Governing Council(GC) of the Indian Premier League (IPL) is pondering to postpone the IPL 2020 Final date.Possibly IPL 2020 final date postponed from 8 November to 10 November. After altering the date of IPL 2020 from 26 September to 19 September there is a possibility to see the change in IPL 2020 final dates. Still, the final decision yet to come on the next Governing Council( GC) meet which is held on Sunday 2 August.

If the dates will get altered by the Governing Council(GC) on Tuesday, 10 November instead of Sunday, 8 November then the first time in history IPL final will play on Tuesday rather then Sunday.

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IPL 2020 Final Date Postponed

BCCI reasoning to postpone the IPL final date form 8 November to 10 November. The changes of the date will be made on the motive to send the Indian players directly UAE to Australia for the upcoming Australia tours, which is starting from 3 December.

IPL 2020 final date postpone to 10 November

According to the BCCI sending players home after the IPL ends is to send the players directly to Australia.
BCCI has given the statement to Australia Cricket that Indian players will immediately depart Australia.

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Probably that Australia Cricket told before that the fourteen-day quarantine is compulsory for every Indian player before the practice and match in Australia. So the final decision will be out after the Conference Governing Council Meeting.

All the players who are free before the final has to wait in the UAE and have to join the camp there.
They can’t leave the camp even they are free from the tournament. After the outcome of IPL, all the players departed together for Australia immediately.

Effect on players due to postponing the dates

All the players left the home in mid of August due to the IPL schedule from 19 September to the 8 or 10 November. And immediately after the outcome of the tournament, they are get departed for Australia for the test series.

Possibly IPL 2020 final date postponed to 10 November
IPL 2020 final date postponed

During the IPL 2020, not single players go outside to meet their family members, due to bio-secure protocol. And after the pondering, the IPL finals date Indian players can’t go home the rest of the year. So if the date gets postponed will affect the players more set as well.