more accurate and smoother. Most of the paint booths are sewed with a single needle but not this one. To get a better hold of the booth on itself, it has been sewed with double needles. It has been gifted a longer running life with the replaceable dual filters. One is an activated carbon filter for the removal of harmful substances. The other one is a fiberglass filter, which helps in filtering the paint.

Sewinfla Inflatable Paint Booth


  •         Available in every possible size, from the smallest to the biggest.
  •         Promised delivery in any corner of the U.S within eight days maximum.
  •         Comes with double-headed & double-ended zippers making the door zipper more durable.
  •         An additional isolation chamber for purposes like storing equipment, changing clothes, etc.

TKLoop Inflatable Paint Spray Booth

Made with high-end quality PU coated 210D silver Oxford cloth, which is light and makes it easy to fold. This portable paint booth comes in 5 different sizes. The standard size dimensions are 26X15X10 Ft. A thickened PVC material is used at the bottom of the inflatable column for a better resistance of wear. Provided ropes, metal rings, and sandbags give stability to the booth when in use.

A set of two blowers comes with the booth, one of 950 watts and the other of 350 watts. 950 watts blower is used to inflate the booth. 350 watts blower is for providing fresh air in internal working space. You can efficiently work at night by hanging lights on the ceiling. Known for its best quality workspaces, TKloop assures each inflatable paint booth’s quality by a strict inspection process.

PVC of 0.4mm is used in making the transparent part of the booth, making it UV-resistant & waterproof. The double seam gives strength to the booth adds a lot to its service life. The advanced filtration system provides a fresh working environment by the cotton filter window ventilating fresh air inside the booth. Before buying, consider your paint job and then order the right size of booth you need.

One Of the Best Inflatable Paint Spray Booth


  •         Lightweight.
  •         Environment friendly.
  •         Easy to fold, easy to use & easy to carry.
  •         Also suitable for exhibition activities, car polishing & outdoor tents, etc.
  •         Also an ideal choice for window coloring, auto-parts coloring & ceramic coating.
  •         The isolation door is fitted with a filtration system on both sides.

GORRILASPRO Inflatable Paint Booth  with Exhaust Fan

GORRILASPRO has taken an unconventional road in the matter of designing their inflatable paint booth. Unlike their contemporaries, they didn’t make their booth rectangular but hemispherical. The hemispherical shape cuts down wind resistance and makes it more durable in heavy wind, for such innovation company hired a professional car beautician to help in the design of the booth. A beautician’s presence made this booth turn out to be the best in jobs like outdoor car detailing. This fully equipped booth has special hanging buckles for hanging lights.

A transparent side ceiling of PVC material lets in enough sunlight to work without installing lights separately. It’s quite easy to carry around as it weighs approximately 60 Lbs. It stands 11Ft tall, 16Ft broad & 26Ft long externally. This inflatable paint spray booth’s internal space is 22X12X9 Ft, which is suitable for nearly every vehicle. The front door has double air columns, and the rear has dual air pipes creating convenient air intake and faster exhaust. They are giving the liberty of getting the front logo customized by the buyer. A 950 watts and a 450 watts blower is also provided with the booth. Booth and blowers are shipped separately. Additional accessories include repair cloth, sandbags, thread nail, needles & ropes.

portable paint booth


  •         Specially designed for car detailing
  •         Greenhouse Effect & Heat Preservation
  •         Easy to fold & easy to carry
  •         Wind protected streamlined design
  •         Computerized cutting
  •         Sewed with double-needle
  •         Convenient side power line for power connection
  •         Customizable front logo
  •         Made with sealed Oxford cloth alongside toning PVC material
  •         Ideal for waxing, car polishing & coating job

PeaceWin Small Inflatable Spray Paint Booth 

Are you looking for a decent inflatable paint booth at a reasonable price? One for a decent job on a tight budget, then PeaceWin should be your choice. PeaceWin provides a high-quality inflatable paint booth at much less expense. It has the same features and specifications as any high-end product. It is made for people who want a paint booth but do not have much money to buy it.  As always, PeaceWin is known for the best customer experience. This booth satisfies every buyer.

