World War Z 2

World war Z , an American apocalyptic action horror movie released in 2013 directed my Marc Forster. This movie changed the definition of apocalyptic films, in the we saw many movies on based on zombies and several among then the best in the category but that was only until the arrival of the movie called World war Z in 2013 , as the title of the movie suggests its actually a world war, but not between countries or communities it was between humans and strange dead living people whom we call as zombies.
the movie was based on the simple story whole world is getting infected by zombies all the man kind is turning into dead living at this situation the lead of the heroes fights , overcome over all the obstacles and successful find the solution these rapidly spreading issue.
Without a better storyline this movie made a big success only because of its realistic screenplay, this movie was a piece of art it just showed many difficulties very smoothly, this brought a appreciation from critics to the direction department of the movie, and also several awards in its category.
Will second wave come
There is no official news regarding second part of this movie, but lead cast Brad Pitt made many comments which support the release of second part of the movie, he made these types of comments several times which is creating hype on the internet regarding World war Z 2 , however still no official conformation from the production house or direction department of World War Z, some latest news also says that movie went on sets but canceled due to certain reasons.

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Cast of Words war Z

There is no update on cast in World War Z 2. But if the film comes the returning of Brad Pitt and Mireille Enos is confirmed to represent there respective roles as Gerry Lane and Karin Lane respectively. There is no update on the addition of new characters till now, for any news we need to wait for the movie

When will Worlds war Z release

Though the part 2 news are on internet since the release of the movie, till now there is no official news regarding this , it may take much more time to get any news regarding the World war Z 2