Is the Blaux Portable AC a SCAM? (UNBIASED REPORT 2020)


Hey Guys, I’ve been seeing a lot of posts and people stating that Blaux AC is a Scam and it is not even a portable AC. It doesn’t make the Room cool and few haven’t received their order yet.

Is Blaux AC SCAM?

Well! Well! Before I answer whether the Blaux AC is a Scam or not? I would like to address a few things about Blaux. Let us get started!

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Is the Blaux AC a Scam?

Blaux is a genuine & trusted company. They are working really well and have fulfilled many orders in the past and have a lot of happy customers. The brand hasn’t been delivering (now fixed) the orders lately because of the Pandemic situation. So the competitors are taking advantage of this and are trying to defame the company by spreading hate or scam messages. I request you to not fall for these fake reviews revolving to defame a successful product.

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The Core

I have purchased Blaux Portable AC a couple of months back and as per my opinion, I shall tell you the pros and cons of the Portable Ac and will let you know whether it is worth the buy or not.

noise free cooling

Firstly, the product is very simple to use. All you need to do is charge the device, and add cold water to it. You can charge it using your laptop as well because of the USB. The Blaux Ac is portable, you can carry it almost everywhere. Its transport friendly, and you can take it along for picnics or camping. It is perfect to use while you work-out as the Ac keeps you cool and makes you motivated. As it consumes less space, it is the best portable AC for small rooms.

The Portable Ac has a silent operation where the Air Conditioner does not make any sound even at the highest setting like other portable coolers and it does not overheat despite using it for a long time.

The second best thing after portability is that it is price-friendly as well. The Blaux Portable does not eat up your pocket as there are no installation costs at all, this way you indeed save a lot of money and is a huge benefit for Portable systems like this.

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Another plus point about the Blaux AC is that it has three devices in one. It is not just an air conditioner, it is also a Humidifier and a fan. So you’re saving money in multiple ways using this Ac. The Portable Ac also has an option for using the color mood lighting. This lighting option very attractive and is suitable for night use.

The only con I have about this product is that you need to keep cleaning the filters after every few weeks for frequent usage. But this is common for every air conditioner, where at some point the filters need to be cleaned. When you compare it to the bigger Air conditioners they have bigger filters so they can be cleaned after months unlike Portable Ac as they are small and they trap particles faster than bigger Air Conditioners.

So basically if you use it more often then you will have to clean the filter every few weeks. But don’t worry its not a big deal in cleaning the filter as it’s easy and super quick.

Frequently Asked Questions – Blaux AC

how does bluax portable works

Is the Blaux AC a Scam ?

No, as per our research it has come to our notice that Baux deals with no fraudulent activities at all. They are genuine and true to their customer. All the scam message is a gimmick by their competitors, so don’t believe everything you see without doing any research.

Is Blaux Portale AC good ?

Yes! It is a must-have portable Ac especially during summers, you can carry it anywhere in your home or outside and the Blaux Ac will keep you cool.

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The portable Ac cools down the room in just a couple of minutes plus it’s compact and super easy to carry it anywhere. It isn’t pricy and it has no installation costs plus it also acts as a Great humidifier!

So for me, the Blaux Portable Ac is a total Win! Win! Win! And I would recommend everyone who is looking for a personal portable AC to try it. If you have any queries or doubts regarding Blaux AC then shoot them below!