Before the IPL auction, there were many speculations and forecasts, some of which proved to be right and some proved to be wrong. One such prediction was that Australia’s limited over captain Aaron Finch would be bought at a higher price, but nothing like this happened. Aaron Finch’s name came up at auction twice but no team bid to buy him. While this was surprising, it was also true that Finch did not find any buyers and remained unsold.

Due to Aaron Finch’s big name, the bid was also expected to be big for him but he was not shown interest to buy at base price also. There was also a discussion that RCB would once again bring Aaron Finch into its court, but RCB did not say yes to Finch once, while making a big bid for other players. This explains the three reasons responsible for Aaron Finch’s failure to sell.

Lack Of Consistency

Aaron Finch lacks consistency. This is also seen in international cricket. Once playing better innings, he is a flop in some matches. Performing better in the IPL, a batsman is needed to carry the team’s batting forward.

Bad Form Last Season

Last season RCB gave Aaron Finch many chances but he failed to perform impressively in those occasions as per his name. Because of this, RCB excluded him from the team and seeing that other teams also considered it not appropriate to invest on Finch, it was appropriate to pay attention to new and young players.

Opener Batsman

There are almost better opener batsmen in every team, so it was difficult to make a place for Finch. Finch is an opener player and has to bowl out regular openers to fit him, so coordination of any team can be poor. Finch’s previous performance as an opener was also poor, in which teams showed confidence in their other openers by not buying them.