20+ Free Fortnite Accounts with Skins 2021 (PS4, Xbox, Epic Games)


This guide has linked free Fortnite accounts with skins that you can claim and use for free vbucks and rare skins.

The world of gaming is fast-paced and exciting. There are constantly new updates and improvements to bugs that help enhance a gamer’s experience to make them happy consumers. These games often have new versions coming out every few weeks with different skins, maps, and other items that gamers enjoy collecting. Many of these collectibles are time-limited and rare and may require real-life currency to make in-game market purchases. Now not everyone has the budget to spend exorbitant amounts on in-app purchases. 

Free Fortnite Accounts

These people try to find gamers or whales who have purchased expensive skins or in-game currencies but no longer have any interest in the game or are looking to give away their accounts because they developed an alternative one. Fortnite is one such game that you see a lot of free trades and account generators. The popularity of this game is unparalleled due to its free yet fun nature. But some users like to lookup free Fortnite accounts to get the added benefits of paid users without spending a penny themselves. 

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Free Fortnite Accounts with Skins 2021 (PS4, Xbox, Epic Games & More)

When you hear account generators, the first thing you probably think is that it’s too good to be true. Online email and password generators promise to give you free accounts by just following a few simple steps or filling surveys.

But often, these surveys show up as invalid, and it leads to disappointment. This article explains the steps to use some account generator websites containing log-in details to get free Fortnite accounts. These sites have been used for a long time by the public and are trusted by gamers and non-gamers alike. Let’s get into this! 

1. BugMeNot

Bugmenot is a popular internet service created by its developers to comply with the rising demand for free gaming, which has recently taken over the market. While older gamers understand the need to purchase games to play them legally, sites like Bugmenot cater to the newer generation who prefer simple registrations and gaming experiences. Websites demanding registrations to play can be avoided completely using sites like BugMeNot, which avoids complicated processes and an excess of spam mails.

bugmenot - fortnite free accounts

BugMeNot has the added benefit of not needing to fill in countless surveys and go through multiple ad links to gain account details. It is a game of luck, and the skins and vbucks you receive in this manner are randomly generated. Unfortunately, there is no way to see the account details before you generate it, but as there is no cap or limit, you can constantly generate till you have an account you’re satisfied with. BugMeNot does discourage users from sharing details of accounts that have any kind of paywall connected to them to prevent fraud. 

  • Open your browser on your mobile phone or laptop and search for http://www.bugmenot.com
  • Once you’re on the main page characterized by the red color and a white bug drawing, type the name of the website you want log-in details for in the domain/URL search bar. Here, you will need to enter the Fortnite website domain.
  • Press the magnifying glass. This will allow the website to start searching for log-in details.

epic games fortnite

  • The search results will show you all the usernames and passwords for the accounts shared with the Bugmenot server, look through all the pages and make sure to keep an eye out for the success rate of the log-ins provided in percentages
  • The higher the success rate, the more chances are that the log-in information will be successful 

2. Hackivo 

Hackivo is another such online generator that is popular amongst those looking for free Fortnite accounts. This website has been around for a long time and promises thousands of free accounts with the bonus of containing free skins, Vbucks, and rare items that aren’t found very easily even if you search for a long time. Using Hackivo can also help you look for accounts in different game editions specifically, for example, Deluxe and Limited edition Fortnite accounts.

The website does require you to complete some conditions to receive the accounts. They provide you with relatively easy and quick surveys that can be completed within a few minutes and are safe to do. The steps for all the surveys will be displayed on your screen with follow-along instructions. The features of the accounts you generate through Hackivo include 500 wins, 200k vbucks, prime twitch gear, skins like the limited renegade raider, cosmetic items like season 4 dances, and other rare items.

Steps to use Hackivo

  • Open your browser and search for https://hackivo.com/ffa/
  • You will see three types of Fortnite account options, standard, super deluxe, and limited edition, on the main page. The availability of these account types changes throughout the day, so make sure to recheck if the one you’re looking for is not available 

fortnite accounts with skins

  • After you select the game edition that you wish to play, you will be redirected to a new page to fill the survey that ensures you’re not a bot
  • Once the survey is completed, you will be given access to an account containing some of the many perks mentioned above, depending on your luck

3. Free-GG

Free-GG claims to be an online platform that allows users to get gaming rewards free of charge. This account works similarly to the two websites mentioned above, but the tasks you need to do to gain access to your free Fortnite account are a little more complicated. The tasks include watching videos, providing likes and follows on social media apps, and registering for new games. Each activity has points assigned to it, known as GPoints, that work similarly to a credit system. Ultimately if you gather enough points by doing the various tasks mentioned, you can exchange them for free Fortnite accounts that are available on their server. 

