PUBG Mobile is the most liked battle game worldwide. The fan base of this game has been more than 600 million users all over the world. Despite this, the troubles are not decreasing for this Battle Royal game. Previously, PUBG Mobile was banned in the Indian market and now this game has been noticed by hackers.

Actually, hackers are adopting new tricks of cheating to crack the game in PUBG Mobile. Taking strict action on this, PUBG Mobile’s lead company Tencent has suspended 1,217,342 accounts. The company has taken this step in view of the latest anti-cheating report of the game from 8 to 14 January. Another thing is clear from this action of Tencent that if a user tries to tamper with this game, then the company will suspend his account.

In the banned accounts, 48 ​​percent of the hackers were trying to change the character model of the game. While 22 percent of users were using X-ray vision. Apart from this, 12% of people tried to hack the speed and 7% of people tried to change the area damage. According to the report released by Tencent, the users banned included 3 percent Conqueror, 6% Ace, 10% Crown, 12% Diamond, 11% Platinum, 9% Gold, 11% Silver, and 38% Bronze rank users.

Apparently, the Indian government had banned this app with the Chinese smartphone app, after which PUBG Corporation has announced PUBG Mobile India and it has been made completely for the Indian market. Apart from this, the privacy and security of Indian gamers have also been taken care of in the game. There has been a lot of craze for this game in India and the interest of the people is constantly on the return of the game.

Hope To Return To India Soon

In December last year, PUBG Corporation made two major announcements, after which there was an increased expectation of the game to return to India. Its parent company Crafton Inc has recently appointed Aneesh Arvind as the new country manager for India and is trying to send a message to people that PUBG Mobile India can be launched soon. Apart from this, some media reports have also claimed that Crafton Inc has appointed four more people to watch the launch of PUBG Mobile India. It is being said that these four people were part of Tencent.