Radeon Settings Not Opening – METHODS TO FIX AMD ERROR.


AMD Radeon, implicitly a very suitable graphics card option for your PC, comes-in very handy and effective, both in terms of performance and money. Radeon Settings is a tool to manage all the Graphics related management and settings with in-built options to adjust its performance, even manually. Talking about Radeon Settings, we are here to discuss and provide our readers with a very speculative guide into the problem, and it’s working solutions. Radeon Settings fail to launch, Radeon Settings not opening, becomes a significant disaster, after a while, and this being a massive problem among the users right after they perform any update into their systems. 

Although Radeon has evolved layers through its generations, having introduced substantial performance increases, however, stays very much on a questionable side when it comes to comparison to its other competitors. We all are young, dumb, and crazy about software updates. Well! Aren’t we?  So, let’s get started with it.


Radeon Settings Not Opening

Why Does This Keep Happening?

There is a subtle list of reasons for and about why this problem keeps recurring. Enlisted below are some of the common but significant reasons that cause the problem of Radeon Settings, in the first place.

AMD settings

Before getting on with the solutions, our users must know what is wrong and get to the roots to ensure the fixes while troubleshooting the issue.

  • The main problem lies in the faulty graphics card, maybe update or roll back the driver. Conflicts between the Intel graphics of the CPU and GPU. Try using recommended settings to avoid this issue.
  • Sometimes, users keep using the old version. In contrast, the software they are using might demand the very best of the limits of your driver, this inflicts wear and tear upon your system, so make sure everything stays fit and new to avoid this issue..
  • At times it happens that the settings software and the driver itself are not on the same page of versions they should be in, this issue can easily be tackled through the Registry Editor.

Now that we have talked about the root causes, there are still some fundamental ways to keep your system in good health. to ensure that all its installed drivers are in optimal health, it is to keep the power plug-in while dealing with heavy graphics like big games and editing software.

Let’s get along with the solutions below.

Solutions that Will Certainly Fix: Radeon Settings Not Opening

We have tried to cover the best of the instructions we could provide. This problem of Radeon settings not opening is a pretty well-rehearsed topic among the GPU issues, so it is pretty basic to come along with such an issue that can be corrected in a few simple steps.  

Registry Key Fix

If the fault is caused by the error in the mismatch of versions between Radeon settings and the driver’s version, trying this fix will be very effective in troubleshooting the issue of Radeon settings not opening at once, making sure of the registry entry to match the numbers. 

Follow along with these steps in mind;

  • Firstly, importantly save a backup of your registry key to prevent any other problems because you have to delete the registry key.
  • In the search bar or the start menu, type “regedit” to open the registry editor window. Or press ‘Windows+R’ key combination command.
  • In your registry window, navigate to the following key at the left pane.


  • Locate the DriverVersion entry after clicking on the above key. Right-click on the Driver version and click the modify option from the context menu.
  • Change the value to 0 under the Value data, in the Edit window. Apply the changes you have made. And confirm the security dialog.
  • Open the Task Manager and end all AMD-related running processes.
  • In the Background Processes of the Task Manager. Select AMD- related processes one by one and stop them all.

Relaunch Radeon settings, and you will be good to go. If the issue still persists, head on to other fixes below.

Insider Secrets and Tips

  • Sometimes there are specific issues with the models of the laptops/desktops we use, and therefore, try using the facility named Reimage plus, which replaces all the corrupted files and missing files, by scanning the repositories deeply. You can download the Reimage plus easily from the web.

Here is a quick link to follow: 


  • Try to shut down your system properly after closing all the running applications through Task Manager. Make sure all the work is saved properly. Run the Windows Defender for possible threats under Full-scan. Let windows correct the problems itself if your system misbehaves a lot.

Updating your Operating System

Making sure that the operating software in your system is not creating the problem with Radeon Settings Launch Failure. Follow along with these steps carefully to troubleshoot the problem with the Radeon settings.

  • Right-click the start button and open the PowerShell Utility by clicking on the Windows PowerShell (Admin).step to fix randeon settings not opening
  • Type “cmd “in the Powershell Console, and wait for the PowerShell to open a cmd like a window which might look like Command Prompt.
  • Type the command, “wuauclt.exe/updatenow” in the console, and press Enter.
  • It will take around an hour, wait for this time to let windows install the updates.

This must fix all the issues with the Radeon Settings, and if the problem still persists of- Radeon settings, do not lose hope, we have still got you covered.

Integrated Graphics Card Correction

It is a very acceptable solution to check with your onboard installed Graphics card driver, which essentially is ‘Intel’ usually. Make sure you catch up with this fix and perform the following steps carefully.

  • Now Open the Device Manager by typing “device manager” in the search field. Or, you can press ‘Windows key + R’ combination to open the Run dialog box and type “devmgmgt.msc” and press Enter. 
  • Click on the Display Adapters option to open the list of all the actively installed devices in the system. You can click View from the top menu and click the box next to Show hidden devices. device manager
  • Now you have to click on the Integrated graphics card, make sure you do not click on AMD, and click on the Uninstall option from the context menu.
  • Confirm the dialog prompts that appear.
  • It would be best if you close the Device Manager now, and open Radeon AMD Settings. It must work just fine. 

If in case the issue persists, there is a little one more thing that can be done. These fixes are genuine measures, and they work eventually, be patient, and follow along.

Switching to Older Versions of the Driver

Sometimes, there is a need to trust upon the old times in order to tackle modern solutions. This hack, more than a fix for- Radeon Settings Launch Failure, will perfectly land you to a place where you will get your work done just as good as any other fix. Let us get along with our easiest solution.

  • Now open the Device Manager by typing “device manager” in the search field. Or, you can press ‘Windows key + R’ combination to open the Run dialog box and type “devmgmgt.msc” and press Enter. run
  • Click to expand the Display adapters section, right-click on the option of the graphics card and choose the Uninstall Device.
  • Confirm all the Prompts or dialog boxes that might appear, to uninstall the driver update and wait for it to complete.
  • Search for your graphics card drivers manually.
  • When all the drivers appear on the screen, find the suitable required entry of the drive, and click on the Download button. Please save it to open it on the system, install it properly by following the instructions on the screen.
  • You can also follow along the link provided below the steps to get assistance in downloading driver versions.
  • Reopen the RADEON AMD Settings, and it will open in an instant without any issues.

Link to follow:



As discussed in this article, we covered the major issues concerning the failure related to Radeon Settings. As the problem of Radeon settings arises, you should be well equipped with the fixes next time, whether it be as small as the fault in the Registry Editor, or as big as an issue with the mismatch of the Driver version and the card. 

You will be handy. We covered all the causes that might originate from this failure to launch the Radeon Settings properly so that you have a deeper insight into how things work. In these tech-discussions, we make sure that whatever is to be known, must necessarily be in the knowledge of our kind readers. Our love towards our readers is just as keen as is our love towards technology.

We sincerely hope that our users stay updated with all the current tech, blooming in the world. The performance of gadgets and systems are reflections of how we choose to use them. And with proper care and good knowledge about the stuff, you tend to get the most potential output from your devices, and we are here only for this. Adieu!