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Pennyworth Renewed HBO Max For Season 3

Pennyworth Renewed HBO Max For Season 3

Batman prequel shows Pennyworth is eying a move to HBO Max for season 3. Jack Bannon stars as Alfred Pennyworth, the future butler into Bruce Wayne. An alt-history crime drama, Pennyworth follows Alfred’s exploits as a former British SAS representative in 1960s London working as a bouncer at a club while attempting to get a security company off the floor. Bannon’s role was modeled after Michael Caine’s portrayal of Alfred in The Dark Knight. Pennyworth’s very first season proved on Epix in 2019, consisting of 10 episodes.

This alternative history sees Alfred confront an updates Jack the Ripper, get involved with an attempted coup, and meet the men and women who would become Bruce Wayne’s parents. Targeted by the Raven Society, Alfred teams up with American representatives Thomas and Martha Wayne of the No Name League. Pennyworth has introduced a backstory into the titular butler which nobody could have expected and the show has got a small but faithful following.

Pennyworth Season 3

That following might have to change the channel when Pennyworth’s third season arrives, with the series is eying a move to HBO Max for its third period. Negotiations between Epix and Warner Bros.. TV are continuing, with all the streamers trying to score access to stream the first two seasons before potentially renewing Pennyworth for season 3.

It’s no surprise that HBO Max is hoping to snag the sequence. The streamer has become the home for many DC-related contents and it seems to be attempting to make sure it’s the one and only home for anything tangentially related to their DCEU franchise. Disney+ has had enormous success with its corralling of all Marvel content on its streamer, going on to use the stage to launch its gigantic series in 2021. Now that Warner Bros. is seeking the future of the DC articles, it makes sense that they would wish to get it readily accessible in 1 place.

However, Pennyworth has not yet been renewed for a third season and there are an opportunity HBO Max could decide to not. Cancelling the series could be a shame, as it’s added a unique new layer into the Batman mythos that could result in more spinoffs of its own. Pennyworth’s next season just completed its run on Epix in April after confronting delays due to the pandemic. With season 2’s wild ending, fans are hoping that the series could rise again and finish the story it set out to inform.


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