Valencia Basket coach, Jaume Ponsarnau, assured that the Red Star, which they visit this Friday in the Euroleague “is one of the most physical teams” in the competition, a factor that can multiply their influence due to the fatigue that their squad drags after playing on Wednesday at the Olympiacos court. “With less than 48 hours and with a trip we have to play another very physically demanding game against a very physical team, which has a very aggressive defense and against which it is difficult to measure themselves,” explained the Catalan coach in statements provided by the club.

Ponsarnau said that the Serbian team has “very good individualities and they play very well for them” so they are aware that they are going to “demand the most.” “In the games in which he has lost, he has competed very well, although they have missed some close matches. Otherwise, his situation would be different, “warned the coach, who also recalled that he has been impaired by some injuries.

Valencia will know that they will face extra motivated former teammates because Loyd also explained that he expected the Fonteta club to make a renewal proposal that did not arrive. But, beyond Loyd’s good season, Red Star is second to last after having won only four games. The Belgrade team, very affected by the absence of the public in their usual ‘boiler’, has lost in the last five days although their setbacks in the last two games at home have been adjusted.


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Instead, Jaume Ponsarnau’s side has strengthened its position in the top eight with last week’s win over Anadolu Efes and most recently against Olympiacos, to add a total of nine wins and climb to fifth place.

The Piraeus clash also confirmed a situation that began to show itself in the match against the Turkish team and that is the step forward taken by players like Martin Hermannsson, Derrick Williams, and Mike Tobey.

The constancy in the contribution of the three, and the return of Louis
Labeyrie has allowed the Valencia coach to fulfill his objective of ‘lengthening’ the team and thus being in a position to chain good games, something that was impossible before having the team to exploit their referents. For this clash, Joan Sastre and Vanja Marinkovic will be out again, although the Serbian escort has accompanied the expedition to resolve some bureaucratic issues in his hometown.