• Know whether the accounts that describe themselves as official accounts of PUBG Mobile India are real?
  • PUBG Mobile does not have any official account on Twitter yet.

The Indian version of PUBG Corporation was announced and after this many fake Twitter accounts are being created in his name. However, there is a question in the mind of every fan whether these accounts named PUBG Mobile India are genuine or not.

In the last few days, fake Twitter accounts named ‘PUBG Mobile India’ have become, which are telling themselves as real. However, to date no announcement has been made about it, in this case, it is 100% fake. The administrator and Head Moderator gave information about this on the official Discord Server of PUBG Mobile India.

Administrator answer:

“There is no official Twitter for now, just Insta and FB, YouTube and Discord is the official source of the news.”

Head moderator reply:

“Please keep in mind that PUBG MOBILE INDIA does not have any Twitter account. Only Facebook, Instagram and YouTube are available right now. “

Due to this, whatever Twitter accounts are telling themselves as the official page of ‘PUBG Mobile India’, they are all fake. Also, players should not rely on their posts and tweets.

Many different reports are coming out. In such a situation, fans can only follow the official social media accounts of PUBG Mobile. Every official announcement there is known:

Instagram: click here

Facebook: click here

YouTube channel: click here

Discord: click here

Website: Click here