DNS Probe Finished Bad Config | Causes & Measures to Fix this Error


Today, we are going to share all the necessary information about the DNS Probe Finished Bad Config error. The blogpost will include the causes as well as the measures of fixing the error. 

DNS Probe Finished Bad Config

DNS (Domain Name System errors) are the most common errors witnessed by any browser or OS. It usually strikes while browsing the internet on your devices. Well, the errors are irresistible and can put a pause on your on-going work, causing stress. Users need not panic if they encounter the error. It is a serious concern! But can be fixed conveniently with the right hands.

The issue states that the DNS was not able to simplify the IP Address while reading it. It can be possible for a bundle of reasons and might need a solution to get fixed permanently and quickly. 

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DNS Probe Finished Bad Config – Everything You Need to Know About!

This error is prominent in any browsing site or Operating System and can get displayed in any device’s version. Also, people might probably encounter it numerous times. This issue’s error message reads – ‘the page you are looking for is not available,’ The message accompanies the dialogue, ‘DNS Probe Finished Bad Config,’ under it. Sometimes it may be evident to fix the issue by reloading the page several times. However, that might not work all the time. Therefore, the users need to fix it for a permanent call. Setting it is not a tricky task if you tingle the right core for the error. 

How does DNS Probe Finished Bad Config error occur?

DNS plays a vital role in getting traffic for users on the internet. It also translates or even binds the URLs, name servers, and IP addresses with the respective web addresses. As we know, all the websites consist of unique modelled IP addresses. The DNS acts as a filling name-provider to make it easy for the users to recall the website’s name. DNS name resolution initiates when you pull out the IP address on the browser.

In case the system does not recognize or pulls out the website, it returns with the DNS Probe Finished Bad Config message instead. 

The messages displayed on the devices can vary depending on the browser used. These messages can state one of the statements below:

  • This site can’t be reached.
  • We’re having trouble finding the site/web page.
  • This web page is not available.
  • Safari can’t find the server.
  • There is no internet connection.

What causes DNS Probe Finished Bad Config error?

As the article stated earlier, there is a bundle of reasons to cause this error. You can resolve it in no time if you know the right cause of it. Some of these possibilities might include:

  • The system with corrupted files.
  • Accidentally changed network settings.
  • Antivirus software or concerned firewall.
  • Browser plugins (like VPN) could be interfering with the IP or DNS address.
  • Change of router settings through an unauthorized app.
  • Malfunctioning of the internet cable.
  • The internet can be temporarily down.

Fixing DNS Probe Finished Bad Config 

Now when you know the reason behind, it is not hard to resolve the issue permanently. There are many distinct ways to set DNS Probe Finished Bad Config error. We can drown it for good without any harm to your device. If the mistake reflects the failure due to malfunctioning or the internet shut down, try getting back the line. 

If the concern is due to a pending update or could get fixed by an antivirus software update, it’s probably the better option to go. It would need no interruption of any other step to follow. However, if the error gets caused by the uneasiness of the browser or system, try following the steps below:

  1. Restarting your router may help you get the connection back to normal in no time. If it doesn’t help, jump on the next step. 
  2. Try re-functioning the system configurations. It might help you get your error away. Follow the steps below to re-function the system configuration:
  3. Hold on to the device and run Command Prompt. For this, type Windows Key + R and type CMD in the dialogue box. Click Ok.
  4. As the Command Prompt pops-up, type the below commands and press enter after each statement.

ipconfig /release

ipconfig /all

ipconfig /flushdns

ipconfig /renewnetsh int

netsh int IP set DNS

netsh winsock reset

  • After typing the commands, exit the Command Prompt and Restart your device. 
  • If the above program doesn’t help, this may be the best solution for you to work. Try following the steps to make your DNS error go away.
  • Start the network connection window by clicking the network icon present on the desktop’s bottom right on Windows. Then click Open Network and Sharing Center and go to Change Adapter Settings. You can also press Windows Key + R to visit the Run dialogue box. Then enter ncpa.cpl in the slot and click Ok.
  • Choose the network service on the device by right-clicking and select Properties. 
  • Now choose the Internet Protocol Version 4 (TCP/IPv4) from the list and click on the Properties button. 
  • Another option of Use The Following DNS Server Addresses will reflect on your screen. Click on it and enter the figures given:

Preferred DNS Server: 8.8.8

Alternate DNS Server:

  • Now save the changes made by you. It might get the error solved without any worries further. 

How to keep the error away?

There are multiple things to do if you want to have a clean browsing experience. Lets’ start with a few here:

  • Keep your browser clean all the time for no such error to spin your head.
  • Keep your device updated with the antivirus software.
  • The disabling of the firewall might also prevent popping-up errors.
  • Keep your system clean for any unwanted items.

Closure | DNS Probe Finished Bad Config

As the error DNS Probe Finished Bad Config seems more frequent and relative among the users, it needs a hand to work it out. Following these quick, easy methods will drive towards the better part quickly. After this read, there won’t be no need for you to bother about the error anymore. However, try keeping the device and the browsers clean with updated technologies for your better use.  

Also, share your doubts or queries regarding the subject through the comment section and we’ll respond to you soon.