Warmy Flashlight Reviews | Scam or Legit Store? (Alternatives Included)


In this Warmy flashlight review, we’d be diving deep into the sea of tactical lights. People do like it very much, especially in America, whenever something has a military touch. Is it patriotism, or are we too brawny and grit for our types? Well, whatever it is, it is aiding the sales of my friend Rogers though. 

Warmy Flashlight Reviews

There had been a recent increase in the sales of torchlights, this pandemic. My friend, Rogers, has a shop in LA for hardware and other deals. He’d asked me to develop some insight into Warmyusa so that he might have an order for his warehouse. But sadly, it’s not available for shops, so I had to purchase one myself. So, if you want to know my experiences with the torch, let us muster along to uncover the musty, Warmy flashlight. 

NOTE: Warmy Flashlight is no longer delivering orders. It seems like they are scamming customers; please refer to the comment sections and order at your own risk.

If you search the internet, there is a good chance that this is the only review you might find. Warmy Flashlight is not something you can get on Amazon, which scares reviewers. And as most of us weren’t willing to risk any money, well, someone had to. Here is my report, along with the top three alternatives to Warmy Flashlight USA. Don’t forget to check them out. 

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Warmy Flashlight Reviews

is warmy flashlight scam?

Is Warmy Flashlight Legit? 

  • As a starter, the discussions of the former consumers and their remarks are of ultimate help. Those remarks may be either betokening a warning of “beware” or a response of joy. Being implicated in the particulars about a scam website can serve the citizens from fraud. 
  • The remaining obligation of every consumer is to raise the red flags if suspicions come true. This would serve inherent consumers not to rehash the same blunders. Analyses of the user/clients are invaluable and can defend others from being confined in a likewise warp.
  • Providentially, if the website includes ‘HTTPS://,’ it implies that all your data like email address, identification, card details are innocuous and shielded from interposing and vindictive parties.

warmy flashlight reviews

  • Though you must halt whether the corporation name is introduced in the URL or not, if affirmative, you will conjecture that the website is genuinely managed and administered by the company and not any individual with ulterior motives.

Is Warmyusa.com Safe To Visit? 

This world, where people are leveling a pandemic, prefers to shop their coveted products online. They ascertain it innocuous and secure instead of offline shops or local vendors where there is an easy chance of catching an infection. While buying online, people are saved from large queues and waiting time at a physical store. But, as much as it became trendy and more acceptable, people worldwide complain about one or another fraud each day, and it does not seem to end. Nevertheless, we should not ignore that checking on an unknown site can get hazardous. Studying in an undisclosed location can be dangerous while providing your details. Therefore, you must check whether the address bar, located on the site’s upper left side corner, contains HTTP or HTTPS.

Does Warmy Flashlight Worth It?

A high-quality torch is beneficial in all sorts of worldly situations, whether it is an obligation, necessity, or just prevention. Tactical flashlights make an essential tool in the list of a survival kits. Suppose you’re trotting ere dawn or traversing the woods at nighttime, maybe digging amidst a gloomy attic, going camping, or catching photos of wild animals at night.

So, all there is to it is to maintain the privilege of security while you can, and as these flashlights do not cost a fortune, they can prove to be a fortune for the ones who love you. However, to talk specifically, a Warmy flashlight, as in their official website, appears out to be a military-grade tool, the utmost survival device. Handy in nature and glows like a sun, it can create a fire when needed and act as a support. It runs on a battery and can run for an appreciable time. And most of all, it is American. Before advancing towards the buying portal, stay and look at the advantages and the disadvantages of a Warmy flashlight before making any decision. 

Packaging includes:

  • Warmy Flashlight – 1
  • USB charging cable – 1
  • Battery tube – 1
  • Warmy box – 1
  • User manual – 1

Perks Of Warmy Flashlight

  • 90000 Lumens is a bright adventure when it comes to holding the source of it in your hands. So, this flashlight can be a bright light to sustain. And it is a good thing. 
  • You can cook food, if required, using the Warmy box or any metallic tin or soda can. It can boil eggs, water, milk, coffee, tea, and other basic eatables. 
  • You can sometimes ignite the fire from this one if used wisely, for the correct amount of time, and at the right spot. 
  • Telescopic Zoom
  • Power Indicator
  • USB charging
  • Three lighting modes
  • Zoom In/ Zoom Out capacity up to 1000 ft.
  • Available at less than $40.

