Samoriver AC Reviews | Portable AC OR FAKE DEAL? 2020


If you are looking for Samoriver AC reviews then you are at the perfect webpage as we have shared everything about Samoriver AC. The brand Samoriver is pacing up high, leaving its competitors behind by selling numerous varieties of products in the markets. 

Samoriver AC REVIEWS

Samoriver manufactures all accessories, including health care products and trending electronic items. As well as the new innovative portable air conditioner is one of them. Let’s get all the detailed information about Samoriver AC without wasting any more second. 

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Samoriver AC Reviews | An Unbelievable Deal!

By merging the productive concept of water cooling and redefining the fan idea, Samoriver brought up a three in one water-cooled product. It acts as an air conditioner, air purifier, and humidifier. Yes, you read it right THREE!

Samoriver AC is a rechargeable water-cooled air conditioner with an innovative idea of portability in it. That makes it easy for the consumer to carry it anywhere anytime. It made its place in the list of the most exclusive products sold in the markets this summer.

Features Of Samoriver Portable AC 

Using Samoriver mini portable AC, you can enjoy cold and clean air at your choice. Indoor or Outdoor, you can relish the fresh, soothing air at the most reasonable price.

Let us now consider some unique features of the Samoriver portable AC, which will increase your knowledge about the product.

  • Power Mode: USB power supply (Utilize it using a laptop or a power bank, etc.)
  • Modifiable 3-speed operation modes: -Forest mode for gentle cool; Safari mode for dry cool; Ocean mode for strong cool
  • Battery: 2x 2500 mAh
  • Filter facet: 3mm filter
  • LED light: Monochrome light 
  • Water tank capacity: 750ml
  • Adjustable fan speed controls the sound level as per your choice.

How Does Samoriver Portable Mini Air Conditioner Works?

Samoriver mini AC is a personal, eco-friendly product. It uses its innovative Hydro-chill technology and pulls warm air through an air-cooling filter from the surroundings. And it promptly delivers a fresh and refreshing atmosphere with a 2x cooling power effect.

It works as an air purifier and a humidifier and removes all the moisture content and irritating particles from the air. It provides customers a safe environment to breathe in. 

Besides being lightweight and compact, it can be used for long hours without being affected by space and position.

How to Use Samoriver Mini AC?

Set up this energy-efficient and Freon free mini AC by the following procedures and sit back to relax:

1- Install the AC and set the filter provided in it.

2- Put in on the charge by connecting the mini AC with a USB cord or any wall outlet.

3- Once it is fully charged, fill the water tank with normal or chilled water. You can also add ice cubes in it.

4- Turn it on and set the speed mode according to your need.

5- Now sit back and enjoy the refreshing and cooling air.

Why Samoriver Portable AC?

Choosing between brands is always a tough job to put an end to this problem. So we have listed some unique features which will help you understand what precisely Samoriver portable mini AC offers.

Compact and Lightweight: Samoriver mini AC is small, and its body surface is made up of plastic so it can be placed anywhere. Over a table or desktop, on the floor, etc. without being worried about the space or weight.

Whisper-Quiet Fan and Soothing Night Light: Samoriver mini AC produces shallow sound when working because of its whisper-quiet fan bonus feature. It emits a soothing light at night and provides a noise-free environment making it perfect to use overnight when asleep.

Works as both Air Purifier and Humidifier: Samoriver mini portable AC traps a high proportion of the air from the surrounding and purifies it. It removes airborne allergens and irritants that flow through the filters.

An in-built humidifier feature adds moisture to the air. Thus it prevents dry air conditions wherever it is placed. 


Eco- Friendly and Energy Efficient: The electricity consumption of Samoriver mini AC is deficient, thus proving it’s eco-friendly nature. Consuming less electricity energy lessens the need for the production of energy, which in turn lowers the carbon dioxide emissions that contribute to climate change. Therefore, creating a cleaner and healthier environment.

Long-lasting battery hours: Once fully charged Samoriver rechargeable mini AC can be used for 24 hours. It uses very little power in charging and can be charged with a laptop, wall outlet, or a power bank supply.

Budget-Friendly: As air conditioner installation prices are at a peak, not everyone can afford it. All in all, Samoriver is the best budget-friendly product. It serves the needs that we expect from an air conditioner at a meager and valid price.

Portable and Cordless: A portable air conditioner is much more energy-efficient than a central or domestic air conditioner. Samoriver portable air conditioner focuses on the specific areas that need to be cooled. Be it your car, kitchen, or bedroom, feel the cooling anywhere.

One of the main benefits of the Samoriver cordless mini AC is that there are no cords. Absolute freedom is awarded that allows the customer to move it freely anywhere Indoor/Outdoor.

Cons | Samoriver AC Review

Require More Maintenance: Portable mini air conditioners are easy to install. But it needs more supervision and maintenance to keep it running. Users have to keep a check on the air filters that need regular cleanliness. 

Only Cool Small Areas: As mentioned above, portable mini air conditioners focus on cooling small areas wherever it is kept. If you want to cool your entire home effectively, you need to purchase multiple units for different rooms or areas.

Available Only Online: Samoriver portable mini AC is selling out, but it is only available online and not in any local markets or stores. As the product is in demand these days, they get out of stock very quickly, and that’s the big problem many customers are dealing with it. 

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FAQs | Samoriver Portable AC Reviews

We have chosen and answered some frequently asked questions regarding Samoriver mini portable air conditioner. To clear all the doubts and queries of the reader, we have this segment. 

How much does Samoriver mini AC cost?

Samoriver offers a fantastic summer season sale for a limited time, so this mini portable AC is available only for $34.99. The price will rise to $49.99 after this sale ends. It is worth the price because of the efficiency and satisfaction it provides.

How long does Samoriver Mini AC work after charging?

Samoriver mini AC is bestowed with two powerful batteries of 2500 mAh which, once fully charged, can be used for 24 hours Indoor/Outdoor to deliver the cooling effect.

Is Samoriver AC available at local stores?

We hope that the firm looks into this issue and makes it available at physical stores in the markets. Till then, you can visit their official website to buy this innovative product for yourself or your loved ones. 

Is Samoriver mini AC worth purchasing?

The brand truly offers the most incredible, popular, good-quality, and trustworthy products. And these mini portable air conditioners are one of them. 

Wherever you are, on hot sunny days, you can have that cooling and soothing air with this great Samoriver air conditioner. 

Do they offer a return policy? 

If you are unconvinced with the received product, you can apply for a refund or exchange it anytime. So Yes, Samoriver does. Just file a complaint at the official website, and the company will contact you the soonest.

Closure | Samoriver AC Reviews

If you are looking for something that can instantly cool your personal space efficiently, then, Samoriver portable mini AC is the one. Be it your car, kitchen, room, etc. Samoriver is the best product that we suggest. 

We believe that you have received all the information regarding this mini rechargeable air conditioner. So now you do not need to look for other Samoriver AC reviews. 

For any guidance or recommendations for our readers to know more about the product, then kindly let us know in the comment section.