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Wandering around for a comprehensive & unbiased Blaux Portable AC review? You have made it to the perfect site as we have shared everything about the Blaux Portable Mini AC.

Blaux Portable AC Review

Just think about having a portable Air Conditioner that you can carry anywhere you want. Now when we have our hands on high-end technology, there are more enchanting & relieving gadgets in the market. Let me cut to chase and get started with the report.

Blaux Portable AC Review

Blaux portable AC is a three in one unit, which acts as an air conditioner, air purifier, and humidifier. The compact size makes it very easy to use. So, Blaux portable AC is a personal mobile Air-conditioner in the shape of a tiffin-box. As acclaimed, it is a powerful device that is rechargeable and cordless. All the pricing and details about where to get one are to be found below in the FAQs.

blaux ac review

Specifications Of Blaux Portable AC

Considering this as a very innovative concept, the mini AC comes with some decent features. Well, it is essential to find what it has to offer. There are a dozen other similar concepts available if you search online. But, we chose this because of its unique features. Let us know more about the features of the Blaux portable AC.

  • Power mode – USB C type.
  • Nominal Power – 5V DC
  • Noise – Up to 40 decibels. ( low noise)
  • Levels – 3 gears
  • Backup – On a single full charge:

                1st gear: 7-8 hours.

                2nd gear: 3.5-4 hours

                3rd gear: 2.5 hours.

  • Battery – Li-ion 2000 mAh.
  • Power – 1 watt.

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How Does Blaux Portable Mini AC Works?

The Blaux portable mini AC involves a beautiful technology of using water as a coolant, to decrease the air temperature. Moreover, the unique design of the blades provides the inlet of the maximum surrounding air. Thus, the environmental air filters in a mesh reduce the unwanted suspensions and colloids present in the air. This cleansed air then passes through the cooling coil, and with a mighty push from the fan inside, the fresh air gushes out to the user.

how does bluax portable works

Apart from being consumer-oriented, the fans allow some part of the cooled downwind. To cover the surroundings of the user. In turn, it cools down the overall small atmosphere around the user. They are thus justifying its purpose as an Air Conditioner.

This mini AC also acts as a humidifier along with purifying the air. It collects all the lousy moisture from the air. Since the cold air produced is not humid, it successfully maintains the quality of the air. 

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How to Use Blaux Mini AC?

Blaux is compact & portable in size, so it has light parts which are easily detachable and installable. It is a lightweight machine since the fan, and the cooling is all Li-ion battery operated. 

how to use

To use this Blaux AC. Follow the easy procedure mentioned below:

 1: Firstly, install the AC and insert the Filter.

 2: Now plug in the AC, with the USB and put it on the charge.

 3: Once charged full, add some water at the top where it indicates.

 4: Simply turn it on, adjust it in a comfortable position.

 5: You may adjust its settings according to your need.

 6: Sit back and relax. It starts cooling within seconds.

Why Blaux Portable AC?

There are a dozen similar products available online. Choosing Blaux or not becomes a difficult job if it is precisely functional, like others in general, without a bonus. But, fortunately, this device is blessed with a few bonus features. Let us have a quick look :

Air Purification: Along with giving out cold air, this mini AC ensures the quality of the air that it gives out. This functionality is only present in expensive Split Air Conditioners and separate devices installed as a whole. This feature adds a cherry on top of the dish, which makes you stay fresh and healthy.

Humidifier: You do not want to miss out on your devices with a layer of moisture film. Now, this has always been a concern with water coolers. They turn the environment sticky with all the vapors around. Moisture does a lot of harm to the surfaces and also to the clothes you wear. Thanks to Blaux portable AC, which makes sure to dry the air sufficiently before letting it out. All of that is the cost of one mini AC. To know more about the costing and availability, please look out at the FAQs.

Noise Free: Another significant advantage that makes this machine a star is its low sound performance. Since the design of the blades does not allow the excess air to escape through, it prevents a part of unwanted vibration. The laminar flow of air thus created has to pass through thick air filters dampening down more of the sound. At a max, if it produces any noise, it will be less than 40 decibels anyways. That’s the sound of the quiet library if you have to relate 40 decibels.

noise free cooling

Mobile and Light: The surface of Blaux is plastic, which makes it very light. The shape of the Blaux is not much different from a big tiffin box, as seen in the pictures. Moreover, you can keep it around your work table, near your feet, near your head, in the kitchen, in the garden, while meditating and wherever you can think of suiting your requirement.


Perks | Blaux Portable AC Review


Kitchen Friendly and Safe for Kids: Blaux works pretty much on the PowerPower on which your smartphone does. It is not gas-operated or involves any sharp openings. Blaux AC can easily be kept in the kitchen where it is hot and hard to use any fan because of the flame. Moreover, it is safe for the kids, and there is not much harm to them unless they break it.