The first time, investors in inflatable paint booths have chosen this one over others. Standing 8Ft tall, 11.5Ft broad & 20Ft long is an appropriate paint booth for painting your personal car. They are also providing two CE/UL blowers, 950watts+450watts each, for ventilation and inflation inside the booth. Some accessories like 4x13Ft ropes, 4 sandbags, 4 stakes, 1X1M filter-sponge & repair-patches are also provided with the product.

PU-coated 210D high-quality silver Oxford fabric makes it more durable and stable. Other than a portable paint booth, it can also be used as a retractable garage, medical rescue, car polishing, and window tinting, etc.

PeaceWin 23X13X10FT Inflatable Spray Paint Booth Tent with Upgrade High-Power Blowers


  •         Delivered in 3-5 business days all around the U.S without any extra shipping fee.
  •         Made with stable and durable material.
  •         Upgraded CE/UL blowers 950watts+450watts are included in the package.
  •         Attached ropes and rings provide steadiness to the booth.

PeaceWin Inflatable Paint Spray Booth

  •         Comes with 4x13Ft ropes, 4 sandbags, 4 stakes, 1x1M filter-sponge % repair patches.
  •         Transparent parts are made of 0.4mm PVC material.
  •         Has a 2-year warranty.
  •         It can also be used for ceramic coating, window tinting, and auto detail.


  •         Blowers and paint booth is shipped separately.
  •         The dividing wall between the isolation room and workspace is not removable.
  •         Comes in only one size.

LuckyWe Portable Paint Booth with Blower

This one here is one of the giants of the list. With the dimensions of 28x15x10 Ft, it is the longest paint booth mentioned in the list. Comes with two powerful blowers, inflation one of usual 950 watts and the ventilation one of 750 watts. Both the blowers are CE/UL approved as well. Every material used in its production is a high-end material to make it long-lasting.

Having its length of 28Ft gives it a bigger workspace than many other contemporaries. It is also compatible for night work, and one just needs to hang lights inside. The cotton filter is larger in size to give mobile environmental solutions. It gets folded in a much smaller size and can easily be carried in the back of your car.

Portable Paint Booth Spray Booth with Filter System

You can also get your custom small inflatable paint booth by contacting them personally.  The bottom is fixed with thicken PVC for its long life. The booth’s overall size comes around 92 Lbs, which is standard for an inflatable paint booth.


  •         CE/UL approved blowers.
  •         Sewed with double needles.
  •         Spacious interior workspace.
  •         Comes with powerful blowers (950 watts and 750 watts)
  •         Larger cotton filters.
  •         Most booths are stocked in a U.S warehouse, promised delivery in 3-5 working days.
  •         Made with PU-coated 210D silver Oxford fabric for enhanced durability.

LuckyWe Portable Paint Booth

  •         Takes only minutes to inflate.
  •         It can be customized in the size you want.
  •         Highly resistant to mould, cold, flame, and moisture.


  •         Expensive in comparison with similar products.
  •         Not efficient as it requires 110 volts input voltage.
  •         Non-resistant to rain.

TFCFL- Portable Paint Booth with Exhaust Fan

You want a paint booth, but there’s not enough space in your garden for a standard size booth. In such cases, you should get the TFCFL inflatable paint booth, which has dimensions of 20x10x8 Ft. This will fit into your small garden space perfectly. This small inflatable paint booth also takes much less time to get inflated. Easy to inflate, easy to fold, and easy to carry around.

The size of this booth is also reflected in its price. This one is much cheaper, comparing it with bigger sized paint booths. You might be wondering if this is cheap, then there would not be any surety of quality. It’s not like that at all. Despite being cheaper, it’s made of high-quality material. One can easily get this portable paint booth with exhaust and still save some money.

In such price range, they are still giving two blowers with it. One 350 watts inflation blower and the second 750 watts for ventilation. This inflatable booth is one heck of a deal that is rarely seen. Made with the same 210D Oxford fabric and have a double seam. You read it right, and it is no different than any premium paint booth.

