Guardian Torch Reviews | Big Scam? OR Worth Purchasing?


Are you looking for unbiased Guardian Torch reviews? Do you want to know more about this torch? Today, we will share everything about the trending torch that comes as a home security spotlight. 

Guardian Torch Reviews

It will protect your house from possible invasions. When you don’t need to spend thousands on an expensive security system, and just a few bucks make your work easy will be great wouldn’t it? Well, with Guardian Torch, you can avail yourself of home security at an affordable price. Let’s get started!

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Guardian Torch Reviews | An Unbiased Report!

We surfed a lot and read all the reviews on its official website as well as on Amazon. You will not believe it, but the reviews are pretty good. Guardian Torch has 4 out of 5 stars on Amazon, and the ratings are given by 246 reviewers. We are providing the link to Amazon if you want to read reviews. 

Guardian Torch Review

But it’s quite strange, on the official website they are selling Guardian Torch at $59.94, and this price is given after the offer. Original price of one Guardian Torch on its official website is $159. The price of Guardian Torch on Amazon is for $44.99 for 1 pack and $110.99 for 3 packs. Strange right! This torch seems costly on its official website. 

Here the question arises why one should buy on its official website when you can get this product on better pricing on other sites. You can have a look at both the sites and decide what works best for you. 

Although if we go according to the amazon review, people have rated 3.5 out of 5 for brightness, 4.5 and 4 for installation and Motion Detection respectively and 3.7 as value for money. 


On Amazon, you will have many different types of Security Spot Torches which are better than Guardian Torches in some aspects. We are listing down some products from Amazon, which you may find are less expensive, but Guardian Torch stands out in quality standards. 

These products are the cheapest with good quality, some of them are only solar-powered or battery, but Guardian Torch has both solar as well as battery in it. LITOM 12 is the best seller on Amazon. It comes for around $29.99. 

Why Choose Guardian Torch?

  • The installation and working of the torch are straightforward. You just need to put the torch on the wall and screw it. As soon as it is installed, it starts moving and scans the area. 
  • You will save on the highly expensive home security systems, as the Guardian Torch will cost you the bare minimum. You can safeguard your homes easily with reasonable pricing. 
  • It has ultra-bright LED lights which will make sure the intruder, thief or criminal is dismayed. This will protect you and your family members from any intrusion or trouble. 
  • Currently, about 17,000 people in the USA are using the Guardian Torch Home Security Spotlight, and all of them have an excellent experience so far. 

Features Of Guardian Torch

The torch is solar powered. Being solar powered it eliminates all the wired connections, which makes the installation super easy. You don’t need to hire a professional for the installation of the torch, you can do it yourself in a few minutes. 

Since it is solar power, you just need to place the torch somewhere it is exposed to sunlight, and your work is done. You can rest assured without worrying about battery replacements. It charges itself in the day and prepares for scanning the area during the night. It is called the Dusk till Dawn Activation. 


With this home security spotlight, you need not worry about rains and water. The Guardian Torch is waterproof, and it’s functioning won’t get affected. It has IP65 water-resistant housing which makes it perfect for outdoor use.

The GT base rotation is full 360°, and the GT head rotation is up to 135°. It has 120° rotational motion sensors which trigger and activate the LED lights. There are five LEDs which get activated when the torch senses an unusual motion of any intruder. 

The material used to manufacture is plastic which makes it really light-weighted. It weighs around 1.05 lbs. Let us have a look what direct customer say about the product.

Guardian Torch | Customer Reviews

On the official website of the Guardian Torch, people have given positive feedback. There are also many complaints on this product which are listed below. By reading all the positive and negative reviews, we came to know that Guardian Torch’s team is really responsible and try their best to help their customers. 

On their official website, Cam K says, “Had to see it to believe it. The light is really bright. Working great so far and it’s been 2 months now!”

Roger J says, “Had to get these as a better alternative than installing complicated wiring throughout my home. I totally loved this product and highly recommend it.”

You will find many such types of reviews, but in the cons, you will find out problems related to delivery only. Many of them ordered their Guardian Torch but didn’t receive it yet. We are providing the link to Better Business Bureau, where most people have filed complaints. 

On the other hand, we came across a few reviews from the people who had ordered their torch from Amazon. They said that they got their product delivered at their doorstep on time. 

Maayra says that she received her delivery on the same day and for which she was thankful to Amazon. She said she would recommend this product confidently as it is a great product. 

On the official Amazon website, Diana says that she loved the motion light. She found it really useful and is planning on buying another one. 

Marty was pleased with the solar power system and said who needs electricity if you got this. It works efficiently according to every motion. 

FAQs |Guardian Torch Reviews 

After being activated for how long are, the LEDs lit up?

It stays on for a minimum of 30 seconds and can be lit up for about 5 minutes maximum before its power starts draining. 

What is the range of the light? 

The range is about 120 degrees and can detect motion from 25 to 30 feet away. 

How long does the Torch last once being fully charged?

The charge of the torch can last for 15 hours or will detect motion and light up about 350 times. 

Where is it manufactured? 

The guardian torch is manufactured in china. Its quality and functionality are scrutinized properly before being delivered. 

How much sunlight is required to fully charge the battery? 

Under normal bright sunlight, it gets fully charged in a day easily. 

Does the knob behind the torch need to be adjusted? 

The knobs are provided to adjust the angle to the direction to which you want the light to be pointing at. 

Closure | Guardian Torch Reviews 

We have gone through all possible pros and cons of this product, and according to us, this product is perfect if you want to replace it with your security system. You will have a totally wireless setup. The price seems a bit high on its official websites, but on sites like amazon you will have it at more affordable rates and the seller will be Guardian torch itself, so you don’t need to worry about the product is genuine and legit. 

If you are a Guardian Torch user and would like to share your experience then shoot in the comments below. If you have any questions regarding the product then let us know in the comment section.