Muama Enence Reviews | Can You Rely On This? WORTH OR WASTE?


Are you sticking up to learn a different language in this century? So that you may visit your favorite destination! Not so smart. Muama Enence is a two-way real-time voice translator. It will save you from all these expensive mentoring, and awkward face-time lessons. If you are wandering around for a genuine Muama Enence Translator reviews then you are at the perfect place to cease your search


Muama Enence Reviews

Though learning a language is always benefiting as I’ve read. In this Muama Enence review, we will be covering all the necessary things about Muama translator that you need to know before making the purchase. Let us not waste anymore of our time and get started.

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Muama Enence Reviews | Worth OR Waste?

Muama Enence is a two-way language translator device covering up to 40 global languages. Developed in Lithuania, Europe, and shipped from China. Designed portable in such a way to appear like an old school mp3 player, this device is easy to carry around. With a battery backup of 4 days, Muama Enence is a pretty fierce competitor to similar other devices with the same purpose.

Furthermore, it comes with an easy two buttons control. Muama Enence is entirely accurate in translating to your desired language, with an acceptable, expected delay of 1-1.5 seconds at max.

user friendly

With the advancement in technology, it becomes quite necessary to keep such equipment close. One never knows who they might meet the next second. 

Features & Truth| Muama Enence Reviews


The readers must have made an idea about the functioning of the product. We want to acknowledge our readers with all the excellent features of this device that makes it stand out. 

Fantastic Battery Life: Enence’s battery (as per our reports) goes on for four days on one full charge. If you are on a journey from downtown to the city gardens, you need to talk to the drivers and locals to help you out. 

Durability & Weight: Muama provides users with sharp solid manufacturing gains that promise durability & quality. With a weight of 65 grams and a package weight of 152 grams, build quality is one of the significant advantages.

Precise & Fast Translation: Unlike other voice translators, Muama Enence offers the accuracy of voice translation without holding the user for too long. The processing of voice and interpreting the data takes about 1 second, which implies that the translation happens almost in real-time. 

real time translation

User-friendly:  It also supports high-end recognition, so the user does not have to switch the settings each time they meet someone with a little different speech. Besides, Broad translation support includes 40 different languages (mentioned below). It is a critical consideration when it comes to having a translating device. 

Sound: The crystal clear sound of the translation makes it a real pleasure to utilize this premium translation tool. Although Muama Enence is compact & portable, that does not reflect in the sound quality of the device.  

Affordable: Saving time and money to be spent on grammar books or hiring a translator is more expensive than purchasing this one-time enchanting tool.

Compatibility: Muama Enence Translator is compatible with both Android and IOS users and therefore, it covers all the smartphones in the market.

Last but not least comes the USP of the product, which is; it is a two-way translator, which translates not only just your language but also of the person you are talking to. 


Drawbacks But Not Dealbreakers

Muama Enence is no doubt one of the best translation device that satisfies all the requirements of a user. However, it is our responsibility to consider every factor which might affect our readers. So, here are some minor drawbacks of the Enence Translation device.

  • It needs to connect with your phone’s wi-fi/hotspot, which must have internet connectivity. 
  • One requires to enable and keep the GPS on the time of use. It results in a better performance but drains the phone battery faster.

Unlike other Muama Enence reviews, we tried sharing both the negatives & the positives of the translator. Hence, keeping you updated about all the things about the product.

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Languages Supported

As said earlier in this review, Muama Enence provides users with about 40 different languages that can be used in a 2-way real-time translation. 40 mainstream languages include Hebrew, Arabic, English (UK), English (China), Korean, Indonesian, Bulgarian, Italian, Greek, Mandarin Chinese, Thai, Spanish, Hindi (India), Finnish, French, Swedish, Portuguese, Romanian, Catalan, Polish, Danish, Czech, Japanese, Standard Arabic, and other more.

language supported in Muama Enence
some mainstream languages supported by Muama Enence

What Else Do I Need to Know About Enence?

  • After receiving the product, make sure to charge the device.
  • Install the Muama Enence application, depending on whatever operating system you use.
  • Then select the languages and settings you need accordingly after connecting the device.
  • Press the A button when you speak and release it.
  • The other person listens to the translation done by the machine, after 1-1.5 seconds. 
  • Please press button B when the other person speaks to translate their language to yours.
  • Keep good practice.

Direct Customer Reviews

We find that it is not enough to consider one or two perspectives and therefore, below are some direct reviews of Muama Enence Translator that will help you understand the product better.

Julian says I travel a lot and the thing that dumps me every time is the fee I pay to local translators BUT Enence has helped me save so much that I can triple my travel expenses by not hiring guides anymore. Been using it for a quarter and no issues till now. 

Kelly says I have used other translating devices to communicate with my international clients on video calls. Muama Enence is absolutely different as compared to those, it offers real-time 2-way translation which saves a lot of time.

Customer Reviews Of Muama ENENCE

The list might never end because every time I share an opinion a person buys Muama and adds more to the list. If you are really looking for a good translating device then I recommend you to bid on Enence (personally.) Trust me, you won’t regret it.

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Summary: Muama Enence Reviews

Muama Enence is a pretty functional device that also looks good and is easy to carry around. I believe that you have got all your answers that you were searching for in other Muama Enence reviews. We went through all the details which might help our readers out to reach a suitable personal opinion. Apart from everything that we discussed above, Enence is a decent 2-way translation device that is the best that you can get today in the market. 

Yes, there are issues with the delivery and people are getting late deliveries because of the coronavirus outbreak. But do not worry, if you order today then you will have Muama Enence in your hand within a week or two.

Also, share your experience with Muama Enence Translator that can literally help you get with all your translation requirements.