Polar Chill Portable AC Review | An Unbiased Report


On the move, but know what’s common between you and the Polar Chill? Both disgust heat. The heat of this fall, intolerable. In this Polar Chill Portable AC review, we will cover the cons as well as the perks of the personal portable AC — Polar Chill AC.

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How improbable it is to detect this weather! One moment it is airy, the very next, there is humidity fluttering your surroundings. The fumes and the smoke has made it non-viable even to breathe. How about we start the Polar Chill Portable AC review, without wasting another moment.

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Polar Chill Portable AC Review | Worthy?

Yes, it is, but for what it’s worth, you must decide it for yourself by reading this unbiased product review on the three-in-one portable AC of its kind. It surprised us to recognize that something as small as the size of a little Jug, could perform such endeavors. Only if I had known- Killing the heat was so easy—no need for more arguing with your HR to improve the existing cooling systems. Instead, just be cool by being ‘cool’. Know below if it truly is as simple as it sounds.

What Is Polar Chill Portable AC?

Polar Chill Portable AC is a three-in-one, portable air cooling device, hitting popularity in the markets. It is also known as the most powerful portable AC in the world. Also, the unique thing about this Polar Chill is that it is rechargeable, so you do not have to keep it plugged all the time.


What’s even better is that it is very environment friendly. At such pricing, all of this is available by a brand that doesn’t spend on advertisements. But more on customer satisfaction. 

Why Polar Chill? 

We all love personalization. Be it our phones, laptops, wallets, or even cars. Everything belongs to the personalized section of human interaction with machines. But why are we compromising with the heat management for our own body? Why should we depend on the public means and NOT put on our own personal AC?

Are we just going to sit there and frustrate over a piece of the handkerchief? Doesn’t sounds like 21st Century, does it? So, let us get started and learn more about the Polar Chill!

Features of Polar Chill Portable AC

Powerful Personal AC

Yes, one of a kind- Polar Chill Portable AC circulates an estimate of 15 feet square of air within a couple of minutes. Thus, making it sure that the surrounding of the user gets optimum humid conditions to work or sleep in. Whatever the venture may be, with the right temperature conditions, becomes half as smooth.

Polar Chill review

Portable and Light-weight

This AC looks very modern in style, and its dimensions are convenient to assist in its portability. The body has space for a reservoir, cooling fan, LED screen, Carry Handles, controls, and water curtains. 

Purifies Air

Only Cooling is not enough to set salubrious temperature conditions. Therefore, the Polar Chill Portable AC makes it certain that air around its user, is as fresh as of mountains. Moreover, with water curtains and a three-level air refinement process, all the suspended soot and dust in the air get checked, which results in a clean, optimum moist, cold, fresh air to breathe and chore in.

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Cools On Water

No use of harmful gases like Freons or CFC to make Cooling possible. Since this air cooler works on a technique which utilizes water evaporation as the primary basis of instant Cooling. So, it is very energy efficient as well as Environment Friendly. Nothing can be better than to contribute to the environment, along with personal comfort. 

LED Screen

The LED screen works like a night-light and looks aesthetic in appearance with changing colors. However, it depends on the user to use it or not according to their comfortability.

Three Fan Speeds

Polar provides you with three fan speed options, according to the requirement. But, each Fan speed utilizes the 3.7V battery differently. So, at top speed, the AC will work for around half an hour, and others comparatively so.


Polar Chill works on advanced motors, which imply on inductive rotation. However, these terms can be confusing, but we tested it, and our precision frequency meter suggested a range of 39-42 decibels of sound, which is as quiet as the sound in a library.

Easy On Electric Bills

This AC is a rechargeable device, which requires nothing but water to cool the surroundings. So, it works on a battery that needs charging via a C-type cable. With minimum bills, imagine the peace of mind which you will experience. It is going to add an extra layer of a cold embrace upon your daily lifestyle.


The cost of the Polar Chill Portable AC is unbelievably low, as they are cutting the margin of the mid-sellers and thus providing an enormous discount of 50 percent on their packages. Moreover, to know more about the pricing, visit this link or refer to our Pricing section below.

How to Use?

It is pretty amusing to use Polar Chill AC, as you do not need a technician to install it. Besides, all you have to do once it arrives is to charge the battery to its full. Next, fill the reservoir space with water and close the lid. Set the fan speed to your requirement, and then push the ON button. Sit and relax as the air fills in the environment with positivity and freshness.

Where Can I Use Polar Chill AC? 

Well, it depends on your comfort. All these AC demands is a flat, sturdy surface to support itself. To speak of, you can use it in the Kitchen, Car, Office, Bedroom, Garden, Study Room, or even in a Garage.

What Is the Price Of Polar Chill AC?

Polar Chill Portable AC is available at a very reasonable price along with excellent discounts, and you can buy it these incredible prices from here.

Is There Any Guarantee?

The company provides a 30-days money-back guarantee, in case you are not satisfied with the product, the company will refund your money, except for the delivery cost.

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Closure | Polar Chill Portable Air Conditioner Review

After reading this comprehensive Polar Chill Portable AC review, you must be planning to purchase it. If you do, please share your experience with our readers in the comment section below.

I hope that there is nothing left to share about Polar Chill but if you have any queries then shoot them below and we’ll respond to it shortly.