Stephen Curry is considered one of the best shooters – if not the best – of all-time in the NBA. The Golden State Warriors player was placed as one of the most admired players, since he also managed to obtain three championships with the Warriors, putting his name in the highest.

Curry’s game is not typical to watch, although there is someone who plays in the same line. There is no doubt that Damian Lillard is also a guard with absolute shooting power, although the mistake that some often fall into is when they think that Lillard is copying Stephen. For that reason, the Portland Trail Blazers point guard gave his opinion on it and gave a good point of view.

“I understand that Steph has been playing in championships and has been on national television countless times. They were building a dynasty. So naturally, when you do all these long triples, everyone will pay attention to you. I get it, “he began by responding to a question from Chris Haynes of Yahoo Sports.

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Damian Lillard On Those Who Think He Is Copying Stephen Curry

The Blazers player understands that it is because all the exposure was on Golden State Warriors, putting aside their franchise:

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“Meanwhile, I’m in Portland and we are not getting the exposure like some of the other great teams, so what a lot of people didn’t know was doing this. So I don’t try to convince people that I can do what Steph does. This is what I do

There is no doubt that the eyes were on the Golden State Warriors in the past, a situation that in recent times has been diminishing due to their bad season and the absence of Stephen Curry. Meanwhile, Damian Lillard has established himself as one of the best at his thing, hitting great shots in big postseason games.

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