TFCFL Inflatable Paint Booth


  •         It can be used in light rain.
  •         A separate tool room.
  •         Carbon cotton filter, which helps in eliminating.
  •         Small folded size.
  •         Easily portable and convenient in use.
  •         Lightweight.
  •         Transparent windows on both sides give enough light inside.
  •         Attached D-rings on the booth body, four ropes & 4 stakes that keep the booth perfectly stable.
  •         It can also be used in outdoor camping, exhibition activities, and exercise.


  •         Cannot get the car inside, only be used to paint tables, stools, etc.
  •         Low power blowers (350 watts & 750 watts) not standard.

Orion Motor Tech Inflatable Paint Booth

Bored of waiting for your paint booth to get inflated every time you decide to paint? There is no need to wait for more than three minutes. It true; the Orion Motor Tech inflatable paint booth inflates in just three minutes. All thanks to its 1100 watts air blower. If you like to start the job the fastest and complete it the fastest, this should be your choice. This new age inflatable paint spray booth is really the need of the hour.

Despite being 26x13x11Ft big in size, it is one of the fastest paint booths to get inflated. Its wide can be used not just for spray painting but auto repair, car detailing, etc. It’s a perfect balance between portability and strength. Provides waterproof and wear-proof performances while still being easy to clean. A 350 watts air blower is provided, which circulates air through the multilayer fiberglass and activates the carbon filtration system. Perfect filtration process, right?

It is user friendly as it has doors on both sides for convenient entrance and exit. The roof is transparent, which provides enough natural light inside. Eight hoops are given inside to attach lights for working at night.


  •         1-year Strong Warranty
  •         24/7 customer service.
  •         User-friendly design.
  •         Two powerful blowers (1100 watts & 350 watts)
  •         Safe & Durable.
  •         It can also be used as garage or auto repair work.
  •         Lamp mounting hoops.
  •         Double-sided zippers.
  •         Available in 5 different sizes.
  •         Better sealing with Velcro and zipper seals.

Orion Motor Tech Inflatable Paint Booth


  •         Comes in two different shipments (tent separately & blowers separately)
  •         Smaller sizes do not have tool room.
  •         Takes longer to deliver than expected (occasionally).
  •         No other accessories are provided except tents and blowers.

Ethedeal Inflatable Spray Booth

You want to buy a paint booth for your side hobby and looked upon the internet to get one. The prices of inflatable paint booths blew your mind. Something for side hobby you cannot invest that much. In such cases, Ethedeal inflatable spray booth is your ideal booth. It comes at a handy price and will be light on your pocket.

Made with three independent parts, inflatable structure, floor mat, and air filter system. It is the ultimate choice for a person starting his life in spray painting. The structure is made up of shining PVC and silver oxford cloth. The floor is made up of PVC tarpaulin, and for filtration, carbon cotton is used. With the dimensions of 20x10x8 Ft, it doesn’t cover much of your space.

Two air filter ensures the safety of the painter inside. Inflates in 5 minutes, which means you will not need to wait for long to start your paint job. Attach the blower, give power to it, and your booth is ready for work in 5 minutes.

Ethedeal Inflatable Paint Booth


  •         Smaller in size.
  •         Inflates in just 5 minutes.
  •         Cost-effective.
  •         24/7 customer helpline.
  •         Low energy consumption and easy to carry.
  •         Made with independent parts.
  •         One rope and one set of ground nails are provided with the package.
Inflatable Paint Booth
Inflatable Paint Booth


  •         Blowers are not provided.
  •         No tool room.
  •         No isolation room.
  •         Cannot get a car inside (Only for painting household material)
  •         No warranty.
  •         Not for commercial use.
  •         Single needle sewing.
  •         No D-rings.

Munsinn Spray Booth

If you’re looking for an affordable inflatable paint booth, then your quest should end here. Munsinn Spray booth is made up of 3 independent parts. Structured with shining PVC and silver oxford cloth. Floor made out of PVC tarpaulin and for filter material carbon cotton is used. With dimensions of 20x10x8 Ft, this small inflatable paint booth comes at a handy price.

You don’t need any specific area to inflate it. It works at any place with enough space. It is best used for painting household stuff like tables, stools, and windows, etc. Sadly the small space of this paint booth cannot carry a car inside.

