World War Z is an apocalyptic zombie action movie. Fans have been waiting for a sequel since 2013. Phew! 7 long years is a lot of patience. We hope its sequel will be a hit too. Max Brooks’ book World War Z serves as a basis for the film.

Release Date

That is a pretty tough question to answer. The first release date we got was June 9, 2017. Unfortunately, J.A. Bayona and a few crew members stepped down from the film. This obviously meant a reschedule. 2018-2019 was the next release date announcement. Paramount received a particular spotlight for not moving ahead with the film. David Fincher took up the film as director and came to the conclusion along with Brad Pitt to complete the film. In November 2017, Fincher said that the story needed more working upon. The story was another obstacle that the film faced. Brad Pitt then signed Once Upon a Time in Hollywood, a Quentin Tarantino film while the script was been worked on. Fincher also decided to make use of this time and went ahead with Netflix’s Mindhunter. This meant shooting would begin in June 2019. This too got postponed to March 2020.

Paramount then decided to halt the pre-production of World War Z 2. The main reason for this is the Chinese movie market. Apparently zombie movies were banned in the biggest movie market which is China. Hence a sequel would not be that good of an idea for Paramount.

Therefore let alone a release date, we don’t even have an announcement for the movie.


Brad Pitt has again and again put forward his wish to play Gerry Lane in World War Z 2. However, problems might arise for filming dates. In May 2016, Mireille Enos confirmed her role as Karin Lane for World War Z 2. Now after five years we do not know where that decision lies. Not so surprisingly no further cast announcements were made.


World War Z ended with a few conclusions about reviving mankind despite the over the ruling of zombies on humans. So naturally, World War Z 2 will be about the fightback of humans. But do not expect any further details as the script is still a ‘work in progress’ for the past 7 years.