• Know what news has come on the future of PUBG Mobile and Ministry.
  • PUBG Mobile fans are eagerly awaiting the return of the game in India.

It has been 3 weeks since PUBG Mobile announced its return to India. After this, the teaser was also revealed but the release date was not known. With this, PUBG India registered as a company in India.

Kumar Krishnan Iyer and Sean (Hoonil) Sohan were installed as two directors. Some time ago there was news that PUBG Mobile officials want to meet the government.

It has been reported in the reports that the PUBG Mobile India official is still waiting for the reply to the request sent to the ministry for the meeting. No answer has been received yet.

A source told Inside Sport:

“The government has still not responded to the request. The promoters of the game are willing to accept the condition of the Indian government but so far no response has been received from the office of MEITY. ”

So far PUBG has not been given any permission to debut in India.”

It was told in the report that in the meeting there would be talk about PUBG Mobile’s return to India.

Many different reports are coming out. In such a situation, fans can only follow the official social media accounts of PUBG Mobile. Every official announcement there is known:

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