Steps to use Free-GG

  • Open your browser and search for https://free-gg.com
  • Once you’re on the main page of the website, you’ll see a start earning button. After you click on it, it will redirect you to the earn page, where you will see tasks listed in exchange for points
  • Some of the tasks are available without registration, but specific tasks require you to create a free Free-GG account which you can get by clicking on ‘Register now’
  • After you’ve collected the required GPoints, you can easily exchange them from the Giveaway tab.

Free Fortnite Accounts with Password and Email 2021 (Working List)

Due to the nature of the internet, passwords and emails of game accounts are often found in large numbers on various web pages. Some of these are randomly generated through a system, and some have been sourced directly from people. While there is no guarantee that every account on this list will work, there are many emails and passwords of accounts that we have compiled for you to try. 

Email ID Password
charger_dude93@hotmail.com Water555
majorking5@gmail.com 555major555
vadrix@gmail.com Uhaj7961
texans10rj@gmail.com Fletcher10
deadie.harman@gmail.com Gultier
welcoemtoalaska@hotmail.com Southpark
bozgat@gmail.com Nutter12
smithr2007@gmail.com Imboredx1x
donpham24@gmail.com Warcraft3
sunny_1999@hotmail.co.uk Blueberry12345
xJerry64x@gmail.com Boogaloo55
svenhoepen@gmail.com Jemoeder22
isynnagain@gmail.com Synnin1981
herkkohirvonen700@MSN.com Demppa00
henning-tveten@gmail.com Genesimmons123
Marko.jp.17@gmail.com scp4ever
tanay14m@gmail.com dimps2123
stessa.fotoblur@gmail.com Pullaine2002
laylowmall1@gmail.com JamalJones1
fulbilgi@gmail.com agit2131
masterfizz@hotmail.com 1234fizz
jokerboss2000@hotmail.com yusuf2005
brand2020@gmail.com 123456789
softdavid3@gmail.com davidmostsoft3
drstrange02@gmail.com 3569851426
qwanglade@hotmail.com gdfgd45
ymysterioxdg@hotmail.com 45345345435
fcbxeneravip@hotmail.com ffrqqaadd
11majorking@hotmail.com 11mm11
Proplayer6591@hotmail.com qwertyu321

Free Fortnite Accounts eBay & Discord Servers

People often put up listings of free Fortnite accounts they are looking to giveaway on discord servers catered to Fortnite gaming or on eBay at no cost. To use those accounts, you will need to join Discord groups using invites available on Reddit and quora. Joining these groups is as easy as 1,2,3. I’ve linked some of Discord Fortnite groups/servers below, which you can join for their regular account giveaways!

Fortnite General

This discord group has many real users who use this server to trade, sell, and talk about Fortnite tips and tricks. Not only will you find some free Fortnite accounts here, but also plenty of old users to converse with and have a healthy gaming conversation. 

Link: https://disboard.org/server/797220394586865684

SX Market

As the name suggests, SX Market is a server primarily for trading and selling all types of gaming accounts. The different servers in this group are specific to various popular games that are played currently. You can also find people giving away their old Fortnite accounts for free if they have no use for them.

Link: https://disboard.org/server/626591494081478661

5 invites= renegade account

In this discord group, you have to complete the task mentioned, and they will provide you with one Fortnite account containing the renegade skin. In the task, you have to invite five people into the discord server.

Link: https://disboard.org/server/856233975874191400

Generated Free Fortnite Accounts Discord

Generated accounts server provides people with accounts similar to the websites mentioned in the article above. You can join this group chat to increase your chances of gaining an account with rare skins, vbucks, and other limited features.

Link: https://disboard.org/server/841724871138345010

VLONE | Market

VLONE is another online marketplace for trading, selling, and buying gaming accounts. Tagged with the free-Fortnite-account tag, it’s sure to have at least a few offers available monthly, which people can grasp.

Link: https://disboard.org/server/819384021283897355

Note: All the groups come with different disclaimers. The common understanding before joining these servers is that not all accounts will work as someone might have changed the password or claimed accounts beforehand. 

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Closure | Free Fortnite Accounts

While it is difficult to be quick and resourceful enough to claim the free Fortnite accounts with skins, it’s not impossible. Some free generators and threads will help you quickly find some of these accounts, provided you look for them carefully. It’s important to be alert when finding these, as sometimes scammers try to get your credit card information using such tricks. Remember, no free account trade will ever ask you to give them your banking information.

Getting skins and free items for your characters is always a delight. Personalizing characters is a way of adding a bit of you into these virtual heroes and living a completely different life in-game. We hope these accounts and the information provided in this article are helpful to you. If you have any more queries regarding the generators or the accounts, drop a comment below, and we’ll get back to you as soon as possible!