Munsinn Spray Booth

If you are starting your journey in spray painting, this is the best first, but for anyone. Another advantage of this paint booth is that it’s recyclable and is given environmental protection. For working at night, you can install lights outside the tent in front of the windows.


  •         Pocket friendly.
  •         Easy to inflate.
  •         Filter material carbon cotton helps in eliminating odor from the workspace.
  •         Safe & healthy for the painter.
  •         Transparent windows.
  •         Inflates in less than 5 minutes.


  •         Blowers are not provided.
  •         No roof windows.
  •         Lights cannot be installed inside.
  •         Cannot take a car inside because of a small space.

TBVECHI Portable Paint Booth

People beginning their journey in spray painting often find it difficult to choose their first paint booth. As a beginner, you cannot and should not spend a lot of money in the paint booth. The first priority should be learning to paint. For such jobs, TBVECHI portable paint booth is the perfect buy. It has everything that a beginner would need.

It is cheap to buy and is made up of nearly the same quality material as a premium paint booth. This small inflatable paint booth comes in a single size of 20x10x8 Ft dimensions. If spray painting is your hobby, then it’s a perfect thing for you.

It will keep you safe, will give you enough space and environment to practice. Due to its small size, it is easy to fold and easy to carry, and the best part, it inflates in less than 5 minutes. For a person starting to learn spray painting, this paint booth is a blessing in disguise.



  •         Easy to carry.
  •         Easy to fold.
  •         Inflates in less than 5 minutes.
  •         Best suitable for painting stools, tables, and other household stuff.
  •         Comes at a handy price.
  •         Complimentary rope and a set of ground nails come with the package.


  •         Blowers need to be bought separately.
  •         Single needle sewed.
  •         Not enough space for car painting.

XYOUNG Inflatable Paint Booth

If you are a person of simple taste and a simple lifestyle, then this product is for you. XYOUNG avoids unnecessary features of an inflatable paint spray booth and only serves a purpose. Looking for a hideout where you can spend some alone time while spray painting your goods? This paint is the perfect fit for your need. There is enough space for you to spray paint your small goods.

Just for a hobby, it’s a waste to buy a premium quality paint booth. Instead of that, you should invest in this one. It doesn’t require much space as it’s just 20x10x8 Ft in size and can be easily inflated anywhere. A pocket-friendly portable paint booth that takes only a few minutes to inflate is the best option out there. It is safe and healthy for you to spend as much time inside your new hobby. When you are done, it isn’t much of a hassle to fold or carry. It’s easily foldable and occupies a small space. You can keep it in any corner of your house.


  • Easily foldable.
  • Easy carrying.
  • Healthy on the pocket.
  • Smaller in size.
  • Quick inflating.
  • Occupies lesser space.


  • Blowers are not provided.
  • It can only be used for small goods.
  • Cannot take a car inside due to the small size.

The Ultimate Buyer’s Guide For Inflatable Paint Booths

Inflatable Paint Booth - Buying Guide 2021

Choosing the right kind of inflatable paint booth for your need can be challenging. It is not something that requires a small investment of 10-20$. It is a big investment, and such significant investments deserve the right choice. You would not want to invest hundreds of dollars and end up getting something unsatisfactory.

In order to get something worth investing in, you should have a better sense of your need. You should be able to know what you are looking for and what doesn’t need your attention. Aspects like making material, accessories, size, and brand value are essential to consider. Before choosing to buy a particular inflatable paint booth, you should give enough time to research it.

Mobile Portable Paint Booth

Try reading the product description, go through customer reviews & most importantly, it’s worth the price or not. You can also try finding a specialist’s review of the same product. If you find one such review, it can help in deciding to buy it or not.

Where to Start?

The basic and very first question which comes across is where to start your quest? The first step should always be deciding your need. What do you want? Why do you want it? These two questions will help you start your process.

You know what you want, it’s an inflatable paint booth, but why do you want it? Call the purpose of buying it. For this particular question, you should consider that for what job you want a paint booth?

Is it for spray painting your personal car? Or is it for painting your small household stuff? Are you a professional, or you want it for your side hobby? If you are a professional, then you would definitely need it for commercial purposes.

