The star forward of the NBA, Kawhi Leonard asked for changes to his team, the Los Angeles Clippers after a humiliating loss to the Warriors.

After the Clippers’ team loss on Friday night to the Golden State Warriors at Chase Center, forward Kawhi Leonard spoke with the team’s top brass and his teammates to make changes in the organization and culture of the team. team.

“We have to change a lot, a lot. We have to change it and we have to improve, ”Kawhi Leonard said after the game.

The Clippers are 6-4, 3rd in the NBA Western Conference, but this season has not been the best for the team. And the team leader, Kawhi Leonard was one of the first to realize the situation.

Paul George and Leonard are playing at their usual level, however as a team, the Clippers don’t look good, and if they want to compete against teams like the Lakers, Nuggets, and more in the NBA postseason, they have to improve their game as a team.