Peaky Blinders has been a major fixture in many people watching calendars since it began airing on our screens in 2013. However, the BBC series is not without its problems and has suffered from some repeated criticism in recent years, focusing on everything from its shorter running time, plot, rhythm and use of its actors.

To be fair, making use of the backdrop of British history and finding conflicts and antagonists in its timeline to establish the narrative focus of the show was a bold move, until Peaky Blinders ran out of ideas and had to wear the name of Al Capone.

That sums up very well what crazy that has become Peaky Blinders from its first two excellent seasons, with the need now to adapt every event in the character’s life at the most dramatic points in British history to be the driving force behind the show and not the other way around.

At first, the idea of ​​who the Peaky Blinders were was unknown, so it was not necessary for the first season of the show to adapt them to the events that happened outside of their personal history which is what made them, and consequently all the series, so popular in the first place.

After two seasons well dedicated to establishing the central characters, Peaky Blinders should have taken off the gas before becoming a piece of history and instead focused on characters who are interesting enough to complete its brief retelling. of episodes.

The sixth season of Peaky Blinders is gearing up for the comeback and will immediately rebound from the great suspense of the fifth season when Tommy Shelby (played by Cillian Murphy) was seen pointing a gun at his head. Recently announced, it will be the final season of the series, giving way to rumors of a movie on the way to a grand finale and some spin-offs to complete the story.