For commercial purposes, you should get something of high-end quality with many features. If you want it for a side hobby, then you want something to just start with. This will define whether you should get a small inflatable paint booth or a giant one. This will definitely narrow down your search.

Before jumping on the list of different portable paint booths, you should know the paint booths’ functioning. It is highly suggested that you must have a better understanding of it how it works? What it’s comprised of? And many other essential elements of the paint booths. Once you know all the engineering behind a paint booth, you will know what you’re looking for.

Below given is a list of different components and features of an inflatable booth for your better understanding.

Manufacturing Material

The first thing you should see in an inflatable paint booth is the manufacturing materials.

Fabric: The fabric of the structure is the most critical part of it. Usually, most portable paint booths are made of Oxford cloth of different qualities and different colors. From silver oxford cloth to iron-grey oxford cloth, booths are available in many colors. It would be best if you always looked out for the fabric used in a particular paint booth before buying it.

A paint booth made of low-quality fabric will have a short service life. One made with high-quality fabric will have a long service life.

Transparent PVC: The thickness of transparent PVC used for windows also matters a lot. Inflatable paint booths do not have any lightings inside. There are windows given on sides and sometimes on the roof for natural light to enter.

pvc in inflatable paint booth

These windows are made of transparent PVC polymer to make them water-resistant and UV-resistant. This brings enough light inside the workspace for work efficiency.

Sewing: The fabric of the structure is sewed together. So, the sewing process is a vital element of every portable paint booth. The ones sewed with double needles are considered best over the ones with a single needle. The double sewed inflatable paint booth holds itself together firmly and has a longer running life.


You must be thinking why the size of the paint booth would matter? But it does matter a lot. Considering your need or job you want to perform, the paint booth’s size is essential. There are so many sizes available, from small inflatable paint booths to giant ones. There is a different size of paint booth for every different job.

Bigger paint booths are available for painting bigger vehicles. Smaller paint booths are usually used for painting personal cars and small household goods. Different sizes come in different prices, which might help you save a little more. From painting hatchback to SUVs, there is a different size of paint booth for every car. Suppose you have an SUV and you didn’t check the dimensions of the booth and mistakenly ordered a sedan one. This might sound stupid, but many people make this mistake by seeing lower prices. It’s better to check all the details of the product, including its dimensions. This will save you from the whole package returning process and waiting for the new one.

Wear & Dirt Resistance

The booth is usually kept outdoors where there are chances of abrasive wear. Such places also have problems with heavy dirt. So, a good inflatable paint spray booth should be wear and dirt resistant.

To make it wear-proof, the bottom of the paint booth is fixed with thickened PVC material. So with all the dragging, movements of people and cars inside do not damage the booth.

Being dirt-resistant is one of the most important elements of a paint booth. It is a sensitive environment inside that even the smallest of the dirt particles can ruin the work. Air columns of a paint booth have the maximum chances of getting dirt inside. For dirt resistance, a good paint booth is given additional padding at each air column.

The fabric used in making the structure of the paint booth is also highly responsible for dirt resistance. The right quality fabric is always resistant to dirt.


One thing without which a paint booth is merely a huge fabric is the blowers. Without blowers, your inflatable paint booth will not be able to inflate. A set of two blowers is necessary for every paint booth. One is used in inflating, and the other one is for maintaining ventilation inside the booth.


Majorly most of the companies provide 2 blowers with the tent within the price. Some companies provide 2 blowers of the same power (ex: 2×450 watts). Some provide 2 blowers of 2 different powers (ex: 1×750 watts + 1×350 watts).

Some paint booths do not come with a set of blowers. In such cases, you need to buy them separately. This usually happens in paint booths of a low price range. There is no point in buying such paint booths as they will be of no use without blowers. Buying paint booth and blowers separately might also become heavy on your pocket.


Filtration is an essential process of spray painting inside a paint booth. Filters inside a paint booth ensure that entering air shouldn’t possess any contaminants. Filters also take care of the exiting air should not contain any hazardous chemicals. Filters are responsible for the safety and health of workers inside and people outside the paint booth. Filters are also used to maintain high-quality paintwork, maintaining the internal environment free of contaminants.

