In the films about the Dark Knight, Bruce Wayne’s butler was presented as a sensible and wise aristocrat who, at one time, undertook to protect the son of an old friend and honorably fulfills his duty. In the prequel series Gotham, Pennyworth is portrayed from a different perspective. The release date of season 3 of the crime drama “Pennyworth” is scheduled for October 2021.

In his youth, Pennyworth was a tough nut to crack and calmly dealt with all opponents. It’s exciting to follow Jack Bannon as the main character, but viewers want to know exactly when the third season premieres. The directors of the project are Bruno Heller, who directed The Mentalist, and Danny Canon, the creator of Gotham.

In the center of a fascinating plot is a former special forces soldier named Alfred. After leaving the army, Alfred created his own business, then runs into trouble with local mafiosi. At the same time, he meets the wealthiest city dweller Thomas Wayne.

There is also a romantic line in the project. The main character falls in love with the actress. She finds herself in the hands of enemies, and Alfred intends to free her at any cost. Alfred’s friends are Buzz and Boy. One is very quick-witted, the other is unpredictable and does not mind drinking. But their military service is the best period in the life of the main character.

Pennyworth season 3 Release Date

The project earned 7.5 points in Kinopoisk. Its advantages are also named. This is a quality action game, great acting and an easy plot. Today, fans are looking forward to the third season of the series, which will include 10 episodes. The release date for season 3 of Pennyworth is scheduled for October 2021.