The current photograph of the Bilbao Basket squad hardly resembles the one that the ACB began on September 19 in Gran Canaria. Three months and a series of catastrophic misfortunes have passed since then that have prevented Alex Mumbrú from enjoying a long-awaited continuity. With regard to that image, there are five new faces on the squad, which could ensure that RETAbet is a practically new team. It will be, yes, temporarily. Until Balvin and Serron recover from their respective ailments.

A mandatory transfer repoker, although for different reasons. Three players have come to cover various injuries that have happened and two have been due to a performance below the expected of the summer bets. The Barcelona coach has had no choice but to recalculate the course on the fly and adapt to the circumstances. Meanwhile, the water has entered the ship. The Bilbao Basket is in the caboose, with the same 2-11 Betis and ACUNSA GBC, although it off relegation.

Everything began to go wrong on the visit to Badalona, in the fifth game of the year. Just a week after the men in black released their locker of triumphs. The joys have lasted very little. Bad support from Tomeu Rigo soon set off the alarms. Tests confirmed a serious knee injury, agur the season. The RETAbet responded immediately. He renewed the Balearic Islands until 2022 and was launched on the market for a replacement. He obtained the loan of the young Jovan Kljajic (Gran Canaria), practically at zero cost. It is also fit but has a different profile on the field.

Aaron Jones and Moses Kingsley formed the transfer tandem to reinforce the interior game in the summer. None adapted, not even with a change of roles. The Nigerian had some spark, however, it was not enough. Jones headed for Cholet and Moses signed for AEK Athens. A Rafa Pueyo touched look back on your list, always trying to find a balance between protecting the economy of the club and properly strengthen the bloc.

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The RETAbet obtained the loan Goran Huskic (Inherits San Pablo Burgos), coming off a serious injury and did not count. Less physical than Moses, but more hand near the rim … and experience in the ACB. Shortly after it was Regimantas Miniotas the one that landed in Miribilla. The MVP of the Lithuanian league. His adaptation is being fast: he averages 8.7 points and 6 rebounds per game. He signed until 2022, filling the salary gap left by Jones.

When Mumbrú tried to fit the two new pieces into the painting, another bad news came. Doubly. Balvin and Serron’s injuries, both will be out between 6 and 8 weeks. The forecast is that they will not return until the end of January. With the Belgian, the deficit in defensive tasks worsens, while the pivot was the most decisive man in Bilbao Basket. Suffice it to say that he is the second-highest-rated player in the competition. By being damaged by the Czech Republic, yes, FIBA insurance covers part of his absence.

Thus, the Miribilla club had to go to the market again and this week two temporary reinforcements have arrived. John Jenkins, a scoring guard, and Alade Aminu, an experienced five, have signed for the next two months. The American is expected to be in Fuenlabrada on Sunday, the Nigerian will arrive on Monday. It will have little filming, but Mumbrú needs troops. Especially seen what was seen in Zaragoza. In total, five new faces in a space of three months. A forced renewal in a team that does not have much time to react. In the coming weeks, he will play several key dates in the face of his fight for permanence.