For long-running better results of your paintwork, maintenance of filters is really important. After a continuous painting process, filters get contaminated and become less efficient. This is the reason why most good quality paint booths come with changeable filters. When the workspace is being used regularly, then it’s suggested that filters should be changed on a regular basis.

Not doing so will be reflected in the quality of paint results. Contaminated filters will no longer stop dust and other contaminants from coming inside. If you are buying a paint booth, then surely look out whether it has changeable filters or not. A portable paint booth without changeable filters will not produce good results for an extended period of time.

Isolation Room

An isolation room, commonly known as the tool room, is a separate small space in the paint booth. When you enter the booth, there’s a small compartment ahead of the workspace, that’s isolation room. This room is used majorly for changing clothes or keeping the tools. Going directly into the airtight workspace might give some people a strange feeling. To avoid that, new and upgraded paint booths are coming with an added isolation room.

An isolation room helps in avoiding the extra mess outside the booth of tools and equipment. All the tools can be kept in this room. Isolation rooms have made paint jobs more efficient and more fun. Whatever you need for the paint job, you can keep it in the isolation room. There is no need to move out all the time to grab something you want. You are only required to move out once you are done with the paintwork.

FAQs | Inflatable Paint Booth

Are Inflatable Paint Booths Legal?

The question that is inflatable paint booth legal is doing around a lot these days? Since NFPA has released their concern about inflatable paint booths. The answer is that the inflatable paint booth is entirely legal. There is some guidelines issue by NFPA, which need to be followed.

NFPA has suggested that temporary membranes should be regularly changed whenever a paint booth is used. This is a standard practice which everyone in the spray painting industry should follow. It keeps everyone working around safe and healthy.

Is An Inflatable Paint Booth A Necessity For Spray Painting?

Not that much if you don’t want the best results. Even not when you don’t want to be safe around such hazardous chemicals. If you don’t want these things, surely you can do spray painting without an inflatable paint booth. But if you want your hard work to pay-off, you should probably be using a paint booth.

The results of spray painting are only achieved inside an inflatable paint booth. A paint booth is a safest and healthiest way to practice spray painting.

How Do Inflatable Paint Booth Works?

An inflatable paint booth is a foldable mobile paint booth that uses air blowers to get inflated. It is easy to carry and easy to grow. Whenever you want to use it, unfold it, attach blowers, and it will inflate in minutes. It gets folded in small size, and you can carry it around anywhere you want. The folded inflatable paint booth easily fits inside the backside of any car. It requires a pair of blowers, one for inflating it and another for ventilation inside the booth.

Which Blowers are best for Inflatable Paint Booths?

Well, this highly depends on the particular paint booth which you are using. Different sizes of paint booths require different powered blowers. A portable paint booth will always need a pair of blowers. One to inflate it and another for its proper ventilation.

For a small and average paint booth, a pair of 450 watts of blowers should be appropriate. For a big sized paint booth, at least 750 watts of two blowers are needed. If the company of your paint booth has a customer service number, then you should contact them. They will be able to give you a more appropriate answer.

How to Use Inflatable Paint Booth?

Using an inflatable paint booth is not rocket science. It is pretty simple. Unfold it, attach blowers to its air pipes, and give power to the blowers. Within a few minutes, it will inflate itself and will be ready to use. There is a door on one side through which you can enter. These doors use zippers for opening and closing.

portable paint booth


Inflatable paint booths are a great innovation with respect to the painting industry. It has given a much-needed efficiency and pace to the industry. Since the invention of inflatable paint booths, superb quality paintwork can be achieved with efficiency. From beginners to industry professionals, everyone loves this new piece of technology.

With the help of an inflatable paint booth, you can take your work anywhere. You can start painting anywhere you want. Wherever you get enough space to inflate the paint booth, that is your workstation. Available in every possible size lets you buy the one for your specific need.

From painting small household goods to painting big SUVs, there’s a portable paint booth available for every need. The above-given list of inflatable paint spray booth has every kind of best quality booths. You will find the perfect one according to your requirement in the above 11 inflatable paint booths.