Science fiction and psychological horror will be two of the main ingredients of Returnal, one of the most anticipated games on PlayStation 5 and for which a new trailer has just been published. This adventure developed by the Finnish studio Housemarque will go on sale on April 30. It is one of the most promising exclusives for Sony’s brand new console.

The new Returnal trailer (available in 4K) puts the focus on the story. After landing on an alien planet attracted by a mysterious transmission, Selene, the protagonist astronaut, discovers the ruins of an ancient civilization and begins to experience the consequences of strange time paradoxes on her own skin.

Housermarque, the team responsible for action games as brilliant as Resogun or Nex Machina, radically changes genre to immerse the player in a third-person adventure that also includes elements of the very fashionable roguelikes. From the latter, Returnal takes the approach of time loops, which allow the protagonist to return to those places where she has passed and even find her own corpse.

As can be seen in the trailer, the action in the form of shots, dodges, and others will be another of the pillars of the game. The Helsinki studio has these kinds of mechanics on hand and this reassures us, but it will be interesting to see how they tackle their ambitious adventure to date. It should not be forgotten that, if its previous games were presented as more independent proposals, this new production has had great communication support from Sony and will go on sale at full price. It will cost 79.99 euros in its standard edition.

The first-person sequences that can be seen at the end of the trailer reveal those touches of psychological terror that the game team has warned will also be present in Returnal. They will surely be enhanced with the use that the title will make of the haptic functions of the Dualsense, the PlayStation 5 controller.