Hack (August, 2021) | 3 Free, Tested & Working Skribbl Hacks


‘Skribbl,’ one among the most underrated online games, reached its peak while in 2020. Now, as the time progresses into 2021, more and more people are getting into the scene. While this is happening, the hacks and mods are already making their place in the game. And so is this article ‘ Hack’ – a guide to bring you the untapped tricks you can use to beat ’em all at Skribbl. Hack

The game is all about creativity, observation, and not to mention- ‘Intelligence.’ So, if you are ready to dive into this deep ocean of hacks. Muster along. 

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Now, when you get indulged in Skribbl, it becomes slightly engaging while you try to figure out what’s on? Yes, what’s on the screen, basically. Your friends draw, you try to guess, and it just can’t be explained how fun it gets. But at times, to prove your worth, you would have to consider a few hacks to get along. It is now so amusing when you put the semblance of getting into the mind of your mates. Hacks

However, to help you out, lets you adopt a few hacks, so good, you can’t get over with them. And, yes, they are not any complex tweaks to start with. So, now when we have established that we can adopt them easily, you should also know that it is one hundred percent effective. So, let’s start with getting to know some Hacks in 2021. 

autoguess for

Is Skribbl App Available for Android?

Yes, there is an android app available for Skribbl in Android. If you want to install this on your android device, just click on this link to do so. Hack for Android: Is there Any?

Yes, since is completely browser-based, it does not matter whether you play it on iOS or Android, Windows or Mac. Since all these ‘.io’ based games are free to play and mostly based on browsers, it becomes fairly competent and straightforward for different platforms. To talk about specific hacks for Android, let’s say to make it easy, you can adopt these below-mentioned tricks: 

  • Mute Impolite Players – Helps to get rid of annoying comments like ‘cheater’ and other rude and improper random people in the game. 
  • Use Brush Sizes – Drawing on a small screen is already difficult, let alone the default brush size. So, it would help you meddle with different sizes to find yourself a good draw tool. Hack for Android

Most Popular Skribbl Hacks 2021 Hack Autodraw

Now, when you install this Autodraw chrome extension, it becomes ultimately easy to draw on the screen because guess what? You don’t have to draw. All the drawing is automated via the hack. Now how to use it, and what to do? So, let’s understand it whole.

How to install Autodraw Hack?

  • Click on this link to download the .zip file of the hack.
  • It is required to retrieve the zip file to get access to the contents.
  • Now open Google Chrome and click on the three lines in the top-right corner.
  • Then please select ‘More Tools.’
  • And find the ‘Extensions’ option. Autodraw Hack

  • Here, you will find ‘Developer Tools.’
  • If you haven’t ever used this option, it must be turned off by default. Toggle it.
  • You will now see the ‘Load Unpacked’ option. Select it. Hacks Chrome

  • When this opens, among many things in the list, please look for the script.
  • Select the folder with the script.
  • Finally, click on the ‘Autodraw’ option.

How to Use Autodraw Hack? 

Open the game and join your server on chrome. However, one additional tab has to be opened alongside, which could be of any other browser, or same, as the case may be. When the word appears, and it’s your turn, you can simply go to the ‘New Tab’ and type the given the word as clip art in the images section of the browser search. Simply drag the image of your choice from the search result and drop it on the canvas of the game. And well, this way, anyone can easily use this hack. Autoguesser Hack

Guessing each time, while your loser friends try to mess, the screen is intimidating after a while. Not to comment upon the fun it brings, but really sometimes the mind just never works. However, if you are more focused on the win rather than the complimentary fun, we have this suggestion of Autoguesser, for so let us understand everything in detail. Autoguesser install

Tamper Monkey Hack Extension | Autoguesser on Github

For enhanced ease, Tampermonkey allows you to install extensions that may or may not work accordingly. Tampermonkey basically runs user scripts effectively, which sometimes go unrecognized by certain APIs. And, to run these skribbl hacks, chromium extensions do require Tampermonkey’s code implementation to validate grease scripts.  So let’s know it all in-depth, below.

  • Please click on this link to visit Tampermonkey.
  • Next, you have to click on the ‘Add to Chrome’ option.
  • Add the Tampermonkey extension and then close the tab when done.

Skribbl Hack Tampermonkey

How to Install Autoguesser Hack?

Download the .zip file of the hack from this link.

Extract the zip file to get access to the inbound scripts/contents.

Then, open Google Chrome and click on the three lines in the top-right corner.

Now click on ‘More Tools.’

Further, find the ‘Extensions’ option.

Now here, you will find ‘Developer Tools.’

Ho to install Autoguesser for Skribbl on Chrome

Note that if you haven’t ever used this option, it must be turned off by default. Toggle it.

Next, you will see the ‘Load Unpacked’ option. Select it.

While the page opens, among many things in the list, you will find the script. script autoguess

You have to click on the folder with the script.

Finally, click on the ‘Autoguess’ option.

How to Use Autoguesser Hack?

Once you are done with the installation, now it becomes very easy to operate. Just open the game, and then when an image appears, you get all the possible answers relating to the scribble on the screen. So, if it helps, you can take a look at the many guesses and suggestions. However, it is easy to take out the best guess as it is highlighted in the red color. 

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Wouldn’t you just love to have a helper to guide you on what to do and point out if you are doing right? Yes, I would, and I do. Because with this hack, Helper shows you the word count ahead of the blank space, so you exactly know what to do. Helper

It also shows yellow, green, and red suggestions to address your word-making in the intensity of right to wrong. Moreover, if you have ever taken this into consideration, spaces are also counted if the guess is a two-word or a joint word.

So, it shows you the space in between the individual number of letters in each word. Moreover, for this, you can just install the chrome extension and get going without much ado. Bot

The bot can easily be installed as on firefox or even chrome. It narrows down the possibilities of the right answer to the scribble on the screen. Although this one here is just an addition to the unruly community of hacks and probably very overlooked. Still, what it does is completely mind-boggling. A perfect example of the machine-learning still ruins the fun for others when each time they try to rue you – you present them the answer.

Closure | Hack

In this article on Hack, we hope that we took you around some really good hacks to up your game. is such an addictive game that it becomes impossibly odd to even think about it coming to an end. In fact, it is perhaps the most engaging, simple game in which all players play at the same time all the time.

We also want to know how these hacks help you and what are your strategies for scoring more in this mind-boggling game. You can reach out to us via the comment section below.