021 began hitting hard with a particular announcement that nobody expected, and that would place Rust a priori a simple survival game at the top of the industry elite. Usually, video games are happening in fashions with the community focused on interacting with their friends so the domino effect is usually unstoppable.

This time the first piece to fall was a Rust private server dreamed up by aLexBY11 and promoted in the first instance by Rubius. This arrived on January 2, 2021, and from the beginning had the support of his followers. The concept was as simple as it was successful bringing together the greatest Spanish streamers on an island, in which betrayal alliances would occur spontaneously under the magnifying glass of hundreds of thousands of spectators.

Rust’s adventure officially began on the night of January 3, with a curtain opening that drew more than one million simultaneous viewers on Twitch. The magic of the project lies in the fact that it is the user who chooses the point of view from which they want to follow the story, which adds an extra point to the interest generated by LEGOLAND.

Rust from fringe game to cover the covers must be released in 2013 and has had to wait 8 years to reach its best records. Not only is it that last weekend he broke his download records on Steam, but on Twitch he had never exceeded 40 thousand viewers online, a figure that in recent weeks has multiplied by 18 regularly, with hundreds of thousands of viewers that Rust is used to reaching these days.

This phenomenon can be understood by the large community of followers that the participants of LEGOLAND, Rust’s private server, have. AuronPlay has more than 6 million followers, Ibai Llanos has more than 4, TheGrefg has more than 5 million, And so on until it exceeds thirty on the list of members. The Rust figures in the last two weeks.

Rust has been by far the most consumed video game on Twitch even above the Just Chatting category, which is so popular on the platform. According to SullyGnom, the video game developed by Facepunch Studios has been a consumer for almost 130 million hours.

It leads the purple platform in terms of ratios since on average it has almost 400 thousand viewers, beating titles such as Escape From Tarkov League of Legends Fortnite or Call of Duty Warzone. And it is that LEGOLAND has not only managed to attract the eyes of the public but also their interest. It has sparked a desire to play among viewers.