Last Wednesday there was an incident like no other. Thousands of supporters of Donald Trump broke the security fence of the capitol and entered the precincts to suspend the session of both legislative chambers, in which the presidential triumph of Joe Biden, who was elected last December, had to be certified.

Without a doubt, the event is an absolute disaster, as the United States has certified its presidents without incident in the last two centuries. The news traveled the world quickly, with the North American country being the great center of attention. However, not everyone found out or, at least, did not want to comment on what happened.

The NBA is one of the leagues that has expressed itself the most in recent times, having great exponents in its greatest figures. One of them, without a doubt, is  LeBron James, who got tired of supporting the Democratic Party, clashing on more than one occasion with Donald Trump. However, not everyone decides to comment on it.

The Houston Rockets played Wednesday night but failed against the Indiana Pacers, who beat them 114-107. As expected, the press consulted the players after the game about what happened at the capitol in the afternoon, although James Harden preferred not to give an opinion: “I did not see it,” he replied when asked.

Should Harden Have Had An Opinion

There is no doubt that La Barba surely found out what happened, but the Rockets player prefers not to meddle in national politics. For their part, Boston Celtics and Miami Heat were close to suspending their game, although finally, it all ended with all the players kneeling during the anthem and a statement.