Perfect for Drives: Using the AC of your car affects the mileage and performance, and if in the long run. You might want to save some fuel money. Not mentioning that in tropical heat, the car AC takes a lot of time and load in maintaining the temperature. Blaux AC comes out as the Knight in the Shining armor when it comes to travels.

benefits of portable ac

Cordless and Power Efficient: Blaux AC runs on the battery, needs charging beforehand. Not only that, but it can also run for 4-8 hours in a single charge efficiently, depending on the settings. You do not need to plug in any power chord necessarily while using it.

Cost-Effective: To install a typical domestic or Industrial AC, it costs around $3000-$8000 on an average. Not mentioning the monthly electricity bill, which exceeds $140 typically. Blaux performs the same on a miniature level, perhaps a personal level but at a comparatively low cost. Consider the FAQ section to know more about the price.

Environment Friendly and Easy to Clean: Blaux AC does not involve any harmful gases like CFC. Also, the electricity requirement for this machine is minimal. Thus, it is not hard for the environment as it is very otherwise with typical ACs. These have a facility of an Advanced Proximity sensor which turns the device off when no one is around. The filters used in this can efficiently work for 6-8 months and are also easily cleanable with a simple brush and running water.

Hassle-Free Returns: The company provides its users with many benefits already, and still, they are allowing their users to return the product within thirty days if they do not like it. It is a no brainer to try it once with such a hassle-free return policy extending to 30 days.

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Drawbacks But Not Dealbreakers

There is not much to complain about considering the price-value efficiency. But there is always something that needs to be improved. For our readers, here is a subtle list of the cons related to Blaux AC.

Blaux is entirely plastic, and there is no mention of it being an environmentally friendly material. Though It is recyclable in all terms, so are our mobile phones. In the end, it comes down to what we do with things when their usability is over. As responsible as we are, we should always motivate ourselves and others to recyclereuse, and reduce the words we use.

blauc ac review

Limited Stock: Big issue, a good thing but less in number. They are selling out like crazy, and as soon as the stock hits the market, it sold out. The brand should start mass-producing these pretty baby ACs. Moreover, to know more about availability, do check the FAQ section.

Only Available Online: Another sad thing about the machine is that it is only available for purchase online. You cannot just go to a store and purchase it by cash hand to hand. Once the wait for the stock gets over, the delay for the delivery starts. This problem really needs to be worked out. We hope the brand looks onto it.

Direct Customer Review On Blaux Portable AC

We understand that a single opinion about a product is not enough to decide the worth of it. So we decided to share some direct customer reviews on Blaux Portable AC. Besides, our comment section is forever open that you can use to share your personal experience with us!

Ma Brown says Blaux is no doubt one of the best personal AC available in the market as it is super portable and cools down the room without any noise!! 

Anderson says I ordered a single unit of Blaux at first and tbh it did not work well. Later that week, my cousin asked me to order more units and then I placed an order for the 3 units discounted price — TRUST ME – I haven’t opened the last unit as 3 pack of this is enough!!

Y. Cabral says FAST SERVICE – So I received a unit with a small dent (I had no issue with it) but they replaced the unit with an apology!

Apart from these Blaux AC reviews, there are hundreds of untold stories about the personal portable ac. To the people who are receiving their order late, be patient as this delay is because of the corona outbreak.


FAQ |Blaux Portable AC Review

Answering some of the questions that may arise inside the reader’s mind considering the Blaux Portable AC: 

Can this be used overnight? 

Yes, you can use it overnight. Blaux smoothly runs for around 4-8 hours, and in a closed room, even the basic settings for a single person works fine.

Can I return it if I don’t want it?

If you do not like it, you can put up a complaint; the company will quickly exchange the product for you.

How much does Blaux Portable AC cost?

As said earlier, Blaux Mini Portable AC is one of is kind, and hence, comparing prices with other rivals was not possible. Apart from that, it is available at an affordable one-time price of $89 and you can get it at an enormous discount from here

Where can I buy it? Is there a physical store?

No, there is no physical store. You can easily visit the online store to purchase it.

Will it fail if two people sit?

It is a personal use device. But the working is explained in the article, and no, it will not fail if two people sit. It can be used in a car too.

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Closure | Blaux Portable AC Review

Blaux Mini AC is first of its kind and unlike those small portable coolers, it really provides value to the user. I believe that you have received all the information that you were looking for and now you do not need to wander around for other reviews.

In this Blaux Portable AC Review, we have shared everything you need to know about the product and also answered some queries regarding it. If you have any suggestions that can help other readers then please let us know in the comment section. Also, share this fascinating gadget with your friends and help them get all the cool wherever they go.