Warmyusa has a sound support system. The details of it are:

Mail- support@warmyusa.com

Address- 6320 SW 8th st West Miami, FL


  • Not available on Amazon.com
  • It takes more than a week for delivery 
  • No replacement parts available in market

3 Enchanting Alternatives to Warmy Flashlight (Reviews)

J5 Tactical Flashlight 

There’s no urgency to overspend if we are looking for a more contemptible flashlight for application around the home. The amplitude of buyers claims that there are countless reasons that- J5 Tactical V1-Pro is a best-seller. However, first, the one noted here among the three is the low price. A single AA battery powers it. Its highest output is 300 lumens with a glow distance of 600 feet, which comes in as a profitable feature. This light can likewise fit in the palm of your forklift or even a deep pouch, but it’s larger than many flashlights at similar prices. 

A pair of light modes in this flashlight is high and low, plus a strobe feature. Other peculiarities incorporate a tractable focus—you can zoom in. You can also extend the reach. It should serve for at least an hour if on high mode, though some weeks exceed average under everyday usage. You can likewise power it with a 14500 rechargeable cell if that’s more helpful than advancing through a rivulet of disposables. It is water-resistant, but it is suggested not to test it by submerging it.

Analysts also suggest that the one-button operation can’t be any further sincere. Still, some criticize that the beam could be more outspoken, while others have also suggested some quality-control concerns.

Streamlight 88064 Tac

Under Streamlight, the new 88064 ProTac HL 4 Tactical Flashlight model is their latest annex to the ProTac set of lights. The Protac HL 4 grants efficacious light in a tiny and lightweight build. It is in its design to last. This light operates on two Streamlight 18650 Li-Ion batteries. One can additionally apply 4 CR123A batteries as a substitute.

The ProTac HL 4, 880604 comes ready to work, making it a perfect choice with the availability of  prominent features, which are:

ProTac HL is built from series 6000 thread aircraft aluminum, giving it an eye-catching anodize finish. Besides, the glass lens is most functional as they come with an anti-reflective coating. The whole flashlight is adorned with a sealed gasket for easy compatibility in dire situations. Moreover, the ProTac HL is waterproof under standards IPX7, and the company claims it can stay undamaged for 30 minutes in 1m depth. Its impact performance had been tested to withstand enormous pressure and forces.

Not only ProTac HL has thermal insulation, but it also has serial numbers for those who like to organize their stuff, thus rendering it easier to identify the one you own. ProTac HL 4 stands apart with its wide floodlight fashion beam that will illuminate a wide area. This shaft form makes this distinct light more suitable for setting up tents in the murk or lighting up a task region juxtaposed to the separate lights on the list.

ProTac HL light would be fabulous for a torch to grasp in your carrier or even as a general plan, common-use flashlight. Nonetheless, if you are looking for a torch that will relinquish large stretches, the wide beam would render this light not particularly serviceable for that class of work. This flashlight is much in use by law enforcement sheriffs and security personnel. This is fitting to its ruggedness and stalwart beam.

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BLF Q8 is a small, box-type pattern flashlight appropriating 4 ‘Cree XP-L V6 HD LED’ bulbs with an illumination intensity of 5000 lumens. This torch has a throwing field nearing 500 meters. BLF Q8 produces a wide beam and adequate throw blending. It applies four 18650 guarded button top ‘Lithium-ion’ cells, which provide a run-time of up to 1500 hours.

This flashlight is snug at just 5.31 inches in the expanse, with a body bore exacting at 2.36 inches. The frame has an interspersed camera ribbon mounting spot for tripes. There is also a side switch to turn on/off the flashlight and shift styles. The button shines when the torch is off state. This is a valuable and intelligent feature as it will get it uncomplicated to locate the flashlight in the gloom. This feature can be off if in need to save power. It pulls but a negligible amount of energy from the cell. 

The UI ramping facility moderately improves the luster level when the switch impacts the desired brightness. The torch has protection features designed to dodge overheating. It also has an automated and programmed lockout function for the button to check the flashlight from inadvertently turning it on. It carries timesavers for turbo, moderate, and low modes. Moreover, this flashlight is the result of designs from flashlight enthusiasts themselves, is a powerful instrument, and performs out to be the most competent brightest flashlight with maximum features. It is an exceptional tool for outdoors, sporting, and event photography.

Closure | Warmy Flashlight Reviews

We hope that the only Warmy Flashlight reviews available on the internet here have sufficed your thirst to know more about the product. Moreover, if you keep looking out, you can find an ample number of your acquaintances who might have heard of Warmy USA.

Even though we have provided you with the best alternatives to Warmy Flashlight, you can still comment below if any other such torch/or tactical flashlight has served you well. This might help our readers. Please share your experience with Warmy or any other flashlight.