Best Multi-Language Portable Smart Voice Translator 2020 | Review


With day by day getting advanced AI technology, we have invented devices that are breaking our language barriers. The multi-language portable smart voice translator is probably one of the best technology gifts to the human race. With these translators, there is no need for a human interpreter. They have made communication easier. Now we need not learn a language or consult locals when visiting any country. 

Best Multi-Language Portable Smart Voice Translator

We now have the best translators that require minimum efforts to use and support all the popular languages. In this article, we have listed some of the best multi-language portable smart voice translators that you can purchase according to your requirements. 

Best Multi-Language Portable Smart Voice Translator | Review

The multi-language portable smart voice translator that targets all the popular languages are the best ones. All these translators that I have enlisted below can translate 40+ dialects with excellent sound quality and output.

Muama Enence (Recommended)

Muama Enence is our number one recommendation in the list of multi-language portable smart voice translators. With Muama Enence, you do not have to worry about finding familiar places in a foreign place. It is a real-time two-way translator and can translate more than 40 languages from all over the world. 

Muama Enence - Best Multi-Language Portable Smart Voice Translator

The best part about Muama Enence is that it works without an internet connection. The simple design allows Muama Enence to be pocket friendly. It has a long battery life that lasts up to four days. The smart voice technology recognizes the language quickly and gives you the result within 1.5 seconds. Muama Enence offers you exceptional audio quality with a design that is simple and intuitive. 

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The steps to use Muama Enence are simple. Firstly you have to purchase the device online and then connect your appliance either to mobile data or network. Then you have to download the Muama Enence app, i.e., Me translator from play store, and your translator is ready to use. The company offers a one-year warranty policy on all its devices. Muama Enence has thousands of satisfied customers with a great review. 

Aibecy Smart Language Translator

Aibecy multi-language portable smart language translator supports 42 languages and comes with a 2.4-inch touch screen that provides a better understanding of the translated text and helps you voice replay. The major countries include India, China, New Zealand, Germany, Korea, and so on. It can readily recognize the voice and gives fast output in both voice and text format.

The voice output is more than 95% accurate and with excellent sound quality. Aibecy is famous for business meetings, tourism, and shopping. The voice translator comes with inbuilt benefits such as recorder for replaying voice output, mic, great speaker, and can be charged with a laptop, adapter, or USB port. The other language and mother language buttons allow you to see the translated text in many languages simultaneously. 

The salient features of Aibecy include asking in a way, voice playback, male/female recognition, chat in the queue, and business communication. It has high accuracy and great reviews. 

You can purchase your translator online for $68. Aibecy doesn’t work without an internet connection and supports up to 6-7 working hours with 36 days on standby mode.

Birgus Smart Voice Translator Device

Birgus smart voice translator is a translator with 2.4-inch touch screen support that makes it user-friendly. This device can support around 70 languages and has a 98% accuracy rate. The two-way real-time ability with a touch screen allows you to see the translated voice in your language. 

Birgus smart voice translator device works with wifi or internet connection. The equipment is sensitive, with a high ability to recognize almost all the languages. The charging is childproof and is certified for CE and PSE. There is no app downloading for birgus to work. This translator can work for more than four days once charged. 

Birgus comes with an inbuilt sound recorder and can work in noisy environments without hampering the voice output. The touch screen helps in better understanding and is popular among businesses and tourists. 

Jarvisen Multi-Language Portable Smart Voice Translator

Jarvisen is a popular translator device supporting more than 200 countries with a 95% accuracy rate. Like many other multi-language voice translators, Jarvisen also is a real-time two-way translating device.

one of the best multi language portable translator

 The powerful A.I system with 4-microphone far-field array gives the perfect translation from a distance and an uncertain environment. Jarvisen translates the voice in 0.5 seconds that is way faster than any other translator. It provides professional translation for essential events like business meetings, legal, IT, finance, and healthcare. 

Though Jarvisen works with an internet connection, it allows translation to some languages such as Russian, English, Korean offline and also offers only text translation for words such as Amharic, Lao, Urdu, Zulu, Persian and so on. 

Jarvisen is available in two colors- blue and gray. The makers offer 2-year unlimited global data coverage without an internet connection when you purchase the data version. For the rest, you need an internet connection to use this translator. You can order Jarvisen (global context) for $479. For the device working with the internet, you have to spend $419. 


Though each multi-language portable smart voice translator listed above has pros and cons, it is the most popular one. You can purchase any one of them which matches your requirement, but in my opinion, Muama Enence wins the race!

Muama Enence is one of the best portable translator devices that supports all the major languages and does not require an internet connection. I hope that all your queries are answered and now you are ready for the foreign attraction without learning any new language.