This week the video game premieres bring us options for all tastes, from a game with which we will experience fear and a lot of tension, such as The Medium, to one of the most anticipated of the year such as Atelier Ryza 2 or the cooperation game and hoaxes like the Winter Project.

You find yourself in a snowy environment, along with a group of companions who are the only alternative you have to survive in this hostile place full of traps. The objective, escape from that place, but it will not be easy because among you there will be saboteurs who will try to prevent you from performing any of the repairs or will try to kill you in various ways, such as poisoning your dinner.

It is necessary to gather resources, repair structures, and Cope with inclement weather before traitors, who know each other, begin to decimate your chances of survival. To prevent that from happening, there are a number of ways to communicate with other players, including proximity-based voice chat (we love this), private voice chat radio channels, text chat, and emotes.

Communication is key if survivors want to hope to complete their tasks and defend themselves against traitors. Project Winter is available on Steam at 16.79 euros and is only available on PC. It is multiplayer for up to 8 players.

The Medium

The Medium has been placed in both the stealth and adventure genres, with special mention of horror, of course. It is a video game that lives from the third person to tell a most gloomy story, with dark corners everywhere and the hearing of creepy screams at every step we take.

We will control Marianne, a young adult who is a medium, making reference direct to the title of the video game. His paranormal abilities allow him to continually travel to the spirit realm, where not too many joys await him. The puzzles will arrive in the form of riddles, which we must solve through our ingenuity.

The action also invades a title that goes beyond the horror genre, since standing up to hostile forces will be a priority if we want to stay alive. This spiritual realm is plagued with the deepest horrors we can imagine, and the published gameplays only rekindle our best-hidden fears.

Atelier Ryza 2

This exciting and emotional JRPG sets back three years after Atelier Ryza: Ever Darkness & the Secret Hideout, in which Ryza embarks on a new adventure to discover the secrets hidden behind ancient ruins and the truth about some lost legends. Accompanying Ryza on his Adventure are a number of friends new and old from the series, along with Ryza’s lovable and enigmatic new furry companion, known as Fi.

For added fun and adventure, Ryza now has new dynamic abilities to help her navigate the deadly terrain, including the ability to dive, use plants to scale walls, and even swing on a magic rope! These and other abilities will allow Ryza to explore various areas and ruins more fully and actively.

Additionally, the real-time tactical combat system has been boosted to include up to 4 members (3 main party members plus one secondary member), with characters capable of linking multiple abilities and items in a row to defeat even the deadliest enemies! to the new Skill Chain and Item Stampede techniques.